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The police have been able to tak <a href="">China Jerseys Online</a> e 19 ill <a href="">NFL Jerseys China Online</a> egal firearms out of the hands of criminal elements so far this year.This is according to Police Commissioner (acting) Leroy Brumell who told the annual office <a href="">Jerseys From China</a> rs conference that illegal firearms remain a major concern for the Guyana Police Force.?Another concern to us is the number of illegal firearms that are moved across our borders into the country and end up in the hands of criminal elements. We have been making serious efforts to grapple with this,China Jerseys Online,? Brumell said.He announced that the police had seized 125 firearms across the country last year.This comprised 39 pistols,NFL Jerseys China Online, 41 revolvers,Jerseys From China, 41 shotguns,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, and four rifles.?This is a momentum that has been maintained from previous years with 109 illegal firearms seized in 2010,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 82 in 2009,Wholesale China Jerseys, 128 in 2008 and 117 in 2007 for the records,? Brumell said.But the administration seems to have forgotten about the remaining missing AK-47 assault rifles that were stolen from the Guyana Defence Force armoury in 2006.Thirty three of the weapons went missing and so far just over half have been recovered.

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???region seeing mass <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Outlet</a> ive investmentBy Leon SuseranWork to advance gas and oi <a href="">Cheap Jerseys For Sale</a> l explorations in Berbice is moving apace, according to Regional Six Chairman, Zulfikar Mustapha. The official is optimistic that very short <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Paypal</a> ly, CGX could start drilling for the precious resources as early as during the first quarter of next year.He said that he has been speaking with Dr Kamal Dookie of CGX and has been receiving updates on the matter. The Regional Administration even conducted on-site visits to the wharf that is being constructed on Crab Island.?That wharf is close to 30 per cent completed. There is a lot of infrastructural work started there already. They are now doing the survey for the road. The road will run from Seawell right onto that wharf, alongside the Grand Canal area,? he posited.He said that the drilling for oil and gas in Berbice will create a lot of employment for young people in the region. CGX has established a logistics yard at Palmyra, Corentyne, not too far from where the drilling is to take place.?They are also recruiting crews to come to Guyana, with the expertise,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, but a lot of locals will be employed,Cheap Jerseys For Sale,? he noted.He also stated that CGX is currently browsing through applications of persons who would have applied to work for the company. ?So, they told me that by the first quarter, the drilling should commence for the oil,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, but by that time the wharf will be taking shape and a lot of ships will be coming there to load,? he noted.The official added that Berbice will soon be the economic hub of the country. Several corporate entities have begun to invest in the region, thus creating much needed employment.He mentioned the Shafeek Group of Companies which is packaging cement at Bermine, Everton, on the East Bank of Berbice. ?They are bringing the cement from overseas and packaging it there?, he noted.?We have the fertilizer bond at Gay Park going up (the same group); a lot of jobs will be created there?. ?Everybody is optimistic. And I think that the activity has been heightened by CGX and very shortly, we can have oil, within a year or two.??You have two persons?remigrants?looking for land in Region Six. I am working with them closely to set up Call Centres, in view of this Information Communications Technology (ICT) thing coming up?, he said.Applications have been received also for an Industrial Site at Belvedere on the Corentyne. ?I have six applications whereby plots will be awarded very shortly.?Plans that were in the pipeline are in the final stages of completion, like the roads in Black Bush, and East and West Canje roads.?I am happy that Region Six will be the centre of economic development?.He said that the President has instructed him to look for more lands to be developed into housing schemes since land has been exhausted in Berbice.?Those housing schemes that were developed over the years, the lots have been exhausted and now we have only a few housing schemes, for example Block ?5?, Port Mourant, Bloomfield, but on the Upper Corentyne area, we are looking for more land in the Moleson Creek area,Cheap Jerseys 2018, because the demand for land on the Upper Corentyne is very, very high?, he said.The Chairman said that more people are coming into the Region to take up residence.He noted that much improvement is being seen within the traditional sectors. In rice, he said 55,Wholesale China Jerseys,000 tons of rice was produced. ?That showed that more people are going back to the land.?He said that this crop saw close to 52,Cheap Jerseys From China,000 acres of land that were cultivated. ?I am optimistic that we can surpass the 55,000 acres?. The region is now seeing the traditional sectors improving.The Chairman spoke about ?two big investmen

