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-adopted parents livid teachers le <a href="">Wholesale Authentic Jerseys</a> t her leave schoolThe Guyanese <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> teenager who fell to her death from a bridge in the United Kingdom was ?fed alcohol?Dead: Wendy Macguireby her peers, her adopted parents have claimed.The teenager, <a href="">China Jerseys Wholesale</a> Wendy Macguire, died last Friday.Her adopted parents are now angry that school teachers who knew the teen was pressured to drink alcohol allowed her to wander out of the school?s compound and to the bridge some three miles away where she dropped to her death.Her family claims that Macguire, 16, had been put in the sick room after collapsing twice in the playground ? but by the time her parents arrived to pick her up, she had gone.Less than two hours after they were called, the popular student was found dead on a busy road three miles away, after falling from a footbridge.Her adopted mother, Leila, 49, paid tribute to her daughter and criticised the school for failing to look after her.??We?ve been told her classmates pressured her into drinking alcohol and wouldn?t let her stop. The teachers knew she wasn?t herself so why was she allowed to leave school? She should have been properly supervised until we arrived,? Mrs Macguire lamented.According to her family, the teen took ill during a drama class exam after falling over twice and complaining of a headache.She was taken to the school?s sick room at 10.45 hrs while staff called her parents saying she was unsteady on her feet and smelling of alcohol. But when Mrs Maguire arrived half an hour later, staff wasted time making her sign in to the school register. After 20 minutes of confusion,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, they realised Wendy was gone ? leaving her mother no choice but to search the area and call police.By lunchtime,Cheap Jerseys, she was waiting patiently at home for officers to arrive to take Wendy?s details ? but it was already too late.At 12.30 that same day, the youngster plunged from a bridge on to the A12 in Leytonstone in front of horrified onlookers.One car swerved to avoid her, while another car and a lorry stopped and blocked both lanes to protect her.Maggie Woolf, 62, an archery coach from north London, was in the second car and called 999.She said: ?We tried to help her but I think she was already gone.?Police are still investigating the death but are not treating it as suspicious.Mrs Maguire,China Jerseys Wholesale, an administration assistant at Marks and Spencer, adopted Wendy, originally her niece, at the age of four as her mother was too ill with heart disease to care for her.She brought her up as her own with her husband Niall, 49, a taxi driver.Devastated: Leila and Niall Maguire holding a photograph of WendyWendy was described as a happy, popular girl who loved her three sisters,China Jerseys, Alicia, 25, a nursery practitioner, Vivianne, 19, a photography apprentice, and student Annie, 16.She was predicted A and B grades at GCSE and was planning to take A-levels in Accounting,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, Business, Maths and English.She also loved sports and was on the basketball team at school.Mrs Maguire added: ?She has never been in trouble before and she had everything to live for.We have no idea what happened to her in the time between when she left the school and when she was found.?The family are now cooperating with the police and have asked for their privacy to be respected.The post mortem is expected to take place this week.Frankie Maguire,China Jerseys, headmaster at the school, said it would not be appropriate before the inquest takes place.But he added: ?Wendy?s death was an unspeakable tragedy that has also shocked the whole school community and is a sad loss of a young life. Wendy joined the school as an 11-year-old and has always been a bright, cheerful,Wholesale China Jerseys, hardworking girl. She had a very

