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? amid spike in armed robbe <a href="">Sidney Jones Jersey</a> riesWith the recent spike in armed robberies across the country <a href="">Julio Dominguez Jersey</a> , a city businessman yesterday agreed to set up a reward fund for information leading to the arrests and convictions of armed robbers.Owner of RK Security Service, Roshan Kh <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched</a> an,Sidney Jones Jersey, is calling on the business community to come together and work towards setting up the committee.Kaieteur News understands that once the committee is fully organized, the business community can pool money together. The money will then be used to pay members of the public who can provide information that could lead to the arrest of criminals.Khan recently offered a $1M reward for information on the identity of four gunmen, who recently shot one of his security guards who was on duty, and escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash.He said that if no vital information is provided on the identity of the armed robbers, he is ready to hand over the reward money to the committee. The businessman believes that this will be very effective in tackling crime.?It has to be a properly managed fund (committee). The business community has to come together and form this in order to tackle crime. It will be good too,Julio Dominguez Jersey, if the government can contribute,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched,? the founder of the security service said.Khan made it clear that the committee can be managed by anyone, including members from within the Government,Paul Pogba Jersey, Chambers of Commerce or the private sector committee.?We can have people from the government and from the business community running it (committee). That way,Jonas Hector Jersey, we will have a free and fair system and it will be well organized,? the businessman lamented.Persons willing to get onboard can contact the security firm when plans on moving forward will be discussed.In the first eight months of this year, there were 613 robberies in which firearms were used. A whopping 283 robberies were reported where other instruments were used by perpetrators. This represents a 10 percent increase in serious crimes as compared to last year.According to Khan,Sergi Roberto Jersey, for the past 37 years in the security system, this is the first time that he has seen criminality to this extent.?The police are doing a good job but there is more to be done. Every citizen must be prepared to offer information,? Khan said.He said that it is sickening when he opens the newspaper every day and sees someone getting robbed and sometimes even shot.The businessman said that police should never let their guard down when things appear to calm down because that is when the criminals strike again.

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General Secretary of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU),Malik McDowell S <a href="">Malik McDowell Seahawks Jersey</a> eahawks Jersey, Joseph Harmon, is convinced <a href="">Eric Dier Jersey UK</a> that the recently signed lease agreement between Bai Shan Lin and the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs is improper and does not reflect that sufficient consultations were done on the matter.Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai <a href="">Reuben Foster Youth Jersey</a> As such, the politician said that once the coalition, A Partnership for National Unity ? Alliance For Change (APNU-AFC) assumes office, the deal would be rescinded and properly reviewed to ensure that all the requirements were met.Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai on Wednesday,Eric Dier Jersey UK, signed a ?communist? lease agreement with Bai Shan Lin, and the Amerindian village of Hururu. It is believed that the agreement was not fully negotiated between the company and the village, as media operatives observed that discussions on the contract were still taking place. This was even as cameras were being set up for the occasion.Harmon told Kaieteur News that certain regulations which control the operations of the communities should have included in it, ?free, prior and informed consent.? He explained that this means that the indigenous people of the Hururu community would be able to be a part of the decision-making process.But based on what he observed with the arrangements thus far, Harmon insisted that this requirement was overlooked during negotiations. He said that he is not surprised by the manner in which the Amerindian Minister was dealing with the negotiations.The APNU General Secretary opined that this ?peculiar lease agreement? ignored that requirement, and that it is the classic way the PPP/C deals with the indigenous people, ?as though they are children to be dictated to.?APNU General Secretary, Joseph HarmonWhile he predicts this to be one of many incidents in the lead-up to election campaigns, Harmon asserted that one can only imagine what happens behind closed doors with these sorts of agreements.He then reminded that before signing,Reuben Foster Youth Jersey, Bai Shan Lin wanted the agreement to state that upon signing, it would be able to use the existing wharf in the Village. But apparently, Sukhai did not agree. She reportedly suggested that the Hururu Village Council could write to the company, giving permission for the use of the existing facilities.The Bai Shan Lin representatives, however, found it a bit strange that something as simple as including that request in the agreement could not be done. After several minutes of discourse on the matter between the Chinese agents, an impatient Sukhai interrupted by saying, ?Hello, are we signing??Sukhai made it clear that the lease agreement had nothing to do with use of facilities, but noted that the village had no reservations with the use of the facilities. At her wits? end it seemed, she then took the initiative to make the commitment for the village, even after she confessed that formal permission is needed after consultation with the community?s Bridge Committee and the Village Council.Harmon said that Sukhai?s impatience raises a lot of suspicion and questions, and the agreement is a clear representation of an election gimmick.?This agreement is tainted and is in my view, not an expression of the community?s consent. It is an improper agreement and the APNU-AFC partnership will,Jeremain Lens Netherlands Jersey, once it assumes office, revoke and review this programme,? he added.In speaking with the Amerindian Minister yesterday, she sought first to comment that the Kaieteur News carried a ?juicy article? on the matter, but she wanted to make it clear that the agreement was not being finalized as was r