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? Ca <a href="">Cheap Jerseys NFL</a> ribbean, Latin America growth expected to pick up slightly in <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Supply</a> 2015The Caribbean?s economic growth might recover modestly to 2.2 percent in 2015, up from 1.3 percent in 2014, its lowes <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> t rate since last decade?s global financial crisis. Despite the slowdown, the region has managed to maintain its gains againstIDB President Luis Alberto Morenopoverty, said Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno.In his year-end report to the Board of Executive Directors, which represents the IDB?s 48 member-countries,Cheap Jerseys NFL, Moreno noted that in a scenario marked by sluggish global growth, falling commodity prices and limited fiscal maneuvering room, Latin American and Caribbean countries must prioritize reforms that will ensure sustained and inclusive growth over the medium and long term.?Now, more than ever,Cheap Jerseys Supply, the answer lies in internal sources of growth, which brings us up against a huge challenge: increasing productivity,? he said. ?This factor explains why the region continues to trail behind other regions of the world.?Moreno listed a series of reforms and investments the region needs to undertake. These range from strengthening trade integration to upgrading its infrastructure and public services. Other bottlenecks to productivity are the high proportion of informal jobs in its labour markets, the limited access to financial services,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the poor quality of education, and the low levels of innovation in its productive activities.Safeguarding social gains achieved over the past few years will also be critical, Moreno added. Poverty has dropped to historically low levels (27.6 percent in 2014). ?We cannot turn back,? he emphasized.To that end, countries will have to closely monitor their labor markets and social welfare programs,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, in order to protect the most disadvantaged among their population. They will also need to reduce the risks posed by natural disasters,wholesale nfl jerseys, which disproportionately harm the poor.The IDB has much to contribute to the pursuit of this reform agenda, Moreno said, as it remains one of the region?s leading sources of long-term financing and technical assistance. In 2014, it approved more than US$13 billion allocated to projects involving institutional development (43 percent), infrastructure and the environment (38 percent),holesale Soccer Jerseys, social sectors (16 percent), and trade and regional integration (4 percent).Moreno also highlighted the IDB?s increasing support for private sector-led projects, which received about $2.8 billion in loans and guarantees in 2014, up from $2.1 billion the previous year. He added that the IDB has made progress in the preparation of a proposal to merge all of its private sector activities in order to gain operational efficiencies.The proposal is due to be presented to the IDB?s Board of Governors at their next Annual Meeting, scheduled to take place in March in Busan, Korea.