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The wife of a murder accused,Cheap Jerseys, Clem <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> ent James, of Charity,Cheap Authentic Jerseys <a href="">Cheap Authentic Jerseys</a> , Essequibo Coast, has said that she is fearful for her life.She said that she continues to be bombarded with death threats from her husband. The woman, Jillian James who operates a business <a href="">Wholesale NBA Jerseys China</a> in the Charity Market,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, told Kaieteur News that she continues to receive those threats ever since her husband has been incarcerated for killing Basil De Freitas.The woman said that on each occasion when her husband is brought to the Essequibo Coast,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, from Georgetown, for the continuation of his preliminary inquiry, he would threaten her,Cheap Jerseys USA, sometimes in the presence of the police at the Charity Police Station.The woman said that her husband would vent his hate in a very meaning way. ?I am going to murder you whenever I come out of jail?.The scared woman said that she is afraid she might end up being another victim of spousal abuse.She said that at one time her reputed husband threatened to burn down her house.The frightened woman said that her husband is capable of carrying out his threats and he would do so at any cost while he is still incarcerated. He would use someone to carry out those threats, she added..The woman said that she has been married to James for 14 years. It is alleged that between 2006-2007 in the vicinity of the Charity Market, Clement James, aka Black, killed Basil De Freitas.James reportedly touched De Freitas?s wife,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Stacy Ann De Freitas?s butt in an very suggestive manner, angering the now dead man.According to the report,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, a heated argument ensued between the accused and De Freitas whom James then stabbed with a knife to his neck.James is being represented attorney at law, James Bond.

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Prior to January 18, last,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Renuka Harlequ <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> in,Cheap Jerseys From China, was a ve <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> ry active member of the Guyana Police Force and was everything to her two sons.However, all that changed on January 18,Cheap Jerseys 2018, last,Wholesale Jerseys From China, when she was str <a href="">Cheap Jerseys 2018</a> uck off her motorcycle by a car. The car is said to be contracted by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.Accident victim Renuka Harlequin.The woman said that she was heading home after picking up a few food items from the Bourda Market when tragedy struck.Recounting the incident,China Stitched NFL Jerseys, Harlequin said that she was heading along Croal Street when she noticed a vehicle heading out of Albert Street. The woman said that she knew she had the right away when she noticed the man on his cellular phone and that he was not about to stop at the corner.She said that she even shouted at him,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, but from all indication the man?s conversation on his cellular phone had all of his attention.The woman said that the next thing she knew was that the car was onto her and she was lying on the road.Harlequin said that she soon realised that she couldn?t move her right leg. Public spirited citizens rushed to her assistance and it was only upon the insistence of the persons who gathered around her that the driver placed her in his vehicle and took her to the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital and while receiving medical attention she learnt that her leg was broken in three places.The woman said that having been told this the first thing that came to her thoughts were her two sons whom she lives with.The two boys are aged 12 and 8. Renuka Harlequin said that since the incident she has been left bed ridden. The entire right leg is in a cast and she now has two pieces of steel in the leg.The woman said that she was advised by the doctor not to even attempt to stand on the leg. She said that she has already had surgery on the damaged foot, and it would be another eight months before she can attempt to stand on the leg.As a result of the accident,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, Harlequin said she is now forced to supervise her elder son in preparing meals.She said that friends would sometimes come over to assist with the house chores and some cooking.The woman said now that she in not able to work she is worried about her future with the Guyana Police Force.Her husband is a policeman in a Caribbean Island and cannot leave his job to take care of her back in Guyana.What is more heartrending is the fat that the person who is responsible for her present condition seems the least interested in her condition.The woman said that during the initial stages of her hospitalisation the man pleaded with her not to take the matter to the police.She said the day she was hospitalised the man visited her home and gave her a pair of crutches which are useless to her. The woman said the man has never seen if fit to even discuss the matter of monetary compensation.Mrs. Harlequin has been a member of the Guyana Police Force for the past eight years.

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Canada is in the process of restructuring its F <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> oreign Trade Ministry with a number of departments and programmes being m <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys China</a> erged.The disclosure was made last Thursday by Canadian High Commissioner,Cheap Jerseys From China, Dr. Nicole Giles,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, during a courtesy call sh <a href="">cheap jerseys from china</a> e paid on the Leader of the Opposition, Brigadier (Ret?d) David Granger,cheap jerseys from china, at his office.Canadian High Commissioner, Dr. Nicole Giles,Wholesale China Jerseys, meeting Opposition Leader David Granger and three other APNU Members of Parliament.Present also were members of the main Opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) ? Members of Parliament,China NFL Jerseys, Deborah Backer,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, Joseph Harmon and Ronald Bulkan.According to APNU,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the High Commissioner took the opportunity to reaffirm her country?s commitment to programmes related to her Government and the Government of Guyana.The two parties have since agreed to meet on a regular basis to discuss matters of mutual interest.

