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GPSU <a href="">Josh Rosen UCLA Jersey</a> ?s President Patrick Yarde (third from left) along with his de <a href="">John Wall Wizards Jersey</a> puties during the press conference yesterday slamming the ?arbitrary? 5% increase announced recently by government.?asks if its members are Public Servants or Public Sla <a href="">Taylor Mays USC Jersey</a> vesBy Leonard GildarieThe country?s main bargaining union for public servants has not ruled out strike action, yesterday giving government a one-month ultimatum to restart wage negotiations.At a press conference,Josh Rosen UCLA Jersey, the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) also registered its disagreement with what it described as an ?arbitrary? across-the-board increase 5% handed down earlier this month.The union, stressing its seriousness, also questioned whether the existing labour agreement has been annulled and called for a stated government position regarding collective bargaining and trade union rights. For 10 years now, the union stressed, the government has not given an increase in keeping with established negotiation practices but rather announced it arbitrarily.The union has since sent off a letter that it stands ready to take ?any and all actions? to defend and secure the rights of its members.During the press briefing at the entity?s headquarters on Regent Street,John Wall Wizards Jersey, the union?s President, Patrick Yarde, noted that there were media speculations about its (GPSU?s) perceived silence over the 5% across-the-board increase in public servants? wages/salaries.The union also noted an editorial carried in the Kaieteur News on December 7 ?which gives the impression that the union appears impotent in the face of these unilateral awards. That editorial clearly lacks acquaintance with the inseparable relationship between members and the elected leaders of their union.?IllegalAccording to Yarde, the issue of ?imposition? of salary increases is not an isolated one, as this ?provocation? has been taking place for over ten years.?This act flouts the Constitution of Guyana, the collective bargaining agreements between the Government and the union, which are legally binding and international labour conventions.This lawless conduct of the Government is not confined only to its dealings with the GPSU.?Yarde, flanked by his deputies and other GPSU?s officials, stressed that blatant disregard and scant courtesy have been shown to members of the business community, constitutional institutions, other unions and organizations, resident diplomatic missions, international agencies, citizens and even court orders.?So, clearly, what is taking place is in essence an abuse of authority. This is fundamentally a governance problem,Taylor Mays USC Jersey, which translates into a national problem,NFL Jerseys Sale, which, in turn, requires a national response.?He made clear reference to the 57-day strike action taken by the union in 1999.?While public servants bore the brunt of that struggle, we entrusted the responsibility of mediating an end to the strike to civil society, namely the Guyana Council of Churches, the Guyana Bar Association, the Private Sector Commission and the Trades Union Congress.?That group was able to hammer out an agreement that included the payment of an interim 25% across-the-board increase.?The subsequent Armstrong Arbitration Tribunal awarded public servants 31.09% and 26.6% for years 1999 and 2000 respectively. The Union considered both agreements by the Civil Society and the Armstrong Arbitration Tribunal to be excellent, forward-looking and with the aims of peace and stability in the country.?DisgustedThe union boss noted that with the exception of the interim payments and awarded increases in

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Misunderstandings and scepticism around schemes that pay countries t <a href="">Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale</a> o protect their forests are rife. Ther are also <a href="">Steven Caulker Liverpool Jersey UK</a> fears that without proper policing the scheme will be a magnet for organised crime and corruption.Over the next decade developing countries could collect $35 billion every year to reduce deforestation <a href="">Joe Blanton Jersey</a> . Indonesia received US$30 million from Norway, the first slice of a Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation-type deal (REDD+) worth $100 million. And Guyana is in line for the same amount