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After questioning her for five days,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesal <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale</a> e, detectives have released the reputed wife of Ganga Persaud, whose body was f <a href="">Cheap Authentic Jerseys</a> ound in his car trunk last week.Kaieteur News was told that the woman and two of her male relatives were released on station bail on Thursday.Investig <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Outlet</a> ators said that they have some circumstantial evidence but need further information before charges can be laid.Persaud was cremated yesterday at the Ruimzeight foreshore. His reputed wife did not attend the funeral, although several of Persaud?s siblings, who reside overseas,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, were present.A sister of the slain man said that the family was devastated by his brutal death and by the fact that his killers are still at large.?Never in my wildest dreams did I think that someone would do something like this to him,? the sister told Kaieteur News.?My brother was not a bad person. He was hard-working.?Persaud?s sister said the family will discuss the possibility of offering a reward to anyone who could provide information about their brother?s killers.Persaud?s reputed wife and two relatives were detained shortly after police discovered his corpse in his car trunk in Eighth Street, Diamond Housing Scheme.Persaud?s spouse has alleged that she spoke to him by cellular phone at around 22:00 hrs on Friday night.However,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, Kaieteur News understands that investigators have not located the slain man?s cell phone.It is unclear whether they have checked telephone records to verify this claim.A brother of the slain man said he had attempted to contact Persaud on the same mobile phone after he was reported missing.According to the brother, he received a message indicating that the instrument was turned off.Persaud?s reputed wife has alleged that he stated that he was in the vicinity of Agricola and was heading home when they spoke by cellular phone on Friday night.However,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, Persaud?s car was facing west when it was found,Cheap NFL Jerseys, indicating that the person who had driven it was heading out of Diamond Housing Scheme.Detectives suspect that the 52-year-old remigrant was murdered at or near his home in 19th Street,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, Diamond.They believe that the killers then stuffed his corpse in the car trunk and drove to Eighth Street, Diamond.Lengths of bicycle tubing and duct tape were wrapped around his nostrils and mouth and his shoes were missing.An autopsy revealed that he had died from asphyxia due to suffocation and fracture of the larynx.

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Government has dismissed as hilarious, calls by the Alliance For C <a href="">Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap</a> hange (AFC) for increases in pension and public servants? wages and salaries <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys China</a> and the cutting of taxes during yesterday?s Budget debate in the National Assembly Budget.Government?s position was highlighted by its Member of Parliament,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, Manzoor Nadir, who described AFC Member of <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> Parliament Moses Nagamootoo?s presentation as ?hilarious and confusing?.Nadir stated that it would not be beneficial for Guyana to increase spending on areas such as pension and cut back on taxes which generate income. Pensioners are already benefiting from waiver on their water bills, he said.To take his argument further,Wholesale Jerseys China, Nadir challenged Nagamootoo,Cheap Jerseys From China, ?To run his business, to run his household as he is asking this government to run the country by eating less, using less light, using less technology? cutting all those things and paying his workers better and don?t have greater income because he is cutting taxes, and let us see how he would rally out.?Nadir asserted that this year?s budget aims to keep Guyana on course and has opportunities for another year of positive growth.In the budget, Government has earmarked the establishment of a Small Business Trust Fund to impact in excess of 40,000 small businesses,Cheap Jerseys, which in turn is expected to create about 800 direct jobs.Like Government?s Women of Worth programme, the Small Business Trust Fund would be a guarantee facility for operators without collateral to access credit. This initiative could also benefit persons in the hinterland communities who are unable to utilize their lands as collateral at a bank.?There is more money allocated to the Competition and Fair Trading Commission and more money allocated to the Small Business Bureau? These are the sectors that would bake this bigger economic pie that would be cut up into larger slices for our people,? Nadir said.He noted that while Government is putting policies and programmes in place to see the development of the economy with micro enterprises, it is also embarking on big projects such as a Marriott brand hotel and the modernization of Cheddi Jagan International Airport.Defending the erection of a Marriott brand hotel in Guyana,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Nadir said this investment is not about closing businesses but expanding opportunities for all.?While some people may want to knock the Marriott on one side of the House,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, it?s only protecting those who endorsed a particular party and funded that party. The Marriott is not about closing businesses but about expanding opportunities for all businesses.??One of the challenges in the tourism sector has been get a sector-leading brand in Guyana and that is what the Marriott is going to get. We are not preparing in Guyana for the same level of tourism.?Government has also justified the expansion of Guyana?s main port of entry as an avenue to improve the tourism sector. Nadir pointed out that there is nothing such as poverty tourism and he stressed that tourists from the first world countries want to have first world facilities wherever they go.?The world tourism and travel index are projecting growth in Guyana because Government is investing in infrastructure to make it better for people to come to Guyana,? he noted.