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Ministry of Health fire?Police have held two more suspects in connect <a href="">O. J. Howard Youth Jersey</a> ion with last year?s attacks on <a href="">Nazair Jones Jersey</a> two state buildings and two police stations.A police official identified the detained men as Basil Andre Morgan, also known as ?Mr. Brown, and Anthony Reginald, known as ?Tupac?.The official said that Morga <a href="">Jean-Kevin Augustin Paris Saint-Germain Jersey</a> n is suspected to be one of the people who transported the gang during the torching of the Ministry of Health buildings, the arson attempt at the Supreme Court and the attacks on the Brickdam Police Station and East Ruimveldt Outpost.The 2009 attacks culminated in the kidnapping of gold miner Wodette Roberts called ?Buckman?,O. J. Howard Youth Jersey, who subsequently died from suffocation.Both men, who are in their twenties, are likely to face several charges,Nazair Jones Jersey, including murder and arson.Kaieteur News was told that they have admitted to participating in the gang?s 2009 activities.Several persons have now been charged in connection with what has been deemed to be attacks against the state.They include alleged gunman, Colin Jones, and his 17-year-old brother; a woman who allegedly cooked for the gang,Jean-Kevin Augustin Paris Saint-Germain Jersey, and three members of an Amelia?s Ward,Taywan Taylor Jersey, Linden family.Colin Jones was charged shortly after leading police to two shallow graves that contained the bodies of gang members Kurt Thierens and Adriano Tracey.The Guyana Police Force has reportedly asked the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) to help track down ex- GDF lieutenant George Lashley and Keith Ferrier. The two men are said to be the brains behind the gang.Lashley is believed to be in the United States, while Ferrier,David Beckham Jersey, called ?General? is also believed to be overseas.The ex-soldier is said to be around 60,Jonas Hector Germany Jersey, and also resided at Lot 187 Freeman Street, East La Penitence.

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Union mounts protest, demand revocat <a href="">Xavier Woods Womens Jersey</a> ion of order ? Norris WitterAn urgent meeting is se <a href="">Ben Gedeon Youth Jersey</a> t to be conducted today between the Board of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers Union in order to address the suspension <a href="">Adrian Peterson Youth Jersey</a> of two NIS employees.The protesters in action on WednesdayThis disclosure was made by President of the General Workers Union and Acting General Secretary of the Guyana Trade Union Congress, Mr Norris Witter who revealed that a meeting in this regard was held yesterday between the union and the management of the insurance company.The meet,Xavier Woods Womens Jersey, he said,Ben Gedeon Youth Jersey, came as a direct result of protest action engaged by the union on Wednesday outside the NIS Brickdam office to protest the manner in which the employees were suspended.According to Witter, the one-month suspension without pay commenced on September 3 and came to an end yesterday.However, although the employees will be able to return to work today it is the intent of the union to ensure that the employees are fully compensated and relieved of the embarrassment they would have suffered as a result of the ordeal.Wednesday?s protest action was led by Witter, and saw support from staffers and other union representatives who displayed placards to emphasise their disgust at the situation.Witter had related that on September 3 last, Anthony Dean, the acting manager for the Vreed-en-Hoop branch was suspended for one month purely on an allegation by a claimant that she was mistreated.A similar treatment was meted out to a senior clerk, Ms Keneisha Meusa, of the same branch.?No effort was made to investigate thoroughly the allegations that were made and contained in a newspaper article (Letter to the Editor). And from what we know the claimant happens to be a close friend of the People?s Progressive Party (PPP),Adrian Peterson Youth Jersey,? Witter disclosed.According to him, the workers were suspended based on a decision made by the NIS Board, which is in fact chaired by Dr Roger Luncheon, a senior member of the PPP, which suggests that the action was politically motivated.Witter said that the action of the Board has been considered in detail by the union, adding there has been no evidence to corroborate the allegations that Ms Parvattie Persaud-Edwards, the claimant, was mistreated in any way.?What is strange about this whole development is that it was not the management per se that effected the disciplinary action against these two employees?Our understanding is that it was the Board. For the Board to have acted in the manner it did was not only a false move but it showed total disregard for basic industrial relation principles and procedures and we will not tolerate this nonsense.?According to Witter, all of the statements perused with regards to the complaints made by the claimant so far seem to suggest that the two victimised employees did nothing wrong to have warranted the actions taken against them.He pointed out that the union is demanding that the letters of suspension be rescinded and apologies be offered to the workers who have suffered at the hand of the management of the NIS unnecessarily.?Justice must prevail not only for Dean and Keneisha but for all NIS employees and we are prepared,Mario Gomez Jersey, if needs be, to intensify the struggle??However,David Njoku Womens Jersey, based on the meeting yesterday,Samson Ebukam Youth Jersey, Witter said that the union is now prepared to put a hold on furthering its action in hope that good sense would prevail.

