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Manager of well-known Kitsingh Dental Clinic and Lab located at <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping</a> Peter?s Hall,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, East Bank Demerara, Cobeer Persaud <a href="">Wholesale Stitched Jerseys</a> , has filed an injunction against one of Guyana?s independent newspaper, the Stabroek News.The injunction stemmed from an article published in the Stabroek News,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, captioned ?Man complains of nig <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> htmare tooth extraction?, which Persaud believes was libelous and malicious.On March, 12, last, Stabroek News published the article which contended that city businessman, Nigel Reid, claimed that he spent more than thirty minutes on the dental chair having his gum operated upon at the said dental clinic.The article stated that the area surrounding Reid?s tooth which bled for several hours, was what appeared to be pieces of the tooth.However, Persaud refuted this,Cheap Jerseys, stating that when the man visited, the dentist advised him that the tooth was very strong and an extraction was not necessary. He added that the dentist explained to Reid that the tooth needed to be filled.?It was he who insisted that he wanted it extracted?, Persaud had said.The article further indicated that Persaud went on to explain that during the extraction process,NFL Jerseys Store Cheap, a small hammer was used to knock around the affected molar tooth.Another article was published in the said newspaper following this. It was captioned- ?X-ray, photos disprove tooth extraction patient?s claim ? clinic official?.This article stated that ?An x-ray and pictures taken from different angles refuted claims by the city businessman Nigel Reid that his tooth extraction resulted in extraneous damage?.The article stated that an x-ray of the area was also done and there was nothing to suggest that Reid?s gum was torn or that any fragments of the tooth remained.The newspaper article stated that Persaud had advised the man to visit another dentist of his choice for a second opinion and he (Reid) was refunded his $2,000 taxi fare and given free antibiotics and pain killers.The second article did,NFL Jerseys Sale, however, contain a repetition of the first claims made by Reid. And as such, the injunction is to prohibit the Stabroek News from printing anything regarding the matter or about Dr. Persaud and his clinic,Cheap Air Max 90 For Sale, until the verdict is presented in the High Court.Persaud will be represented by his Attorneys-at-law Mr. Euclin Gomes, Mr. Sase Gunraj and Mr. Manoj Narayan. He is demanding the relief in the sum of in excess of $10 million.

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The normally quiet household of an 18-y <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Outlet</a> ear-old girl has been thrown into chaos after she <a href="">Nike Air Max 95 Sale</a> went missing two Saturday?s ago.The missing Deokumarie SinghYesterday relatives told this newspaper that the young woman l <a href="">Yellow NFL Jerseys</a> eft the home on March 28,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, last,Nike Air Max 95 Sale, for her workplace in the city and has not been seen or heard from since. One relative said that their efforts to contact the girl by mobile phone were futile as the days flew by.Another stated that on March 28, her boss called the home to inquire why the young girl named,Yellow NFL Jerseys, Deokumarie Singh,Harrison Barnes Jersey, a/ka Rosemary,NFL Jerseys Outlet, was not on duty. Relatives said this was surprising since the young woman had left earlier,wholesale nfl jerseys, indicating that she was headed for her worksite.Another related that they promptly called her cell phone and the person who answered adamantly insisted that she was on her job site. Relatives became alarmed when she had not returned home by nightfall and could not be located thereafter.One associate of the young girl however disclosed that a private car dropped her off at a home (at Enmore Pasture, East Coast Demerara) everyday and enquiries from family members have met with the reply that the driver of the red Honda (number given) car was ?just a friend?. Anyone with information of the girl?s whereabouts can call phone number 270-6630 or contact the nearest Police Station.