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De flu picking off people and when it done wid dem is like if dem <a href="">Cheap Jerseys League</a> tun new people. All who <a href="">NFL Jerseys Supply</a> get de flu does talk funny,Cheap Jerseys League, like if something happen to dem throat.But wha surprise dem boys is that people who don?t like to go to wuk get a chance to stay home and dem cry.Things r <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> each de stage wheh dem pharmacy run out of medication. People buy out all dem cough syrup,NFL Jerseys Supply, all dem flu medicine.When de flu knock Bharrat yesterday he couldn?t find Contac-C; Theraflu,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Nyquil,NFL Jerseys From China, Dayquil,Cheap MLB Jerseys, nutten.He get vex and start looking fuh Leslie but de Minister smell de rat and he hide. Dem boys seh that Bharrat will get well and when he do, dem want to see Leslie keep hiding.When de people talk how de flu reach epidemic proportions Leslie claim how it was no problem,Cheap Jerseys From China, that it was no threat. Well he got to tell Bharrat how it reach he if de situation was not so bad.That is why de man keep staying out of de country. He know that Guyana got problems suh he used to keep out.He listen to all dem who complain and now he sick and dem ain?t even got medicine to help de man.That is why Leslie gun pay.Talk half. Lef half.

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The Guyana Press Association is disturbed over what appears to be the unfa <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> ir distribution of Frequenci <a href="">Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic</a> es weighed in favour of the Governing party.It is equally disturbing that the Government of Guyana is creating a media environment of monopoly ownership and control that leaves media workers limited options on employment and creative outlets for their skill and talent.The revelations by the Prime Minister in a written response to a Member of Parliament?s questions on the assignment of Radio and Television Frequencies,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, nationally,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, have indicated too that the administration of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications sector appears to be haphazard at best.The fact that the Prime Minister notes that the sector is in transition does not explain why for over two decades there has been no national plan to allow for investment in the sector by Guyanese and Caricom Nationals.The Guyana Press Association is also concerned that at least one TV channel has been farmed out to essentially carry International Content from a foreign Power that clearly does not bring employment or other tangible benefits to the Guyanese media fraternity.We call on the Guyana Government to correct the obvious lapses in the administration of the Broadcast/ Telecommunications Sector in the country. The Guyana Press Association would like to see the elected representatives from both sides of the House (the National Assembly) engaged with other stakeholders in the process to redress the deficiencies in the sector.We encourage the involvement of Caribbean and Commonwealth Media Advisers in this task to ensure the equitable distribution of the resources of the electromagnetic spectrum that would redound to the benefit of all media workers and those involved in the creative industry. (GPA)