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A Guyanese woman and her ailing two-year-old son, a Trinidad national, <a href="">Blank Tottenham Hotspur Jersey UK</a> were deported hours after the child was discharged from hospital on <a href=""></a> Monday night.The child?s mother, Rosinda Nicholson, who arrived in Trinidad five years ago, is now appealing to Minister of Health Fuad Khan to intervene,Blank Tottenham Hotspur Jersey UK, a Trinidad Express story said yesterday.Her sister,http://www.theworldsoccersshop.c <a href="">Harrison Butker Jersey</a> om/England-James-Milner-Jersey.html, Errolyn Pierre, said the mother and son arrived at their family?s home in Berbice, Guyana, Monday.?She called to say she arrived safely, but the child is very sick. The IV burnt his hand and she is now seeking medical attention in Guyana. But she is seeking assistance to return to Trinidad for her child?s sake,? said Pierre.Two-year-old Elijah Harris was diagnosed with autism and is unable to walk or speak properly.?The child was improving here in Trinidad. He was going to therapists and showing positive signs. His father left when he was one-year-old so my sister had to raise the child alone. I told her she needed to apply for public assistance and we went to the immigration department to apply for residency,Harrison Butker Jersey,? Pierre said.Nicholson was offered voluntary departure to return to Guyana to have her passport and other documents renewed, she said.The mother and son returned to Trinidad on October 10.?The immigration officers detained her at the airport and said she was being deported back to Guyana on the next available flight. They remained in the airport until my nephew collapsed with a seizure. They were taken to Arima District Hospital and transferred to Mt. Hope,Johnny Oduya Jersey,? Pierre said.Nicholson was allowed to remain at her son?s bedside, guarded by an immigration officer.?She was not allowed to leave the compound to bathe or get food,? her sister said.The little boy was discharged from hospital on Monday night. He and his mother were immediately taken to Piarco International Airport and placed on a flight to Guyana.?This was heartless and wrong. The little boy is a Trinidadian,Sam Johnstone Jersey UK, he should be allowed to get medical attention here. We are calling on the Minister of Health to tell us if this is right. He was denied medical treatment here because his mother is Guyanese. She wants to return to Trinidad to continue the therapy and other medical treatment. We need help,Anthony Gose Tigers Jersey,? Pierre said.