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The Director of Public Prosecutions is expected to advise shortl <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> y on a report prepared by a Presidential commission that was <a href="">Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys</a> set up to investigate the scandal involving the importation of Polar beer by the Fidelity Investments Incorporated.The DPP is expected to base her advice on the recommendations of <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> the commission,Wholesale China Jerseys, which included investigators from the police Criminal Investigations Department and the Office of the Auditor General.The probe was launched by President Bharrat Jagdeo earlier this year after allegations of corruption regarding the importation of millions of dollars in Polar beer surfaced.Initially,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, five Customs officers were implicated in the scandal, and were immediately sent home.Kaieteur News understands that the report has recommended criminal charges for 13 more officers.It, however, cleared five senior officials of the Customs and Trade Administration.Speaking with this newspaper yesterday,Wholesale Jerseys, acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene confirmed that the file on the matter was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.He said that the file was completed several weeks ago.However, the DPP sent back the file,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, requesting additional information.?The file came back asking us to do more things. Those things were completed,NFL Jerseys On Sale, and the file was sent back (to the DPP). We recommend charges, criminal charges,Cheap NFL Jerseys,? Greene said.Several of the Customs officers implicated are currently on leave to facilitate the investigations.

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A <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply</a> situation caused a man to be stabbed several times about the body Satu <a href="">Cheap Hockey Jerseys</a> rday just before midnight,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, at his 7 Miles,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, Mahdia home. <a href="">Cheap Jerseys USA</a> Robin Giles,Cheap Jerseys USA, 48,NFL Jerseys China, is now a patient at the Male Surgical Ward of the GeorgetownRobin Giles in the hospitalPublic Hospital Corporation (GPHC) nursing stab wounds to his legs,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, torso and forehead.Giles told Kaieteur News that the attack stemmed from him requesting that the music in his home be turned off as it was very late in the night.He said that while he advanced toward the music player his wife kept standing in his way so as to prevent him from turning the music off. ?I gave her a li?l shove and she fell down because the floor had a sudden drop? They don?t know that,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, so they believe I pushed her for her to fall down.?Kaieteur News understands that after the man?s wife fell to the ground, his step-daughter then launched an attack on him but she too was shoved aside.It was then that his step-daughter?s partner stepped in to defend his spouse. Giles was dealt several stabs about the body.The wounded Giles was taken to a Mahdia health facility before being air dashed to the City health facility for further medical attention.Yesterday the man?s wife and other family members flanked his bedside.

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Government-built Marriott Hotel is nearing completion and set to open mid n <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> e <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> xt month. It had promisedBharrat Jagdeohundreds of jobs during its construction phase, and later in its operation.But more than three years after the sod-turning in November 2011, there i <a href="">Wholesale MLB Jerseys</a> s little evidence of benefits to the country as far as labour is concerned.While Government has announced that it has hired 228 locals for the running of the US$58M hotel, it was not until the very end that local help was contracted to correct some works, in time for the critical final inspection that will be done by Marriott officials before the facilities are handed over in the coming weeks.During a press conference last week to defend its spending of more than US$36M of taxpayers? funds, head of the Atlantic Hotel Inc (AHI), Winston Brassington,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, was unable to tell reporters how many locals have been hired during the construction phase. He could not say also how much money was paid out.Questioned about the use of local labour, Brassington said that there was a ?significant reduction? in the number of Chinese labour imported by Shanghai Construction Group (SCG), as workers went back home for the New Year celebrations. Just about 30 workers of SCG remained and about 15 more will be returning. In total, there will be about 100 persons on site with half of these being Guyanese.Brassington admitted that the majority of the workforce on Marriott were Chinese. SCG had also been granted numerous tax breaks that local employers are mandated to pay.In 2013 as questions rose over the glaring absence of local labour, GovernmentWinston Brassington surveying the Presidential Suite in the Marriott Hotel,Cheap Jerseys, Kingston, last week.insisted that the hiring of labour by any particular contractor is one that is ultimately left to the contractor?s discretion.It would have conflicted to the promised hundreds of jobs being created.A mixture of union representatives, political parties and other activists had protested in front of the construction site on news that only Chinese labour was being used.Brassington had said that the use of an all Chinese labour force to construct the multi-million-dollar Marriott Hotel was just one of several conditionalities necessary for the facility?s efficient and speedy construction.He also said that the lack of local skills and communication problems were the reasons why the contractor, SCG, decided to bring in Chinese workers.That particular statement had immediately triggered criticism,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, especially as SCG had not publicly said that there was a shortage of skills. There were no advertisements in the local newspapers.The ocean-front side of Marriott.Labour Minister, Dr. Nanda Gopaul,Air Max 1 Atmos, defending the decision of foreign workers, said that the contractor was using ?highly technical and advanced construction methods? and that it would be some time before Guyanese workers would learn these.Government spokesman Dr. Roger Luncheon, questioned in 2013, said that the issue of an all-Chinese labour force was not discussed with the government. He said that the government became aware when it was asked to process the applications for work permits and visas.He noted that it is ?reasonable? that most contractors would go for a labour force with which they are familiar. The fact that SCG opted to use Chinese workers came as no surprise to government, he said.In defending SCG?s decision to hire Chinese nationals, Brassington said that the company indicated that ?(it) had examined the level of skills available for the project as well as the levels of productivity.?Brassington added that while the company was being asked to employ locals,Cheap Jerseys 2018, it was obvious that if the construction o