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More than n <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys USA</a> ine years and after $700M spen <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> t,Wholesale Jerseys USA, it appears that the High Street building is nowhere near being realized.The property, located where the former headquarters of th <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping</a> e Guyana BroadcastingThe $700M High Street building.Corporation (GBC) once stood, remains unsafe with technical personnel from Government still deciding on the way forward.The award of the construction contract was made in 2007 to Kishan Bacchus General Contractors. The new building was supposed to house offices for the Ministry of Labour and the Guyana Forestry Commission.Questioned yesterday during Government?s post-Cabinet press briefings at the Ministry of the Presidency,Wholesale China Jerseys, Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, disclosed that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is examining how the current building could be used without posing a danger to people?s lives.He said that the building continues to pose an embarrassment to the past administration of the People?s Progressive Party/Civic.?Studies show that even if you put tiles on the first floor,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, the floor is expected to crumble because the support beams were not present,? Trotman said.According to Trotman,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, both the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) would have together put over $400Millon into the building?s construction.The situation is so bad that the ?very minimum of persons and furniture would have to be put in the building for it to be used,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,? Trotman said.A forensic audit report ordered by Government last year had found that the building involved the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), the state-owned entity which handles investments. NICIL?s negligence resulted in some $350M in taxpayers? money being wasted,Cheap Jerseys China, the forensic audit report said.In 2012, a Cabinet decision had approved the transfer by sale of the property to the Geology and Mines Commission at a purchase price of $100 million.It was reported that Kishan Bacchus had operated without bond and owed over $50M for works he did not complete but had received payments.

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? Agri <a href="">NFL Jerseys Cheap</a> Minister??this wi <a href="">NFL Cheap Jerseys China</a> ll not be tolerated for much longer?By Tusika Martin Some millers are using farmers as ?bankers? to acquire <a href="">Wholesale NFL Store</a> money for alternative investments but this phenomenon will not be tolerated much longer,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Agriculture Minister, Robert Persaud said on Saturday,NFL Cheap Jerseys China, pointing out that measures are being explored to deal with such persons.He told farmers along the Essequibo Coast that they will not be ?used? and ?abused? by some delinquent millers.Addressing the issue of Mahaicony Rice Mills owing farmers huge sums of monies, the Minister said that efforts are being made to contact the headquarters of the company in Trinidad to deal with the matter.According to him, on four occasions he invited representatives from the company to visit his office to discuss the issue of non-payments to farmers but they have refused.Minister Robert Persaud The Minister pointed out that the amendment to the Rice Factories Act was done to protect farmers.In the Act it is stated that millers must settle a certain percentage of their commitments to the farmers before their licenses are eligible for renewal.It also states that the amount of money that is outstanding must be paid,Wholesale NFL Store, not only within a stipulated time,Wholesale Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, but by calculating the interest rate using that of the Bank of Guyana figure.?Under the Act we were able to revoke the licences of some companies and we even denied some licences. However, we were taken to the court and we were ordered to reinstall the licences.?Persaud said that whilst the legislation is in place to protect the industry,NFL Jerseys China, ?funny things? happen in this society.?So we had to respect the court orders?we were even delinquent in carrying out those orders and we got a contempt order also?but going to jail is not a nice thing?so to prevent us from going to jail we had to proceed and abide.?He explained to farmers that the record also shows that the paddy that was sold to the mills were milled and exported.Based on information, he pointed out, it is also known that instead of the money being repatriated into the local banking system to pay the farmers,Cheap Jerseys, some of the money was being used to build ?Basmattie Mill? in India and build mills in Trinidad.?People are using the farmers as bankers?If they want money to finance these projects they should go to the banking system?Our farmers are not bankers.?The Minister also pointed out that while there are some delinquent millers, there are others that are very committed to the development of the industry.On Wednesday last, General Secretary of the Rice Producers Association, Dharamkumar Seeraj, said that Mahaicony Rice Mills owes over $600M to farmers even as the current rice crop is being harvested.He noted that the company is dealing with farmers ?in a way that is almost contentious.?According to him, efforts were made to work with the company in order to pool resources and strength to address the outstanding payment issue.He explained that under the Financial Institutional Act, foreign companies have a limit by law as to how much they can borrow, pointing out that Mahaicony Rice Mills limit has been exhausted.In the interest of farmers, he noted, the Ministry of Finance has agreed to expand the loan portfolio of Mahaicony Rice Mills, if the loan is passed down as direct payments to farmers.But the company is yet to submit the list of farmers that are owed.