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The <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Free</a> idea of decentralising p <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping</a> ublic services to increase efficiency and decrease transportation cost among the citizenry, is one the new administration will hav <a href="">China Jerseys Online</a> e to examine, according to Minister of Citizenship,Cheap Jerseys Free, Winston Felix.Minister of Citizenship, Winston FelixThe Minister?s statement was made in relation to the APNU+AFC?s (A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change) ?first 100 days? plan as outlined in the party?s manifesto for the 2015 Elections.The manifesto had as one of its goals, that the new administration will seek the ?establishment of passport and birth certificate licensing offices in Berbice, Essequibo and Linden.?According to Minister Felix, the implementation of such a plan would first need to be examined by the recently created Ministry of Citizenship to look into the possible concerns that could stem from the establishment of new offices.The Minister explained that such an examination would look into the need for such immigration offices in the different counties, outside the central Georgetown location. He added that once the need is there the next step would be to examine the personnel capacity in employing staff in said locations.?If the desire is to spread these services you would need to examine the capacity of the staff to deal with such public services,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,? said Minister Felix. The official also noted that the Ministry will then have to see whether an upgrade in existing offices is needed and to ensure that the necessary equipment is available for staff.The establishment of these offices, the former Police Commissioner said,China Jerseys Online, could lead to a decrease in the deficiencies public services,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, which he said is a focus of the APNU+AFC administration.?This administration seeks to reduce deficiencies in serving the public, to reduce frustration among the public services,? said Minster Felix, which he added can lead to reduced line in these public agencies.As Guyana?s main passport office is located in the country?s capital,Cheap MLB Jerseys, citizens across the country are required to travel to the city, at sometimes costly and far distances,Jerseys NFL Cheap, in order to receive its services. The Citizenship Minister explained that by spreading out such public agencies across the country, and thus increasing the availability of them to citizens, it would lead to the decentralisation of the service.However, he noted that the Ministry would also have to study the implication such decentralisation would have on the country?s public service.Minister Felix related that the administration is looking to take the public service to the people in order ?to reduce the wasting of time? and the costly expenses incurred by those who have to travel far distances.?We would be taking these services to these location, and take it to the citizens, which would make it easier on them and increase efficiency in the dispensation of public services,? explained the Minister.He reiterated that decentralisation would seek to reduce travel and increase the performance of those working in the public sector.Moreover, Minister Felix said that an evaluation into the implementation of these offices would also look into the cost effectiveness of establishing these services in new areas. He said that the administration wants to make it as cost effective as possible.Asked whether the agencies would be established in new or existing buildings, the Minister reaffirmed that this will be examined in the Ministry?s assessment.

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In this life we can no do great things. We can only do small things with great love.

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As the Forensic audits into several state agencies continue to u <a href="">Jerseys NFL Cheap</a> nearth underhand transactions,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Junior Finance Minister <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> Jaipaul Sharma has made it clear that no agency Head can hide behind the excuse of the past Government influencing their actions, when they should have known b <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> etter as technocrats.NFMU Head,Valmikki SinghIn an interview with Kaieteur News,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Sharma pointed out that as technocrats; Heads of Government Agencies have a responsibility to know whether the Government?s instruction to them violates the law and to advise the Government accordingly. Failing to do so,Cheap Jerseys From China, he said, makes them part and parcel of the corruption.Sharma?s statements follow claims made by National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) Head Valmikki Singh, that the then Presidential Secretariat gave him instructions to expend the entity?s money on unrelated projects.Kaieteur News had reported last week that the forensic audit into NFMU revealed some ?glaring acts of corruption?; specifically that the unit spent millions of dollars on two controversial ICT projects pursued by the then Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) government.The two projects, the One Laptop Per Family project and the Fibre Optic Cable from Brazil to Guyana, were part of the PPP?s e-governance initiative. The projects faced much criticism. During the initial phases, they were plagued by the effects of numerous setbacks and poor decisions.Singh did not deny his role but stated that his agency acted on the instructions of the past Government to fund the mostly operational costs for the e-governance projects. He had also stated that every request for payment submitted for the ICT projects pre May 11,Cheap Jerseys USA, 2015 were approved by the secretariat.However, Sharma noted that the action was a breach of the entity?s financial regulations governing how and what money could be spent on, and of the Public Corporations Act of 1988. He noted that NFMU is governed by an Act, but that Singh in cohort with the Government expended millions on unrelated projects.?No Minister (or Government) can cover you from breaking the law. So if you decide to take the instruction, then you are part and parcel of corroborating, building and carrying out the illegal activity.? Sharma said. He added, ?It is not right to say that even if you get the signature of the Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS) you will carry out an illegal act.?The Junior Finance Minister asserted that even if the President?s signature was provided, since Singh is a technical person,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, he ought to know that the instruction was not consistent with the Act by which his agency is governed.?That is what the NFMU Head was supposed to be doing. Every time he gets an instruction, he is supposed to know the Act,? Sharma said, adding that Singh should have also checked the Act to make sure that the instruction was relevant.?And if it is not relevant, you have to write to your boss and say that it?s not relevant,? Sharma posited.?In corporate governance and public service, ministries do have to take instructions from the government, but whatever instruction Government gives to the Ministry, it must be lawful.?He noted that while refusal by a Government/State official to carry out instructions from a Minister could lead to dismissal on the grounds of insubordination, acquiescence was dependent on the instruction being lawful.?This is what I would want (to have seen) from him, if he could show that he wrote to the secretariat saying that this instruction is not in relation to his organization?s scope,NFL Jerseys Supply,? Sharma stated, adding that blame could have then been solely attributable to the then HPS.As it is, Sharma stated