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?as robbery suspect gets remandedTelling the court that <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> he was ill after returning from the interior and that he was not guilty of <a href="">NFL Jerseys Cheap</a> the offence read against him, Allan Philadelphia later burst into tears when he heard that he would be remanded to prison until the next year.His sister subsequently fa <a href="">NFL Jerseys Outlet</a> inted, sprawling on the courtroom floor.The 33-year-old miner who is also a mason appeared before Magistrate Sueanna Lovell charged for allegedly robbing Fayan Lewis of $759,Cheap Jerseys,000 worth of jewelry and cash.The police said that on December 6,NFL Jerseys Cheap, last, the Lot 110-111 Victoria resident accompanied by others, went to the home of the defendant and robbed her of the articles. It was revealed that while Philadelphia?s partner in crime had the firearm he was an accessory to the crime.The court heard that the following day while the victims was at the Scotia Bank she noticed her alleged attacker and raised an alarm prompting the man?s arrest.Attorney at Law Patrice Henry, the man?s lawyer, told the court that his client had only recently come out of the jungle with an illness. In court,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Philadelphia could not stand still. He bent over, leaned and even tried to stoop; exhibiting that he was in pain.Henry continued his submission explaining that client deserved to be granted pre-trial liberty since when he was detained by officers the victim had indicated that the defendant looked like the person who robbed her.Henry also submitted that it is very easy to say a man committed a robbery and to say that a person looks like someone who committed a robbery,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, but it does not warrant a person being detained. He finally said that the police have not presented any form of evidence to declare that his client was guilty of the crime.It was immediately after,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, that Prosecutor Denise Booker addressed the court revealing that the defendant was positively identified by the complaint as the culprit in the alleged robbery. The police prosecutor objected to bail. She attributed her refusal of bail being granted to the severity of the crime,Cheap Jerseys From China, stating that a gun was used.She also felt that if the defendant was granted bail he may not return for trial.The court subsequently ruled that the man be remanded to prison until January 6. Philadelphia broke into tears as he was handcuffed to be taken away. His sister shrieked on hearing the court?s orders. She subsequently fainted and had to be removed from the court with the assistance of the police and another family member.Outside the court the family members related that their brother was in the comfort of his home, sick at the time of the alleged crime. They later told this paper that their brother had gone to obtain a loan from the bank when the woman identified him as an alleged thief.

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ALBION,Nike NFL Jerseys, CORENTY <a href="">Nike NFL Jerseys</a> NE ? Police are to seek a <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> dvice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions on the way forward in the shooting death on Friday of chicken farm watchman Dhanpaul.The two employees who w <a href="">Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys</a> ere on the job at the time of the incident and a female who is connected to the business were detained Friday night and are still in custody.Just after 22:00 hours on Friday,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, ranks in Division ?B? of the Guyana Police Force received a tip off of a shooting incident at a livestock farm at Number Four Dam,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Albion on the Corentyne.On arrival,Cheap NFL Jerseys, detectives found 62-year old Dhanpaul of Number One Road,Womens NFL Jerseys Outlet, Corentyne with what appeared to be a shotgun wound to the left arm. The man was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. A shotgun and a spent shell were recovered from the crime scene.Police are working on a theory that the alleged gunman was playing with the weapon when it accidentally went off and struck the victim. The shooter is not a licensed firearm holder.