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The Mothers? Union had a grand opening of its mobile food unit o <a href="">Adidas Mike Fisher Jersey</a> n Tuesday outside <a href="">Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys</a> the St George?s Cathedral.This project will be used to sustain the Mothers? Union Parenting Groups in the communities, with emphasis on depressed communities, and provide ?start-up funds? for Mothers? Union p <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> rojects in depressed communities.The initial cost of the food unit was $1.4M, but through the generosity of Chief Executive Officer of JR Burger, Jad Rahaman, the cost was reduced to $1M. This unit will benefit Mothers? Union members directly through the provision of jobs in the food unit,Adidas Mike Fisher Jersey, school children through the availability of low cost meals and snacks,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, for Mothers? Union branches and post- parenting groups to conduct community projects and programmes.This will especially benefit in the initiative in interior locations and assistance in obtaining resource material for existing Mothers? Union parenting group sessions.Present on Tuesday was the Dean of the Cathedral,Wholesale China Jerseys, Rev. Terry Davis.The Mothers? Union Provincial President, Leila Austin, served the first meal to the Dean, The Diocesan Mothers? Union President, Sheran Harper; Jad Rahaman,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, members of the clergy, and nearly 200 Mothers? Union members from branches throughout Guyana.The Christian service of the Mothers? Union started in Guyana in 1926,Cheap Jerseys China, and today boasts a membership of over 2,000 Christian women in 86 branches along the coast and in the interior areas of the country.Operating as a social entrepreneur, the Mothers? Union,holesale Soccer Jerseys, Diocese of Guyana combines creativity, business discipline and determination to address social issues.

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Global economic instability could lead to a <a href="">Cheap NBA Jerseys China</a> decline in direct environmental investments and <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> reduce the rigour of future climate change legislation, asserted ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Thursday in a position paper about the UN Climate Change Conference <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Wholesale</a> 2009 ? called COP 15.The report from the global accoutancy body ? which has championed sustainability issues in business since 1990 ? offers eight recommendations for governments, policy makers and business ahead of the COP15 meeting in December 2009.Brenda Lee Tang, Head of Corporate Development, ACCA Caribbean, says: ?The dual challenges of climate and economy have led to a unique opportunity to re-build the global markets with systems sympathetic to climate change.And the trillion-dollar bailout of the banking sector proves that governments and businesses around the world can work together quickly to avert disaster.?ACCA?s report also recommends that governments should respond to the economic conditions by implementing measures that will encourage environmental investments and a more sustainable approach from business.Brenda Lee Tang adds: ?Business has a massive role to play here in how they communicate their commitment to a low carbon economy. ACCA champions the extension of corporate reporting to include the social and environmental aspects of a business and has launched awards for sustainability reporting in Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the US and Canada.?The eight main recommendations are:1. A new agreement must consist of a shared vision and contain a clear regulatory framework that is valid, ideally until 2030 or 2050.2. Business has a key role to play in tackling climate change; governments and supranational bodies should take steps to support them by developing a portfolio of fiscal instruments designed to internalise sustainability impacts in international trade treaties and reviewing the incentives provided by SME corporate taxation systems to increase the propensity of the SME sector to invest in cleaner technology.3. The level of effort and commitment from developing countries will need to reflect their national circumstances, but they too will need to take action with appropriate support from developed countries,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, to put themselves on track to a low carbon economy. Also, for Kyoto?s successor to succeed, both the US and China have to sign up to it.4. The European Union Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) must only be linked with systems that are robust,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, in order to avoid undermining the integrity of the scheme.5. A global carbon market must be completely measurable and verifiable,Wholesale Jerseys Online, with clear requirements for monitoring and reporting as per the Bali Roadmap, including the production of regular emissions inventories by both developed and developing countries. An effective compliance system must be developed to enable transparent and verifiable comparison of the climate change efforts of the different countries.6. Governments should continue to urge organisations of all sizes to produce appropriately structured carbon reports. Supranational bodies should recommend public carbon reporting, based on the GRI guidelines.7. As part of their wider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme,Cheap Jerseys Store, environmental regulators should work with international accounting standard setters to develop a universally applicable climate change reporting standard for organisations of all sizes.8. Governments should review the incentives provided by SME corporate taxation systems to increase the propensity of the SME sector to invest in cleaner technology and should produce gui

