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<a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping</a> By Sharmain CornetteWith t <a href="">Cheap Soccer Jerseys</a> he availability of a Bachelor of Science Degree Programme in Rehabilitation Service, the Ministry of Health, and by <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Online</a> extension, the various Rehabilitation Centres and Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes, are likely to benefit from the skills of local experts. The Rehabilitation programme which became a reality through collaboration between the Health Ministry and the University of Guyana will shortly be offered at the Turkeyen campus from September, according to Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr Emanuel Cummings.He revealed that the candidates for this programme will also be able to choose from three areas of specialties ? Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. And it is expected that workers already in the health system will take advantage of the programme and be trained to deal with the issues of disabilities,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, thus paving the way for an improvement in the way health care is delivered to differently-able people.However,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, the programme will not only cater to improving the services offered to disabled persons,Wholesale Jerseys Online, but will also address the need for physiotherapy in the area of sports.?We know there is a need for physiotherapists working with the various sporting organisations and already lots of possible candidates have been indicating their interest in the programme,? Dr Cummings disclosed.He said that it was in recognition of the need for rehabilitation service in various sectors of society that measures were put in place for persons to specialise in a variety of therapeutic areas. The Rehabilitation curriculum, he said, is designed in such a way that candidates, after two years of the four-year programme, can opt to choose one area of speciality.?The way we have planned our syllabus here in Health Sciences is that in the first two years of the programmes, most of the courses are core subjects such as Mathematics,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, English, Physics and Chemistry. So it will see them in those years, working along with candidates of the Pharmacy and Medical Technology programmes,? Dr Cummings revealed.And while lecturers are already in place for the core subject areas, the Dean divulged that much support will be forthcoming from universities abroad.The introduction of this latest programme at the university ?means a whole lot to rehabilitation services in Guyana,? said Director of Rehabilitation Services within the Health Ministry, Ms Barbara Lawrence. According to Lawrence, the programme has been long in coming.?We have been the driving force behind this programme so this means a lot to us to actually see it come off the ground.? She related that the Ministry of Health has for years offered a Rehabilitation Assistant programme which is a middle level course. So in order to acquire the few professionals currently in the system,Cheap Jerseys From China, training at the professional level had to be sought overseas.And once persons are trained in the field of rehabilitation, Lawrence revealed that it is a very difficult task to retain them, as the skills they possess are very marketable. ?Persons with this kind of training are in great demand. So we are hoping that with a local programme we will be able to retain more of them.?She said that at the moment there are a few local physiotherapists who are assisted by Rehabilitation Assistants who are versed in merely the basic methods of intervention. A total of seven Physiotherapists who were trained through the Guyana/Cuba scholarship, returned just last year, and have to some extent boosted the delivery of service. They were dispatched to areas in Regions two, six, nine and 10. There are, however,Cheap World Cup Jerseys, no local Occupational or Spee

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Bids were opened at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> (NPTAB) on Main Str <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys China</a> eet yesterday. These tenders were for the procurement of medical supplies for the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the provision of security services for 2017.The procuring entities were liste <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping</a> d as the GPHC and the Ministry of Agriculture-Fisheries Department respectively.Six companies placed bids for the procurement of medical supplies for the GPHC,Wholesale China Jerseys, with the highest being submitted by the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (New GPC) Incorporated.Bids were also opened for the provision of security services for 2017. This tender was broken into two lots ? lot one was for the provision of security services at the Anna Regina Fish Culture Station,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Region 2.Lot 2 was for the provision of security services at Satyadeow Sawh Aquaculture Station,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Mon Repos,Cheap Jerseys China, East Coast Demerara. Three companies placed bids for this tender.