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Police have arrested an <a href="">cheap jerseys from china</a> eight-month pregnant woman who re <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys From China</a> portedly admitted to strangling her seven-year- old son with a bed sheet on Sunday night.The 28-year-old woman was arrested at her La Parfaite Harmonie,cheap jerseys from china, West <a href="">cheap jerseys authentic</a> Bank Demerara home Tuesday night after police received a tip off that the child was murdered.The child, Emanuel King,Wholesale Jerseys From China, was pronounced dead at the West Demerara Hospital on Monday after his mother belatedly took him there.His mother,cheap jerseys authentic, Sonia King,NFL Jerseys Online, had initially told police and other relatives that the child fell and injured himself, but no one really bought her story.Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed that the woman was arrested after she could no longer live with the guilt. She confided in her husband that she had strangled the child.Her husband subsequently informed the police.Kaieteur News was told that while the child reportedly died on Sunday night, it was not until the following morning that his mother took his body in a taxi to the West Demerara Hospital where he was officially pronounced dead.But police will have to do additional investigations since there are reports that the child was beaten by other persons in the home the night before he died.A relative of the dead child had told this newspaper on Monday night that they were suspicious from the time they heard the woman?s explanation of her son?s death.The relative said that they had received a call around 09:30 hours on Monday telling them of the child?s death.The relative said that they went to the woman?s house to confirm the news and they even accompanied her to the La Grange Police Station where she reported that the child fell off an abandoned 20 foot container.But later on Monday, they were contacted by the woman?s neighbour, who told them that he had some information on the child?s death but was reluctant to give it over the telephone.When they finally met with the neighbour they were told that another close male relative of the child, who lives at the house was seen beating him mercilessly on Sunday night.The neighbour reportedly claimed that he had to call over to the child?s parents to tell them to stop the beating.The relative said that they later reported to the police what they had heard. ?They tell we they had to wait on the post mortem,China NFL Jerseys Cheap,? the relative stated.Police had examined the body and found no marks of violence.?But even if she did not confess,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, the post mortem would have shown the cause of death,? a source close to the investigation.According to a source close to the investigation, the woman confessed that she had beaten the child on many occasions before, since ?He was mischievous and own away?.Police are preparing a file to send to the Director of Public Prosecutions before instituting a murder charge.?She will definitely be charged with murder,? the source said.

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A woman who was a key witness in the May 9 vigilante-st <a href="">China Jerseys Wholesale</a> yle killing of Alfred Munroe,China Jerseys Wholesale, was her <a href="">Brendan Langley Jersey</a> self killed yesterday after being struck by a speeding driver.Annie Persaud, 22,Brendan Langley Jersey, called ?Short hair,Wholesale China Jerseys,? was struck down early yesterday morning on Portugue <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> se Quarters Public Road, Corentyne.She succumbed several hours later.The driver has been detained and Kaieteur News understands that a breathalyzer test showed that he was under the influence when the mishap occurred.The driver, who resides at Paramaribo, Suriname, reportedly said that Persaud ran across the road and ended up in the path of his car.It is alleged that the driver failed to stop but eyewitnesses pursued and apprehended him at Port Mourant and handed him over to the police.Alfred Monroe, 43, called ?Guana Man?,Cheap Womens Jordan Sneakers, of Ulverston Corentyne,China NBA Jerseys, was beaten to death on May 9, by several civilians after being accused of stealing from a business establishment.Annie Persaud, who was a vagrant,Authentic Jerseys For Sale, was also beaten.Five persons have since been remanded for Monroe?s murder.