soon.Halting deforestation,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, which contributes almost 20 per cent of the world?s annual carbon dioxide emissions, would be a boon for the fight against climate change. But poorly executed, REDD+ and similar deals could lead to corruption, exploitation of indigenous people and no overall emissions reduction. ( (?Only the general principle has been agreed internationally, but at the last count there were 144 REDD+ type initiatives being pursued by a variety of organisations. Despite difficulties of sourcing money, wording contracts,Steven Caulker Liverpool Jersey UK, setting baselines and identifying beneficiaries, and whether the world is ready or not, REDD+ is happening.One of those countries where it is happening is Guyana,Joe Blanton Jersey, where President Bharrat Jagdeo, who earlier this year was given the UN?s Champion of the Earth award, says, ?Climate change is good business for us. It is probably the best thing that could have happened to forested countries.?Guyana and Norway signed a Memorandum of Understanding last November, in which Guyana could receive US$250 million for conserving its forest; but there is continuous wrangling although Norway?s millions have not yet arrived.Meanwhile, miners vociferously complain about being forced out of business by accompanying stricter regulations. Longer term, protecting forests could bring economic benefits but short term there are sacrifices for developing countries.Dane Gobin, chief executive of Iwokrama ? a forest reserve in Guyana ? sums up the matter: ?We have a resource we would like to get money for. Either you pay us for biodiversity services or we will sell the forest to Malaysian logging companies.?Corruption fearsPaying developing countries to protect forests sounds like a win-win situation but it is risky. Shyam Nokta,Joe Namath Jets Jersey, head of the Guyana?s office of climate change, said: ?We need assurance that finance will be predictable, secure over time and that it will be new. Developed countries need assurances of openness, transparency and that the money will be used in development.?Under REDD+, billions of dollars will flow into some of the most corrupt countries in the world. Forest campaigner for Global Witness, Mattia Fosci, said: ?Every organised criminal and corrupt official worth his salt will be planning how to take a slice; that is why good governance of REDD revenues is essential.?In Papua New Guinea, the director of the Office of Climate Change, Theo Yasause, was investigated over illegal carbon credits, although cleared of corruption. Some of these ?credits? were given to Nupan Trading run by Kirk Roberts. So-called ?carbon cowboy? Roberts is being investigated for allegedly misleading villagers over carbon-trading schemes.Corruption is not the only risk, Fosci added: ?The real danger is that REDD revenues are captured by the elites, the forest-dependent people remain just as disenfranchised as they are now under logging regimes.?However, REDD+ could be an opportunity for indigenous people to benefit financially and otherwise from their role as stewards of the forest. Ecuador?s UN deal to prevent oil exploitation in Yasuni

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Afte <a href="">Irving Fryar Patriots Jersey</a> r bruta <a href="">Jason Kidd Mavericks Throwback Jersey</a> l attack on dredge?A week after gunmen killed his manager and badly wounded another employee, dredge owner Morris Hopkinson is unsure whether he should pull his operation out of the Barama Riv <a href="">Tommy McDonald Eagles Jersey</a> er where the brutal slaying occurred.Hopkinson, who runs the Hopkinson Mining Enterprise in Bartica, is at present in Georgetown looking into the welfare of survivor, Malvin Edwards, and the family of slain 39-year-old Regerton Simon.He told Kaieteur News yesterday that he has made no decision yet on the future of his Barama operation, in which he has already invested heavily.Dead: Regerton Simon?I spent millions to go in and to come out of the area would be hard.?But the dredge owner added that after the attack, it may be challenging to find a crew that would be willing to work in the area.He disclosed that the Brazilians who were on the dredge when the shooting occurred want to continue working for him,Irving Fryar Patriots Jersey, but indicated that they wanted to work in an area other than in the Barama River.If he opts to remain there, Hopkinson said he will try to employ armed guards to watch over his