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Just a month after 34-year-old Felicia Hussein plunged to her <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping</a> d <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> eath from the Demerara Harbour Bridge, another woman has committed suicide in the same way.Eyewitnesses said that the second woman, who is still unidentified, jumped off the bridge at around 15.30 hrs yesterday, i <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Wholesale</a> n the vicinity of the retractor span,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, just as a policewoman was trying to stop her from taking the fatal plunge.Her body was recovered about an hour later near the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard wharf at Ruimveldt.The victim is of African ancestry, has weaves in her hair, and was wearing a coloured striped jersey under a brown long-sleeved shirt. The victim, who appears to be in her late forties, was also wearing a pair of black tights.Security staff recalled seeing the woman crossing the bridge from the western side shortly before plunging into the Demerara River.General Manager of the DHB,Cheap Jerseys From China, Rawlston Adams looks on as a staffer monitors the bridge?s security cameras shortly after the tragedyGeneral Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Rawlston Adams, told Kaieteur News that police ranks stationed at the bridge received an anonymous call, at around 15.30 hrs, that a woman was standing at the edge of the bridge in the vicinity of the retractor span. There are no rails in that area.?We got a call saying a woman is standing on the bridge at Span Eleven on the southern side and the word was ?she looks like she wants to commit suicide,Wholesale Nike Air Max 97,? so immediately we sent out the security,? Adams said.Another official said that a policewoman immediately rushed to the area in a vehicle. Kaieteur News was told that on arriving at the scene, the rank saw the woman clutching a bag and standing at the edge of the structure.According to this source, the rank called out to the woman, who turned to look at the policewoman, before jumping overboard.?When she noticed the corporal,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, she jumped off the bridge, Adams said.?At that point we made the necessary contact with the Marine Police, Providence, and the police on the West Coast Demerara.?The police came and took a statement from the corporal who went on the scene of the incident. As of now, we are running the cameras to see if we can identify the person going on the bridge and from which end.?Do you know this woman? The still-unidentified victimRanks from the Police Marine Branch at Ruimveldt scoured the waters for the victim, before finding her at GDF Coast Guard wharf at Ruimveldt base.It was on December 24, last, that 34-year-old Felicia Hussein climbed onto the rails of the Demerara Harbour Bridge and jumped into the deep waters. Her lifeless body was recovered some 45 minutes later.Hussein?s sister,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Gwendolyn Lowden, who identified the body the following day, said that her sister, who lived with her mother at Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara, had been battling with mental illness.

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Th <a href="">Cheap Jerseys NFL</a> e Police are <a href="">Cheap NHL Jerseys</a> investigating the murder of a man,Cheap Jerseys NFL, Charles Phang, at Big Creek,Cheap NHL Jerseys, Northwest District,Nike NFL Jerseys China, Region One.T <a href="">Nike NFL Jerseys China</a> he police have ascertained that Phang hailed from the Pomeroon.He was said to been drinking with Alvin Williams,NFL Jerseys Outlet, of Estate,Cheap Jerseys From China, Port Kaituma, yesterday. During the drinking bout they had an argument that turned into a fight. Phang died from stab and chop wounds. His body is at the mortuary. Pork knockers in the vicinity intervened and beat Williams who is now hospitalised.An eyewitness reported that a male suspect is being held by police. He said that the suspect,Brock Holt Jersey, who was covered in mud was taken to the Port Kaituma Police Station and then to the Port Kaituma Hospital.