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Teachers from schools across the country will be able to tender appeals over the <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys</a> next two weeks as it relates to a Preliminary Promotion List, wh <a href="">NFL Jerseys Discount</a> ich was on Thursday released by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC).The preliminary list,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which is on display at the Commission?s Brickdam office, identifies teache <a href="">Jerseys NFL Cheap</a> rs who are likely to fill the 801 vacant positions that were earlier this year advertised by the TSC.Among the positions to be filled are those of Head Teachers, Heads of Departments, Senior Masters and Senior Mistresses.However, based on the appeals, it is possible that some changes could be made to the preliminary list, according to Chairman of the Commission, Mrs Leila Ramson. She said that copies of the list will be sent to all Departments of Education in all Regions. Teachers in Georgetown can however visit the Commission?s office for a glimpse as well.Some teachers scrutinising the preliminary list Ramson, during an interview with this newspaper revealed that often teachers become frustrated when they do not see their names on the list, thus the need for the appeal process.?Sometimes teachers say that there is favouritism within the TSC but this is not the case. There are times when they get annoyed and quarrel. So it is for this very reason they are allowed to appeal,? Ramson added.As part of the process, teachers are able to appeal to the Secretary of the Commission if they do not see their names on the list and are of the belief that they should have more points,NFL Jerseys Discount, thus are more suitable for the position.In essence, Ramson noted that the appeal is intended to determine through a review process whether the TSC made a mistake in the point system.?Sometimes teachers train together, go to University together and get their degree, but there are times when some teachers lose points based on the grade they are given by their Head Teacher for their overall performance. And there are times when teachers tie and we have to establish who became senior first in order to decide who gets the promotion.?And according to Ramson, the Commission will in about four weeks time be ready to commence the review process,Jerseys NFL Cheap, which will entail perusing teachers? files and application ?with a fine teeth comb.?And should there be any discrepancies detected indicating that another teacher has more points for a particular position, Ramson asserted that the position will be withdrawn from the formerly identified teacher.?This has happened in the past and we admitted we made a mistake and promoted the teacher that had the most points.?Following the review, a final list will be made available, confirming the names of the teachers to be promoted.According to Ramson,Cheap Nike Free Run Shoes, advertisements for the teaching positions in public schools were initially delayed for almost two weeks because of unwarranted commotions from the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU).President of the union, Colwyn King had revealed to media operatives that the union has been bombarded by complaints of teachers within the public education system who have on several occasions applied for positions and have been turned down because of personal and political affiliations.But according to Ramson, King?s disclosure is completely inaccurate and has no place in the TSC.?We don?t know the teachers that we are appointing. It has nothing to do with the individuals. All we deal with are their records and not their personal or political affiliations.?The TSC Chairman noted that the promotion and appointment of teachers have always been transparent,Brent Seabrook Jersey, even as she pointed to the fact that such undertakings are engaged by a panel of Commissioners and not by a single individual.The panel comprises of Ramson, Deputy Chairman,Cheap

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Domestic <a href="">NFL Jerseys China</a> violence is on the increase and the police have warned of the organisation?s zer <a href="">Wholesale Hockey Jerseys</a> o tolerance to this social plague.Court Superintendent of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), Maxine Graham, made the remarks at the National Congress of Women (NCW) <a href="">Cheap Jordan Sneakers Wholesale</a> symposium which was held in observance of International Women?s Day 2012, on the lawns of that body?s headquarters,NFL Jerseys China, Kitty. The theme of the forum was ?Women Garnering Information- A Prerequisite for Social Justice.?Court Superintendent,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys, Maxine GrahamGraham noted that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has systems in place to deal with domestic violence that affect many women in society. Some men are also victims of domestic violence but their cases are hardly reported.According to Graham, there are some instances where persons experience difficulties while attempting to make a report to ranks, who are detailed to carry out certain functions but by their own default fail to perform their duties diligently.Persons who are displeased with the inaction of ranks could lodge complaints at the GPF Office of Professional Responsibility, located at Eve Leary.Graham emphasised that members of the force undergo training to deal with cases of domestic violence.?When a person joins the organisation and is in training for one year, on the curriculum,Cheap Jordan Sneakers Wholesale, domestic violence is one of the topics discussed at that level. So from that point, upon entering the organisation, one is exposed to the techniques of dealing with domestic violence?. Through the government?s Citizens? Security Programme, 16 police stations were rehabilitated to include special rooms for interviewing victims of domestic and sexual abuse. These stations are located in Regions Four, Five and Six.?At these stations, we have specific domestic violence and sexual offences rooms. In addition, to the rooms,Wholesale Jerseys, there are units- we have Sexual Offences Unit and Domestic Violence Unit.?The Sexual Offences Unit is manned by specialised female officers. This is to avoid female victims feeling uncomfortable while reporting their experiences.She explained that even if victims go to the Inquiry Office to lodge complaints of an abuse,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the report is taken but that person is sent immediately to the Sexual Offences Unit that would deal with the matter.Attendees of the National Congress of Women symposium on Saturday.Graham emphasised that with the new Sexual Offences Act, several changes were made. Whenever,NFL Jerseys Outlet, a report of sexual abuse is lodged and before the accused is charged, the matter is sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.In addition, the virtual complainant does not have to testify in court? instead the Prosecutor would read the Paper Committal. However, the victim would have to testify in the High Court.