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? after passing through CJIAGuyanese continue to put their country on the <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> map, and in many cases for all the wrong reasons.This theory holds true f <a href="">Cheap Jerseys 2018</a> ollowing the arrest of three Guyanese on Saturday,Cheap Jerseys, including a brother and sister, in Trinidad with various amounts of cocaine.Officials in Trinidad have confirmed that they ha <a href="">Cheap Jerseys USA</a> ve held a Guyanese taxi driver after cocaine was found in the walls of his suitcase. They have also held a Florida-based real estate broker and his sister who had the illegal drug strapped to their bodies.The suspects arrived in Trinidad on Saturday, and were in-transit to other destinations when they were apprehended.According to a source in the twin-island republic, at about 07:50 hours, the 34-year-old Guyanese taxi driver was about to board BW 416 en route to St. Maarten when officers from the Organized Crime, Narcotics and Firearms Bureau of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Force,Cheap Jerseys 2018, who were on patrol at the airport,Cheap Jerseys USA, carried out a search of his luggage.During the search, 2.6 kilograms of cocaine, with a street value of TT$1M,Sale NFL Jerseys, were discovered.He was charged for possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.And,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, seven hours later, the 34-year-old real estate broker and his 36-year-old sister were about to board BW 480 en route to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA when they, too, were searched by the officers, who had observed their suspicious actions.The drug agents found two kilograms of cocaine with a street value of TT$800,000 strapped to the man?s body.Another three kilograms of the drug, valued at TT$1.2M, were found concealed in a similar manner on his sister.They were also arrested and charged with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. The trio is scheduled to appear before a magistrate at the Arima Magistrate?s Court today.Saturday?s exercise was headed by Senior Superintendent of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Force, Simon Alexis,Jerseys NFL Cheap, and included ranks from the Customs and Excise Department on the island.Trinidadian officials have expressed concerns about the passengers being able to pass undetected through the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri.

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Bharrat get a warning de other night. De sea pay he a visit. Donald did see i <a href="">Cheap Sittched Jerseys China</a> t coming and he decide that he g <a href="">China NFL Jerseys</a> oing in de bush. He go far wheh he know that de water couldn?t reach he. He only come back when de tide go down.But dem boys seh that Bharrat didn?t got nowhere to go so he stay in he house and he watch de sea. That <a href="">Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap</a> is when he know that he shoulda lef some money fuh sea defence instead of tekking de money to do other things. Irfaat been in town when de sea decide to behave bad and he and all start fuh worry if it was coming fuh he house.Dem boys willing to bet that in de near future dem gun see some ?For Sale? signs going up,Cheap Sittched Jerseys China, and is good property that gun be put on sale. De only thing is that dem gun have to sell de property fuh less than dem buy it,China NFL Jerseys, unless is a foreigner gun come to buy because that happening. A Trinidadian buy Bharrat first house and he pay plenty money for it.Brazzy sit down too and he start fuh wonder if de new hotel wha dem building gun also end up in de sea. He call out some engineers ,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap,but all of dem was drinking at de time,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys China, suh he stand up pun de seawall alone and start fuh pray, not because is he money, but because is de money that he hope to mek when de hotel done.De man above see wha happening and he sending a warning ? a serious warning?that people got to stop de nonsense dem doing and think straight. Dem boys seh that this is just de first high tide fuh de year. Later in de year de tide does be more high and more bad,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, suh if people think this was bad,Wholesale China Jerseys, wait till de one in August.Poor Donald gun have to find money fuh de sea defence when de other man shoulda do that long before.Talk half and tek warning.

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