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Yet another man described as a reckless driv <a href="">wholesale nfl jerseys</a> er,wholesale nfl jers <a href="">China NBA Jerseys</a> eys, has been remanded to prison after being charged with causing death by dangerous driving.The accused, Shawn Lall,China NBA <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> Jerseys, of 81 Atlantic Gardens, made his appearance yesterday at the Sparendaam Magistrate?s Court, before Magistrate Judy Latchman.It is alleged that on December 8,Cheap Jerseys, last,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he drove motor vehicle PJJ-8098 in a dangerous manner resulting in the death of Suresh Sawh, called ?Ramesh?, a City Council worker. The accused is being represented by defence counsel Anil Nandlall.Nandlall,Wholesale Stitched NFL Jerseys, in his bail application, told the court that his client has a fixed place of abode and will make every effort to return to court to vindicate himself.However bail was objected to by Police Prosecutor Browne. Browne told the court that the accused may be a flight risk since he has no permanent ties to society.However Nandlall interjected noting that his client is more than willing to lodge his passport with the court as a guarantee that he will return for his trial if bail is granted. Nandlall?s application was nevertheless turned down and his client was remanded.In addition the court was informed that there is the likelihood of another charge being instituted against the accused.Lall is expected to make his next court appearance on December 14.On Wednesday last,LeBron James Jersey, Mayor and City Council worker Suresh Sawh was riding his bicycle to the city when he was struck and killed. Sawh died at 5:20hrs when Rav4 PJJ-8098 hit him while he was riding his bicycle to the city. The RAV 4 was also heading to Georgetown. The man?s right hand was completely severed and he also sustained a gaping wound to the head amongst other injuries.A woman who was also in the vehicle at the time of the accident was taken to a hospital in the city.The father of one was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital by police officers and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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?.books given to Stanleytown LibraryDirector of <a href="">Stitched Cheap Jerseys</a> the University of Guyana Berbice Campus, P <a href="">Houston Cougars Jerseys</a> rofessor Daizal R. Samad,Prof. Samad making a presentation to a representative of IDCE New Amsterdamon Tuesday handed over more than $1M in information technology hardware <a href=""></a> to the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) in New Amsterdam. The presentation, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, included computer systems, printers, scanners, batteries and stabilizers.Professor Samad expressed pleasure at being part of what he said was ?an important gesture?important since it will go a far way towards improving the IT capacity of IDCE in New Amsterdam. He also added that ?while the equipment is a tangible way to assist IDCE to better serve its students, it is also symbolic of the happy cooperative spirit between UGBC, IDCE and the Ministry of Finance.Professor Samad,Stitched Cheap Jerseys, in his presentation, appealed to the relevant Ministries and the Region to contribute to the betterment of IDCE by providing new and more appropriate accommodations for the Institute in New Amsterdam.In accepting the expensive equipment on behalf of IDCE/NA from Professor Samad, Ms. Grace Carr, representing the Institute,Houston Cougars Jerseys, expressed deep gratitude. She opined: ?Finally, we will be able to offer Computer courses to our clients. And we undertake to care for the equipment.?At the same simple ceremony,, Professor Samad donated three large boxes of books to the Stanleytown Public Library. The books were mainly focused on Math and English. Ms. Gertrude Welsh of the Committee of Friends of New Amsterdam, assured the Professor that the books will be put to full and good use in order that students? Math and English skills be improved. She said: ?What Professor Samad is doing is to show in a concrete way that he and UGBC genuinely care about the welfare of all the children in Berbice and New Amsterdam especially.? She asked Professor Samad to keep up the great work that he is doing for the people of Berbice.Also present was Mr. John London,NFL Jerseys From China, representing the private sector,NFL Jerseys From China, Neal and Massy Group of Companies in particular. Mr. London expressed profound admiration for the manner in which the Professor has lead UGBC into new and creative ways to contribute meaningfully to the life of citizens of Berbice. He added: Professor,Authentic China Jerseys, you are doing a great job, and Neal and Massy are honored to partner with you and UGBC. You have brought new life and new hope to Berbice, and I hope that this newness spreads to our entire Nation.?The event was chaired by Mr. David Cort, Administrative Officer of the University of Guyana Berbice Campus.