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The Nationa <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> l D <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> rainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) in preparation for the upcoming rains, has met w <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> ith the NDIA board, regional officials,Cheap Jerseys, GuySuCo, WUA?s and MMA in reviewing and updating its plans for the midyear rains.It is using information provided by the Hydrometeorological office, according to Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud.The Minister said that some of the completed and ongoing works involve desilting sluice inlet and dredging outfall channels.?Over the past week,Wholesale China Jerseys, several sluices along the Essequibo Coast and in Regions Two,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Three, Four and Six were activated and drainage pumps were put into operation to facilitate drainage in areas experiencing heavy rainfall.?Minister Persaud said that NDIA is currently re-deploying eight mobile hydroflow pumps that were used for irrigation purposes over the recent prolonged dry spell, to strategic locations within regions three,China Jerseys, four and five in improving its drainage capacity.Community drainage and irrigation work forces will focus on ensuring that internal drains within residential areas are cleared to allow free flow of water,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the NDIA and GuySuCo have embarked on a chemical weed control programme in flood vulnerable areas. According to Minister Persaud, the recent rainfall was welcomed. All conservancies have recorded incremental increase in water levels.He stated that the NDIA, MMA,Air Max 97 Black Leather, GuySuCo and regional officials will continue to improve the drainage and irrigation system to minimise the impacts of climate change.

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as CARICOM official looks to reduced role of DEA in RegionGuyanese and <a href="">Cheap Stitched Jerseys</a> their <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> CARICOM (Caribbean Community) counterparts are being urged to step away from a dependency on the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of the United States of America and rely <a href="">Jerseys NFL Wholesale</a> more on their local resources.This was the point made by Francis Forbes, the Interim Executive Director for CARICOMs Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), during the closing briefing session of the second Caribbean Basin Security Initiative held in Guyana over the past two days.Forbes was at the time responding to a media query as to whether the greater use of the DEA in CARICOM was addressed as one measure in the fight against Narco-trafficking in the region.As the CBSI officials were deliberating strategies Jamaican Authorities discovered cocaine stashed away in a sealed container on board the MV Vega Azurit, a vessel which left Guyana on Sunday last.This is the third time in recent months that the same boat was busted for drug trafficking and Forbes has predicted that in the near future there would be similar busts.The security official explained that as drug traffickers try to recoup their losses because of the busts they would seek to make larger shipments and these inherently are also apprehended.Julissa Reynoso (left) Clement Rohee and Francis Forbes during yesterday?s briefing at the International Conference CentreHe said that this tightening which leads to the secondary busts as traffickers seek to recover losses is due mainly to information sharing among relevant agencies.Mr Forbes said that he predicts that even larger busts would be made in the not too distant future.During yesterday?s briefing,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Julissa Reynoso, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Central America and the Caribbean, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, US State Department, reminded media operatives that there is already a heavy DEA presence in the region and the setting up of an office in Guyana is under active consideration.?We have a DEA presence throughout the Caribbean it is an essential part of our operation?in Guyana it is under consideration.?Forbes urged stakeholders to seek to relinquish such a dependency on the DEA and seek to utilize local resources such as the undercover Jamaican ranks operating in GuyanaHe said that he looks forward to the day when queries would not seek to ascertain the up-scaling activities of the DEA in CARICOM but rather local enforcement officials and resources working under cover.?We could be very successful,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,? Forbes asserted.He said that Jamaican undercover agents have been operating in Guyana and the same occurs for Guyanese agents who have travelled to Jamaica.Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, has dismissed claims that there may be a lack of information sharing between agencies in relation to the drug fight.He dismissed claims, too,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, that the bust in Jamaica was only made known to the local arm of the drug fight, CANU (Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit) through media reports.Minister Rohee said that the various administrations are committed to the drug fight despite however innovative the traffickers might get.The most recent discovery of drugs believed shipped through Guyana was at Port Bustamante by the Jamaican Customs Contraband Enforcement Team and personnel from the Jamaican Constabulary Force on Thursday last.The drug was tested and amounted to 50 lbs (22.7kg) of pure cocaine. The estimated value is $48M Jamaican dollars (approx. US$560,Cheap Jerseys,000 or G$113M)Despite Rohee?s assurance that they did not learn about the drug bust via the media and that information sharing among agencies is taking place Commissioner-General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) had told Kaiete