operation.Reports suggest that the attack on Hopkinson?s dredge was carried out by persons who were upset at the presence of his dredge in the Barama River.Hopkinson had revealed that he had shifted his dredge to its present location after a Toushou had expressed similar concern.But the miner told Kaieteur News that he is using a new type of dredge that does not pollute the waters.Hopkinson said that unlike land dredges which destroy trees, erode the river banks and pollute the water,Jason Kidd Mavericks Throwback Jersey, his dredge pulls sand from the river bed.In addition, he said that no mercury or human waste is deposited into the river.Regerton Simon, Malvin Edwards and four Brazilians were on the dredge at around noon on September 5 when they were allegedly shot by the occupants of a passing boat.Simon, called ?Baba?, succumbed from a shotgun blast to the chest.Malvin EdwardsMalvin Edwards, a welder,Tommy McDonald Eagles Jersey, was struck with gunshot pellets to the head, chest and right arm.He also suffered a punctured lung and is being treated at the Georgetown Hospital. His condition has improved but he still has some difficulty speakingalthough he is responding to family members.According to his mother, Donna Hinds,Nick Powell Jersey UK, Edwards is eating and sitting up,Paul Krause Vikings Throwback Jersey, things he was unable to do when he was admitted.However, he still has a tube in his abdomen to assist him to breath.The woman said that although her son is in a lot of pain he is grateful to be alive.The woman is not sure when the miner will be transferred to the open ward but she is hopeful it will be soon.Edwards had earlier related in writing that he was in the upper section of the dredge, and his manager and three Brazilians were on the bottom flat when he heard several explosive sounds.He was shot and knocked unconscious when he rushed outside to investigate.Edwards stated that when he eventually recovered, he was lying on the floor and bleeding.Nevertheless,Tom Brady Patriots Jersey, he crawled in search of the GM and eventually found Simon lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood.According to his report, he did not see the four Brazilians who were working on the dredge.Kaieteur News was told that the Brazilians fled to another camp and informed the owner of the attack. They were then transported to the Port Kaituma Police Station.Police said that ranks who visited the scene found the production money and equipment on the dredge intact.Regerton Simon, who is survived by h

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Andel Franklin, 45,Cheap Jerseys, lost his life Friday night after he <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> fell under a trailer truck on America Street.The incident occurred <a href="">Javier Pastore Jersey</a> at approximately 21:50hrs at the junction of America and Water Streets where the gates to enter the John Fernandes container terminal are located.Franklin had been standing to the right of the <a href="">Eddie Jackson Jersey</a> truck which had come from America Street and was heading west into the terminal.He apparently slipped and fell under the trailer while it was passing him and was crushed by the rear wheels of the trailer. He did not die immediately but held on for several hours at the hospital,Javier Pastore Jersey, eventually passing away at about 00:00 yesterday. He remained at the hospital unidentified until later in the morning.Franklin, who was not married and had no children of his own, lived with his siblings in North Ruimveldt.His sister,Eddie Jackson Jersey, Sharon Mills, said that a neighbour informed her yesterday morning that her brother was involved in an accident.Mills,Dorian Johnson Jersey, who is a nurse, immediately went down to the Georgetown Public Hospital and began to check all of the male wards.Unable to locate her brother, she went to the Emergency Room where a doctor informed her that her brother had passed away during the night.She said that her brother was a cool, easygoing person although he did have a tendency to drink too much.According to Mills, Franklin kept to himself most of the time.She and her siblings were all shocked to hear that their brother had come to such a sudden end.Meanwhile,Trey Hendrickson Jersey, the driver of the trailer truck, Kuade Jack,Deatrich Wise Jr. Womens Jersey, was held by the police but released earlier yesterday on bail.According to a Police Force press release, the incident is currently under investigation.