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A sewage system rup <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys USA</a> tured in front 33 ?C? Barrack Street,Wh <a href="">Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys</a> olesale Jerseys USA, Kingston early Sunday morningThe Filthy Sewages that flows out of the wholeand resulted in <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys China</a> several parts in the area being affected.At the scene,Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys, a liquid with a pungent odour could be seen spewing from two depressed sections of the corner of the road.Mr. Galloway,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, a resident,cheap nfl jerseys, explained that the breakage was due to the ?digging? by the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) for the past week. He further stressed that he has no idea what the water company was digging for but this caused sewage to flow into neighbour?s yards.It was observed that one woman,Wholesale Jerseys From China, who refused to give her name was trapped inside her house since her yard was ?flooded? with the filthy looking liquid.It was also noted that the area smells ?bad? and it was even ?difficult? to breathe.

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The bodies of <a href="">Cheap Jerseys For Sale</a> two unidentifie <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys China</a> d men were found yesterday in the Berbice River.Kaieteur News understands that one of the badly decomposed corp <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> ses was retrieved near Plegt Anker,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, East Bank Berbice.The victim is about five feet ten inches tall,Wholesale Jerseys China, and was clad in a pair of blue long pants with a black leather belt,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, as well as a brown,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, long-sleeved jersey,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, with a yellow tee-shirt and navy-blue vest beneath the jersey.Kaieteur News was told that shortly after the first body was retrieved,Wholesale Stitched NFL Jerseys, police received information of a second body in the river.Kaieteur News understands that the bodies were spotted since Sunday but the police did not respond immediately..

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The Publi <a href=""></a> c Works Ministry has disclosed that it will be approac <a href=""></a> hing the police this week with evidence supporting its claims of fraud against the contractor, Falcon Transportation and Con <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping</a> struction Services. This is in keeping with the advice of the Attorney General.Although the Ministry had received the advice since late July, it waited until the contractor went publicPublic Works Minister Robeson Bennaccusing Ministry?s officials of pressuring him for kickbacks. The contractor believes that his constant refusals to give gifts cost him the $468 million contract.After denying that the Ministry was told of the demands for gifts, Transport Minister Robeson Benn changed his tune yesterday, during a press conference at his Kingston Office. The Minister admitted that the contractor had sent a letter to the Ministry making assertions that a Clerk of Works had requested a gift, possibly a minibus. He assured that the letter was forwarded to the Ministry?s Work Services Group for investigation.Benn said, ?I recollect now in hindsight that there was some letter, and that the Clerk of Works and some Engineers were very upset with the assertions that were being made, but we will investigate on all of these things.??I want to feel pretty sure that given the fractious relations that our Clerk of Works and Engineers have had with respect to this project, it (the termination of the contract) has nothing to do with any requests,,? he added.Benn has invited the contractor to present the long list of demands for bribes to either the Ministry or the police to have the matter dealt with condignly. He emphasized that the mere cancellation of a contract does not require aspersions.?I have already instructed my people,, the Permanent Secretary and the Work Services Group, to investigate the issues as it relates to the Ministry. I will invite an independent person, otherwise the Guyana Association of Professional Engineers. I will be making contact with them to pronounce on our actions and issues relating to the contract?the legal aspect and professional aspect,? the Minister said.However, even with the instructions to investigate allegations at the Ministry, which involves staff, the Minister said, ?Outside of any other issues with respect to professional, ethical or any other issue, I am standing by my engineers. The press is fully aware when I needed to make changes in this Ministry we have taken actions to improve, and we are improving.?The Minister expressed his displeasure that the names of engineers who were involved in meetings were listed in the media.?This is to sully their reputation and to get them involved in issues which would either be otherwise slander or libelous, because a long list of Ministry?s Work Services Group officials, engineers and other people at lower levels are mentioned, and somehow there will be guilt by association,? Benn added.According to Benn, corruption allegations by the contractor are not the issue. In fact,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, he believes that the contractor made the allegations to hurt the image of the Ministry.?It appears as though there were no problems until we cancelled the contract. It appears this Ministry is being damned if it does and damned if it doesn?t. I am not prepared to be damned here when I know we are making genuine efforts to improve and to deliver to the Government and people of Guyana good engineering projects.?Millions of dollars in steel work has been left to the mercy of the elements as a result of the controversy.Benn is adamant that fraudulent submissions and non-performance should be the focus.He related that in April,

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