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The People?s National Cong <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> ress Reform i <a href="">China Stitched NFL Jerseys</a> n a press release said that it is saddened by news of the death of Mr. Lorimer Edward Joseph Alexander, also known as ?Lorri? <a href="">China Jerseys</a> Alexander,Wholesale China Jerseys, who passed away on Thursday, at the St. Joseph?s Mercy Hospital after a period of illness.?Mr. ?Lorri? Alexander has been a friend, a member and a supporter of the People?s National Congress Reform at various periods over the past 40 years. Indeed, he not only enjoyed a close association with the Party, but moreso with its leaders.?Mr. Alexander was one of the early personal assistants to Prime Minister, Forbes Burnham (1967-1970), before he immigrated to Jamaica.The party stated that Alexander was also a colleague and adviser to the late President Hugh Desmond Hoyte and the current Party Leader,China Stitched NFL Jerseys, Mr. Robert H. O. Corbin.?His close association with the Party and his understanding of Guyanese politics and history led to him being placed on the Party?s list of candidates for the 2006 General Elections.?The party noted that ?Lorri? Alexander?s life was a mix of journalism,China Jerseys, business and cultural pursuits.The son of a printer/publisher, he grew up with the printer?s ink in his veins. Displaying a talent for journalism he worked on different occasions with ?The Star? and the ?Gleaner? newspapers in Jamaica. But these journalistic pursuits did not prevent Mr. Alexander from researching and exploring his African heritage. Accordingly, he became Founder/President of the National Emancipation Trust and hosted several annual ?libation? ceremonies to usher in Emancipation Day at the Public Buildings in Georgetown. ?Lorri? Alexander was the recipient of several awards including the D&G Top Small Business Award (1978),cheap jerseys cc, The Furniture Europe Award for Indigenous Development (1980),Air Max 97 For Sale, The Jamaica Gleaner Award for Craft Development, Design and Export (1981) and the ?Outstanding Graduate? Award at Chancellor Hall,Cheap NFL Jerseys, UWI (1981). The Party?s leadership will miss ?Lorri? for his wisdom and guidance on a variety of national issues and the Guyanese people, especially Afro-Guyanese, will miss this Afro-centric ambassador.?The Party therefore tenders its sincere condolences to his wife, Paula, and his immediate relatives and friends.?

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?after months of surveillanceIn what is said to be their first <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping</a> major drug bust for the year,Cheap Jerseys Free <a href="">Nike Air Max Tn Shoes For Men Sale</a> Shipping, ranks from the Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU),Nike Air Max Tn Shoes For Men Sale, along with the Guyana Defense Force (GDF), yesterday intercepted a fishing trawler with a large quantity of cocaine and marijua <a href="">NFL Jerseys On Sale</a> na.According to reports,NFL Jerseys On Sale, the joint operation saw the drug enforcement agents netting some 27 kilograms of cocaine and 104 kilograms of marijuana. The bust was made at around 09:00 hours yesterday in the Demerara River. This publication was told that the vessel, named ?Bismarck?, was headed for Trinidad, and had just departed Port Georgetown.According to Head of CANU, James Singh,J.R. Smith Jersey, the bust was as a result of three months of intelligence gathering and close work with the Coast Guard. Singh said five crew members and their captain have been detained and are assisting with investigations.Acting on information received, the Coast Guard and CANU ranks allowed the vessel to leave its port before descending on it. A search was then conducted and the illegal drugs and marijuana found onboard.The vessel was then escorted back to Coast Guard headquarters where a further search was conducted and its crew members arrested. Up to late yesterday evening,Cheap NHL Jerseys, ranks were still onboard the vessel, which was docked at the Coast Guard base,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, conducting investigation. It also remained under guard.The estimated street value for the cocaine was said to be around$135M while the marijuana carries an estimated street value of $10M.Sources said that vessel is owned by a Chinese national.