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By Dale AndrewsPolice arre <a href="">Montae Nicholson Redskins Jersey</a> sted a 17-year-old girl, <a href="">Dawuane Smoot Jaguars Jersey</a> last evening, who allegedly stabbed her stepfather to death during a heated row at their Plaisance home.Glendon Scipio, 54,Montae Nicholson Redskins Jersey, a security <a href="">Axel Tuanzebe Jersey</a> guard attached to the Kalibur Security Service, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital around 19:00 hours from a single stab wound to his chest.The incident occurred at the home Scipio shared with his reputed wife, Esther Simon, and her daughter at Victoria Road,Dawuane Smoot Jaguars Jersey, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara. The incident sent shock waves through the community since the teen was in the midst of writing the CSEC examination.However, many were not too surprised. They said that Scipio, who only took up residence at the house a few months ago,Axel Tuanzebe Jersey, and the teen shared a history of animosity.An eyewitness said that yesterday?s argument that led to the stabbing started around 17:45 hours when the teenager arrived home from school. According to the eyewitness, as the teenager was going up the stairs, Scipio confronted her and prevented her from entering the house.A brief argument erupted and the teen left and sat on the stairs of a neighbour?s house. The eyewitness explained that Scipio then went into the yard and the teenager seized the opportunity to go home.However, she was again confronted by her stepfather and this time the argument was more heated.?When she run upstairs, he run up behind she. The two of them started scuffling and she run in the house. He run in behind she and cuff she and she just pick up the knife and stab he,? the eyewitness said.As Scipio staggered down the stairs, another resident of the community, who was on his way home, went to his assistance. According to the man,James Milner Liverpool Jersey, he had passed the house and had heard the heated argument. He turned back after it escalated.?When I go, he and he stepdaughter been in the yard. It appears like he was bleeding. He was trying to go towards she but I see like he was weak and I just hold he and say ?Big man, rest youself?. He just stand up for about five minutes and fall down,? the man said.He said that he summoned a taxi and took Scipio to the hospital. The teenager then made a telephone call before she briefly disappeared.The resident explained that from all appearances, Scipio died before he reached the hospital.Neighbours described the teenager as an outspoken child who would not have taken any harsh words from her stepfather.The teen?s mother, who was not at home when the incident occurred, told this newspaper that she had almost reached home when she got a telephone call.?They tell me turn back and go to the hospital, that Scipio gone there in a taxi,? Simon said. Simon said that her daughter was always rude to her stepfather and that there were many altercations in the home because of her behaviour. She said that she had to seek the services of Probation Officers to deal with her daughter.?Is only about a month now she come back to live with me because of her behaviour. I talk to she,Wayne Gallman Womens Jersey, and she still continuing,Jake Elliott Jersey,? Simon said. Hours after the killing, police detained the teenager and took her back to the house where they recovered the murder weapon.The teenager was subsequently taken to the Beterverwagting Police Station where she is being held.

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Three men who police suspect to be behind several arm <a href="">Chad Williams Jersey</a> ed robberies committed around <a href="">Davis Webb Jersey</a> the Diamond, East Bank Demerara area between September and November were yesterday slapped with several charges at the Georgetown Magistrates? Court.Carlton Tucker, 31, Mervin Baker, 18, and Delon Edwards, 22, all of the Diamond Squatting Area, East <a href="">Luciano Narsingh Jersey</a> Bank Demerara, were read separate robbery under arms charges when they appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty,Chad Williams Jersey, and was later remanded to prison until January 22.The first charge of robbery under arms alleged that on September 17, at the Courts Diamond Branch, East Bank Demerara,Davis Webb Jersey, while armed with a cutlass, Edwards and Tucker robbed Sandra Sookwah of one gold ring valued at $48,000 and one gold chain valued at $25,000.Secondly, the prosecution claimed that on October 16, at Cinema Street, Diamond, East Bank Demerara, while equipped with a handgun Tucker stole one gold chain valued at $110,000 from Navendra Malvya.It is also alleged that on November 6, at Diamond Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara, while armed with a handgun, he robbed Pamela Chanian of $50,Luciano Narsingh Jersey,000 cash.The men who were all represented by Attorney at Law Paul Fung-a-Fat denied the claims.The Prosecution was represented by Sergeant Shellon Daniels who relayed the fact of each charge. She said that the accused are known by all the victims of the robberies they allegedly committed.According to Daniels, Sookwah is a Roshan Khan (RK) Security guard who is attached to the Courts Diamond branch. She said that on September 17, the accused went to the guard hut and Edwards who had a cutlass lashed and broke one of the louvers windows.They then entered, held onto the woman,Eric Bailly Jersey, relieved her of the jewellery and later escaped.Daniels told the court that about 17:30 hours on October 16, Malvya was at a shop when he noticed the accused and offered to purchase him a beer but the man declined.The man then ventured to his car which was parked some distance away. Whilst standing at his car with some friends, Tucker allegedly approached the victim from behind and held onto his chain.According to the prosecution, the victim?s attempt to retaliate was cut short as Tucker pulled out a gun from the waist of his pants,Fabian Moreau Jersey, pointed it to him and demanded the said chain.Malvya,Jabrill Peppers Youth Jersey, however, still resisted so Tucker dealt him a lash to the left side of his head, snatched the chain and escaped on foot.The court heard also, on November 6, that the accused went to Chanian?s shop to purchase cigarettes when Baker who was armed with the gun, pointed it to her and demanded that she remain silent.The Prosecution claimed that at that time, Edwards and two others swiped the cash and all later escaped on foot.The matters were reported and the trio was arrested and charged. Court Prosecutor Daniels objected to the trio being granted bail citing that the robberies were gun related and that no special reason was presented by their counsel.In response, Magistrate McGusty refused the trio bail and the matter will be heard before Magistrate Neron Daily on January 22.