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? drunk driver captu <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> red after fleeing sceneA well known re <a href="">NFL Jerseys China</a> tired midwife from Non Pariel,Wholesale China Jerseys, East Coast Demerara became the country?s latest road fatality victim after she was crushed by a truck driven by a <a href="">jerseys nfl wholesale</a> drunken driver yesterday.Fifty-nine year-old Vivienne Abrams died on her way to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation after she was picked up in an unconscious condition.Vivienne AbramsShe was reportedly struck down when the driver of the truck GHH 5153 overtook another truck along the railway embankment in the vicinity of Strathspey.Police in a statement said that their investigations have so far revealed that around 11:00 hours,NFL Jerseys China, the driver of motor lorry GHH 5153 was overtaking motor lorry GFF 5112 and in the process struck down the nurse Abrams who was riding her bicycle in the opposite direction.This newspaper understands that after running over Abrams,jerseys nfl wholesale, the driver of the truck sped away and was tracked down by the occupants of a car all the way to Melanie Damishana where he was eventually stopped.The truck driver was subsequently handed over to the police.News of Abrams? death spread throughout her community as well as the neighbouring villages and all who knew her were plunged into a state of shock at the manner of her death.Her son in law Hector Burnette told this newspaper that Abrams had returned from church and was heading to the home of a patient who she treated privately.?She?s a retired nurse and she was going to do a dressing for somebody and this drunk driver hit her?a car man stop him,Cheap Jerseys Supply,? Burnette said.He said when he arrived at the scene,Cheap Jerseys, they had already taken Abrams to the hospital.There are reports that the woman?s jewellery that she was wearing at the time of the accident were stolen.Abrams who served as midwife at the Melanie Damishana health centre for a number of years was well respected by her entire community as well as many others from the surrounding villages who would have been in contact with her at the clinic.Yesterday several persons converged at her home,Cheap NFL Jerseys, with many describing her as one of the nicest and most helpful persons they would have met in their lifetime.

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Three mont <a href="">Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap</a> hs after she was gun <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Online</a> ned down in front of her home,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, investigators are now preparing toPatricia Sanasiecharge a ma <a href="">Cheap MLB Jerseys China</a> n who they are convinced was the killer of business woman Patricia Sanasie.Kaieteur News understands that on Friday police detained a man, Richard Stanton called ?Ritchie?, who they say is the prime suspect in the woman?s murder that occurred in January this year.The man has since been positively identified by the woman?s daughter, who flew into Guyana yesterday morning for that purpose before flying back to the United States of America a few hours later.The man was detained shortly after the killing but was released after 72 hours when no one came forward to identify him.At that time,Cheap Jerseys Online, Sanasie?s daughter who was with her in the car when she was murdered had left the country, citing safety concerns.However,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, this newspaper understands that investigators arranged for the daughter to return briefly to Guyana to identify the suspect who was being constantly monitored.Police had reviewed a number of surveillance tapes but were unable to come up with anything substantial that could have pointed them to the killer initially.It is not too clear how investigators got on to Stanton but a source revealed that his arrest was based on information received by the police.The suspect has reportedly denied killing Mrs. Sanasie but according to a source close to the investigation,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he is expected to be taken before a magistrate tomorrow.On January 12th gunmen clad in black executed the 43 year -old woman who was the wife of auto parts dealer,Cheap Jerseys From China, Deokaran Sanasie, called Monkey Ram outside her Lot 129 Atlantic Gardens, East Coast Demerara home.Investigators believe that the killing was a paid hit.The shooting occurred almost a year after her husband survived a similar attempt on his life.Sanasie and her husband, owner of Ram?s Auto Sales, had been embroiled in a prolonged dispute, after gunmen shot him outside a Fourth Street, Alberttown business on February 14,Cheap Jerseys Store, 2014. The husband had accused his spouse of hiring the gunmen to execute him. The couple had been separated.Sanasie had been expressing fear for her safety, laying blame on her husband who fled to the United States of America since late last year and has not set foot back in Guyana.Although the dead woman?s relatives believe that her husband was responsible for her death,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, investigators have so far been unable to link him to the paid killer.