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Clarabelle Newton celebrated her 100th birthday on Christm <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> as Day. The woman,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, a resident of Uncle Eddie?s Home sinc <a href="">China Jerseys Wholesale</a> e 2005, is now blind.But prior to her admission she lived at Stanleytown,China Jerseys Wholesale, West Bank Demerara.She had her own home where she lived with her husband and her only child who have both <a href="">Houston Cougars Jerseys</a> died. As she became older people began to take an interest in her property and before long someone managed to swindle her out of her home. They got her to sign over the property to them.Two members of her church then noticed that the woman had fallen on hard times and took her to the Home where they paid for her upkeep.People who know her said that she was one lucky baby. Her mother died during childbirth and the attending doctor also thought that the baby had also died. It was not until someone saw the baby wriggling that they realised that she had survived. She lived to be a hundred.She was born on December 25,Houston Cougars Jerseys, 1910,Cheap NFL jerseys China, at Billings Quarters,Cheap Jerseys Online, Stanleytown,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, West Bank Demerara.On the occasion of her birthday,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, her caregivers baked a cake and inserted on it, a solitary white candle to signify her 100th birthday.

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With Mashramani 2 <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply</a> 009 only days away and wi <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys China</a> th Guyana preparing for the much anticipated annual festival of jubilation and celebration, there is a lot not right.The Child <a href="">Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys</a> ren?s Competition was off to a brilliant start last week, and concluded on Friday with a colourful explosion in the Costume category at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.The National segment, at which schools in every region will battle for supremacy, has been set to begin on February 18 at the National Cultural Centre. However, the Mash Day Parade seems to be the only blemish. It will be lacking the participation of some of the larger entities, which over the years have added much glitz and glamour to this event.Commenting on this issue, Head of the Mash Secretariat, Lennox Canterbury, said that the fact that several large entities have pulled out of the February 23 parade will in no way affect the customary festivities.He noted that the public will,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, of course,Wholesale Jerseys China, be expecting the participation of the large companies, but the public will have to accept the fact that there will be several ?no shows? this year around.Canterbury said that,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, despite the absence of the large bands, there will be a spectacular lineup of entities involved, and these will compensate for the missing entities this year. He guaranteed that,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, come Mash Day, Guyana can expect a colourful and artistic float and costume display.The Slingshot Mash Band was launched yesterday at the Pegasus Hotel, and the Fact and Roses Camp is gearing for a Mash Band launch that will feature four large contingents.The Mash Illuminated Buildings Competition is up and going. Many entities in the city and outlying areas are responding positively, according to Canterbury.Kaieteur News has been informed that a sizeable number of entries have been received in this category by the Mash Secretariat, which leads one to believe that,Wholesale China Jerseys, this year, there will be intense competition in this field.Added to that, Canterbury indicated that each region is engaged in separate ?Clean up Campaigns? to determine which region will emerge ?champion cleaners? as the Mash Secretariat attempts to beautify Guyana in readiness for Mashramani 2009.According to Canterbury, several regions are already engrossed in preparations for their competitions, for which they will be awarded at the annual Mash Presentations Ceremony billed for later this year.What has been noticed is that some of the large companies who will not be featured at the actual Mash Day activities have,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, however, contributed to Mash 2009 in one way or another. GT&T, for instance, is co-sponsoring the massive Hits and Jams ?T.Pain and Serani? show slated for February 23 at the GCC Ground, Bourda.Digicel, on the other hand,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, has contributed some $1.5M so far towards the Mash Calypso Competition.