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By Michael Benjamin The large group of revellers as <a href="">Malik McDowell Youth Jersey</a> they celebrate with the rest of the world The world stood <a href="">Ashtone Morgan Toronto Jersey</a> still for one historic day, on Tuesday, as America?s first black, the 44th President, took the oath of office before millions of enthused viewers worldwide. Not since 1990, when Nelson Mandela?s long road to freedom culminated with his historic release fr <a href="">Amara Darboh Jersey</a> om South Africa?s prisons, has the black Diaspora worldwide experienced such joy and fulfillment.The world watched in awe as the man who had displayed such fluency and eloquence during his historic campaign for the world?s most important office stuttered as he repeated the pledge of allegiance. Moments later,Malik McDowell Youth Jersey, he went on to deliver the most touching and heart-warming speech ever heard by the Americans.However, even as the world celebrated this historic moment, some regions witnessed angry protests. In Iran, protesters burnt pictures of Obama and waved flags in protest of Gaza. The Internet was replete with reports of adverse occurrences around the world as Obama took the oath of office.Reports are that demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and chanted ?Death to Obama,? outside the Swiss Embassy; and one report from Reuters said it obtained pictures of Obama?s image laid on the road for cars to drive on.In the rest of the world, the ascendance of the first African-American to the presidency of the United States was heralded as marking a new era of tolerance and possibility.The Obama fever also hit Georgetown in a special way. A large group of revellers, led by optician Don Gomes and organizer Dennis Atwell, braved the scorching sun to align with the rest of the world in celebration of the first black man to live in the White House.The two led a procession from the eastern end of Brickdam north into Camp Street, and then west into Middle Street,Ashtone Morgan Toronto Jersey, and into the Parade Ground, where they hosted a short ceremony, at around 13:00hrs,Amara Darboh Jersey, in synchronization with Obama?s inauguration.Dennis Atwell started the proceedings at Independence Park, belting out the ?Star Spangled Banner.?Someone equalised the situation with the melodious National Anthem of Guyana. The tributes then poured in. Head of RK Security, Roshan Khan, had led the parade for the entire journey through the streets of Georgetown. He urged the large gathering to soak up the atmosphere.?This is an epic, historical moment for all mankind,Phil Jones Jersey,? he thundered. ?Remember the day; feel the energy!? Political advocate Peter Ramsaroop could not let this moment slip by. He was in solidarity with the crowd.?As we celebrate this victory, let us hope that we in Guyana will witness an historic moment such as this, when we will be able to boast of having a Government for all the people. We need a Barrack Obama change,? he implored to rousing applause.Elections in Guyana have not generated such a common and collective response. Yes, there were crowds on the streets after elections. Unfortunately, there was no love for the elected President.Yesterday, during the march, I heard someone jocularly saying, ?Is now I gon go fo me visa.? I am still to understand the depth of that statement. Many Guyanese believe that the draconian policies in Duke Street originated from Bush himself.The general sentiment is that Obama will relax the rigid policies at the American Embassy, making ?the land of plenty,Raphael Guerreiro Dortmund Jersey,? more accessible. The general view is that he will perform his magic act and transform America ? and by extension, the world ? into a prosperous place. The word on the street is that President Bus

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