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Just a few months after <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Wholesale</a> they underwent a terrorising ordeal when <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> bandits killed their security guard,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, residents of the Uncle Eddie?s Home had their spirits lifted as Cosmetologist,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Clemesa Burrowe <a href="">Jerseys NFL Wholesale</a> s,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, treated them to some partial makeovers.Cosmetologist Clemesa Burrowes (standing) is assisted by one of her assistants in the makeover of one of the residents. The gesture was done through the Benschop Foundation and according to the Cosmetologist it was just her way of giving back something.?When I was training I had a lot of help so I just want to show my appreciation in some way,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,? she said.The foundation also handed over a number of items including clothing, books and two walking aids as part of its ongoing social assistance campaign.Head of the organization,Wholesale Jerseys, Mark Benschop,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, said that the foundation is no stranger to the Uncle Eddie?s Home.?A few months back we were very saddened by the death of a security guard here and we understand how traumatised the residents are.?Benschop said that the event touched the hearts of overseas friends of the foundation so much so that they requested that the donation be made to the establishment.A major part of yesterday?s donation was committed through ?Sister H? who is affiliated to a Christian charity group from Canada.Administrator of the home, Rita McEwan,Cheap Jerseys, extended gratitude to the foundation.?Today we feel real good being recipients of this wonderful demonstration,? McEwan said.The residents were all smiles yesterday as some of them were treated to manicures and pedicures as well as hair treatment.

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Dem have a big shake up at Office of de President but <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Wholesale</a> de story ain?t <a href="">2018 NFL Draft Jersey</a> coming out because dem people can keep a secret. Bright and early yesterday one of dem boys hear that a big adviser to Bharrat get send home.Before this bygone dem had a man who use to walk wid he chest in de air. Of course this one wuk at all dem Ministries and no Minister want to keep he. De last place he wuk was Office of de President and even dem couldn?t keep he. He deh pun de road now.But this one was something else. He was a Minister and then he tun a big adviser. De news come that he get orders to clear out he desk. De man do this thing in de night suh people wouldn?t see he getting put out.Suh,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, according to dem boys,2018 NFL Draft Jersey, whole day yesterday people see de office lock up and de man ain?t show up. When people ask all dem hearing is a whisper and nutten. Dem boys also see some frighten face.But de man wife also wukking there and dem boys want to know why she and all stay quiet.Nobody ain?t talking but dem boys seh that dem man mek some statement at de Stadium when dem play some 20/20 cricket match and people go back and tell Bharrat. De statement had to do wid third term and of course Bharrat don?t like people laugh hen dem talk bout that.News does spread. People in Berbice calling town to find out wha happen and dem in town frighten to answer because dem claim how de government tapping dem cell phone. One man even borrow he son phone to mek a call to a friend who been using he sweet woman phone.Dem boys know Shiv Chanderpaul deh in Australia but dem ain?t know wheh Navin deh.Talk half. Lef half.

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Commerce Ministry to meet with bakersMinister with responsib <a href="">Wholesale NHL Jerseys</a> ility for Commerce, Manniram <a href="">NFL Jerseys China</a> Prashad, is slated to meet with bakers today so as to discuss the 17 percent reduction in the price of flour, which was announced yesterday by the National Milling Company (NAMILCO).At a press c <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Supply</a> onference held yesterday at the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, Minister Prashad said that he will meet with the bakers to ensure that they pass down the benefits of the reduced price to the consuming public, while noting that there are some unscrupulous bakers.?I think that some of them are already planning to implement the reduction,NFL Jerseys China, since the acquisition cost will be below pre-subsidy level so it is only natural that the price of wheat products will come down significantly,? Minister Prashad told reporters.When questioned if the ministry has any measures in place to sanction any baker who refused to reduce their price, Prashad said that his ministry will have to examine their options,Cheap Jerseys Supply, but is hoping that the bakers would be good corporate citizens and reduce their prices.?We have been working with them throughout the entire process. They had accepted the subsidy from government,Cheap Jerseys From China, and we expect them to act in good faith and hope that they would reduce the price.?As it relates to how long the reduction would be in place for,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, Minister Prashad explained that the prices for wheat are continuously falling on the world market,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and he does not expect flour prices to be increased again anytime soon.?I don?t want to build people?s hope up too early,Cheap NFL Jerseys, but I?m expecting to see a further fall in the acquisition price for wheat on the world market,? Minister Prashad said.Meanwhile, Prashad said that he welcomed the reduction in flour prices by the milling company and commended NAMILCO for bringing some amount of relief to consumers.

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