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The efforts of Guyana?s recently introduced Kidney Founda <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> tion is poised to receive immense support from the Guyana Burn and Hea <a href="">John Obi Mikel Chelsea Jersey</a> lth Care Charitable Foundation Inc. of Canada.According to President of the Foundation,Wholesale Jerseys, Mr Harry Harakh, so far the Foundation has donated dialysis machines towar <a href="">Jerseys Cheap NFL</a> ds the cause. Additionally,John Obi Mikel Chelsea Jersey, the Foundation has brought expert trainers to Guyana to offer support to nurses in the area of renal care nursing education.?There is no such thing right now,Jerseys Cheap NFL, I?m told?so by virtue of experience we have brought people to start the process of renal care education?Right now we are only providing the equipment and the training,Forrest Lamp Chargers Jersey,? Mr Harakh noted.Mr Harry Harakh With a number of reputable persons at its helm, including the likes of Emeritus Professor of the University of the West Indies, Dr George Nicholson, Guyana?s first Kidney Foundation was launched in March as part of the observance of the Sixth World Kidney Day.Designed to be driven by charitable support, the Foundation is geared at not only helping to channel disadvantaged persons towards gaining financial assistance but also to ensure that they are aware of important behavioural practices to promote healthy lifestyles.Detailing the mission of the Kidney Foundation, Chairman of the Foundation, Major General Retired, Joseph Singh,David Njoku Jersey, had noted that its existence is premised on the need to promote public awareness about prevention, treatment and the consequences of urinary tract diseases.It is also geared at supporting national health care efforts aimed at reducing illnesses caused by obesity,Carlos Sanchez Moreno Jersey, diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure and to encourage partnerships that mobilise financial and other resources to assist individuals who suffer from or are susceptible to these diseases.In addition to Professor Nicholson, the formation of the Foundation also saw input from the Ministry of Health, the Five G Dialysis Centre, Dr Deen Sharma, Hugh Cholmondeley, the Foundation?s Secretary; Claudette Harry, Treasurer, and a number of other organisations and individuals.?We feel confident as members of the Board that it is on the right track and through creative partnerships we will succeed in executing our mission and our annual work plans,? Singh noted.The design and implementation of the annual work plans will fall under the responsibility of three committees ? the Committee for Informed Citizens, chaired by Dr Deen Sharma; the Committee responsible for Informed Policy Makers, chaired by Dr Surendra Persaud; and the Committee responsible for Assisting Patients chaired by Professor Nicholson.According to Singh the Foundation is a registered charity, with an account at the Bank of Nova Scotia ?into which I hope cooperate citizens of means will contribute generously so that the Foundation would have the financial resources to execute its mission??

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? PM reveals cause of death as p <a href="">Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey</a> ulmonary aspirationA post mortem e <a href="">Enzo Roco Jersey</a> xamination conducted on the remains of the six-month-old Sophia baby, who died on Monday, last,Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey, revealed that the infant died of pulmonary aspiration; this is commonly referred to?.w <a href="">Claudio Bravo Jersey</a> hen food or liquid ?going down the wrong pipe?.This newspaper previously reported that the baby had nothing to eat except a small amount of tea given to him by his older brother during the 24 hours his mother was absent from the home. According to a neighbour ? who supplied the tea to the older brother ? he told her that upon feeding the child with a small amount of tea, he regurgitated it and ?he say how he drink de rest?.?I am deeply saddened to know that we have lost yet another baby in a situation that could have been avoided,? said Director of Child Care Ann Greene, on Wednesday last.Faced with the question of whether a social worker was deployed to work in the community, Greene responded, ?Too much is being left for the agency to do. Child Protection is a job for the family,Enzo Roco Jersey, the community and professionals working together for the betterment and care of children all across Guyana.?She said that there are not enough,Claudio Bravo Jersey, and she does not think there will ever be enough social workers to tackle every situation that occurs in homes, so the Ministry will always need the assistance of citizens to effectively do its job.?A neighbour shouldn?t go to bed knowing that the children next door didn?t get anything to eat,? she added.Greene said that in cases like those, adult neighbours and community members could simply contact the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security?s hotline numbers and make reports of the situation so that the Ministry could be of assistance.She said that the Ministry is now conducting its own investigation into the matter so as to protect the remaining children.When asked what strategies will be implemented to limit the possibility of situations of this nature, Greene said that among other things, the Ministry will seek to raise community awareness and levels of responsibility for each child in the community.The dead infant?s mother,Julian Weigl Jersey, Robin Moore, 30, and her 14-year-old son,Serge Savard Canadiens Jersey, are still in police custody while the remaining children between the ages of nine and one are staying with a relative who also lives in Sophia.Police, on Monday evening, detained a Sophia mother of six in relation to the death of her six-month-old baby boy. Ranks that launched an investigation into the matter are of the belief that the infant?s death most likely resulted from starvation and neglect.Moore told investigating ranks that she left her ?E? Field Sophia home on Sunday last around 17:45 hours in search of money. She said that she was forced to leave her children behind in the care of their eldest sibling, the 14 year-old.She said that upon her return, 24 hours later, the baby,Mike Scott Astros Jersey, whose only name was given as ?Two-Two?, was motionless.Moore said that as she returned home she immediately went to the baby ? who she thought was asleep, and began her failed attempt to breastfeed him. She later realized he was dead.

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