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Proprietor of the TEXACO Vlissengen Road branch, Steven C <a href="">Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China</a> hun <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> g,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, told this newspaper that early yesterday morning he missed several calls from an employee and when he eventually did manage to answer,Cheap NFL Jers <a href="">Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap</a> eys China, he was greeted with the news that his place of business had been broken into. Chung related that when he arrived at the location,Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap, the security guard who was on duty brought his attention to a door at the back of the building, which was wrenched open. A grill door,Cheap NFL jerseys China, also at the back of the building,China NFL Jerseys, was also cut open by the perpetrator(s).There were at least four openings in the inner roof of the building,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, which were apparently used to enter the mini mart on the premises.The only thing Chung said he was certain of that was missing from the building was the drawer for the cash register. Chung said the drawer had some $15,000 and a man was seen scaling the back fence with a large metal ?thing? in his hand.?The security guard said he heard a noise at the back of the building and when he went to the back he saw a man jumping the back fence with what we have confirmed as the drawer for the cash register.He told me he couldn?t run behind the person because he did not want to leave the rest of the place unattended,Adidas Marek Mazanec Jersey,? Chung explained.The matter has since been reported and investigations are ongoing.

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By Nicho <a href="">NFL Jerseys Wholesale</a> las Peters A communi <a href="">Wholesale Authentic Jerseys</a> ty gathering in North Pakaraima, Region EightThe Hinterland Employment and Youth Service (HEYS) needs to be a participatory pro <a href="">NFL Jerseys Outlet</a> gramme in order to really address the specific needs of Hinterland communities and youth development.Such a programme, which will be launched next week, also needs to be free of politicisation, build the capacity of young people, provide substantial reports on projects? success, and meet clear target objectives to be considered a true success.These measures would also ensure that the programme is not a repeat of the recently ended and controversial Youth Entrepreneurial and Apprenticeship Programme (YEAP), which saw the implementation of Community Service Officers (CSO) in Hinterland communities.This is according to Indigenous Peoples? rights advocates,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Jean LaRose, Laura George and Tony James, who in a recent interview with Kaieteur News shared their expectations for HEYS and their observations on the YEAP?s CSO system, launched under the People?s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration.?In as much as the CSO programme had certain objectives which could have been beneficial if it was properly implemented, the result on the ground has been that it (was) politically carved out,? said James, Vice President of the Amerindian Peoples? Association (APA).James related instances whereby CSOs would abuse the position they held, which allowed them a monthly stipend of $30,000 from the Government. He shared that whole families were acting as CSOs with political alignments playing into their services. Meanwhile, some abused the system by collecting their monthly stipend, despite living in Georgetown, choosing only to revisit their respective villages to collect the payment.Nearly 2000 CSOs from Indigenous communities lost their $30,000 stipend,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, under the coalesced A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) administration after they decided to discontinue the programme.The move was criticised by the now Opposition People?s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), as one which ?unjustly? branded the CSOs as ?political activists? and effectively left hundreds of young people unemployed.However, according to Minister of Indigenous Peoples? Affairs during the Parliamentary debate on the 2015 Budget, the PPP/C administration had no intentions of continuing the programme beyond April this year. The Minister claimed to possess documentation which proved that was the case. He noted that the CSOs were neither contracted employees nor public servants.Starting September 1, HEYS will replace the YEAP, and the CSOs, with the objective of providing sustainable jobs for youths in Hinterland communities. This initiative will also ensure that persons who were employed as CSOs undergo training so that they can be reemployed,NFL Jerseys Outlet, according to the Government?s ten-point plan for Hinterland development.By the end of the YEAP, James said that there have not been any indicators that the programme was a success. He added that some communities reported CSOs also sitting in statutory meetings with village councillors which was in violation with the Amerindian Act of 2006.James continued to relate that the continued politicisation of CSOs led to divisions in communities more than ever. He questioned whether the YEAP achieved its objectives of building youth capacity, since the monthly stipends did not motivate youth to actively participate in community development.?It wasn?t helping the communities and I cannot say it was a success,? James said.According to LaRose, for people and organisations like the APA to make a proper assessment on the effectiveness of the CSOs system, evidence needs to be provided to show that it act

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