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ALBION,China Jerseys NFL, CORENTYNE <a href="">China Jerseys NFL</a> ? Five of the top performers f <a href="">Cheap Black NFL Jerseys</a> rom Region Six,Cheap Black NFL Jerseys, at this year?s National Grade Six Assessment, were honoured by the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce.The presentation was done during the o <a href="">Undefeated Air Max 97 For Sale</a> pening ceremony of the Berbice Expo and Trade Fair on Friday at the Albion Sports Complex.Some of the top performers in Region SixThe top five in East Berbice /Corentyne were Raman Arjune, Dadia John,Undefeated Air Max 97 For Sale, Arifa Mohamed, Trevor Ramjohn, and Simeon Singh.They all earned places at Queen?s College in the capital city.Raman Arjune attended the Edinburgh Primary School. He scored 559 marks at the National Grade Six Assessment. He was tailed by Dadia John of Skeldon Primary who achieved 558 marks. Arifa Mohamed of Cumberland Primary attained 552 marks, Trevor Ramjohn of Cumberland Primary earned 551 and Simeon Singh of Cropper Primary, 550.They were each given a certificate of merit along with a token of appreciation.Public Relations Officer of the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce, Adrian Anamayah, explained that the Berbice Expo and Trade Fair is not only for showcasing goods and services but all areas including academic achievement.In 2006,Cheap MLB Jerseys, six of the high flyers in the region were awarded and five each in 2007 and last year.For the past three years,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, the Chamber also donated a trophy annually to the best graduating Agriculture student of the Tain Campus of the University of Guyana.Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Education Officer in Region Six, Shafiran Bhajan said East Berbice /Corentyne recorded a nine percent increase in performance in this year?s assessment.Of the 3,China Jerseys Cheap,105 students who wrote the examination, 2,721 were awarded places at discreet secondary schools. This represents 88 percent, an increase over the 79 percent in 2008.

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Even as police on the Essequibo Coast continue to grapple with the increasin <a href="">Wholesale Authentic Jerseys</a> g number of escapees from the New Opportunity Corps <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys USA</a> (NOC) more delinquents are freeing themselves by any means possible from the facility.Reports are that on Sunday last,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, two more inmates escaped from the NOC. The following <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Supply</a> day three others managed to free themselves.What is more disturbing is that there is no stringent measure in place to deal with the escapees,Wholesale Jerseys USA, one senior police officer lamented.More so residents continue to air their concern over the constant break out by delinquents from the facility.Residents feel that some of the same escapees are responsible for criminal happenings on the coast.Lawmen on the Essequibo Coast, too, have raised similar concerns about the situation,Cheap Jerseys Supply, noting that there seems to be poor security systems in place.But the administration of the NOC insists that the place is not a prison; that there are no high walls to restrict the juvenile offenders.Over the past few weeks there has been an increase in the number of delinquents escaping from the facility.Some of the escapees were all serving sentences for a variety of offences, including break and enter, possession of prohibited substances and other criminal offences.What is more disturbing is the fact that there is no proper system in place to deal with the escapees when they are recaptured.As it is now, once an escapee is recaptured he is passed through the court system and re-sentenced to time in the same facility.One senior police officer had noted that given this fact, the inmates at the facility have nothing to deter them from escaping since they are aware of the fact that they would be returned there and can attempt something similar.When contacted for a comment on the situation,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport,, Keith Booker, via his secretary,Brent Seabrook Jersey, said there is no problem at the New Opportunity Corps.

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