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Everybody gun soon know that Jagdeo is de richest man in de region b <a href="">Tristan Thompson Cavaliers Swingman Jersey</a> ut he nah got nutten in he name. All wh <a href="">Herman Edwards Eagles Jersey</a> a he got deh in Bobby name. And dem boys sure you all wondering why every time de two of dem does got to travel together. Dem nah trust mattie.Dem nah only rich wid liquid cash wha dem thief,Tristan Thompson Cavaliers Sw <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping</a> ingman Jersey, dem also got dem hand,Herman Edwards Eagles Jersey, dem foot, and dem behind in every major business in this country. That is what dem boys gun expose one by one and very soon.Dem got money in foreign bank and dem trying to move out dem money from dem bank in de US because dem boys write Uncle Sam and ask fuh help get back de money wha dem thief. Dem boys certain Uncle Sam watching dem. That is why dem hide de last set of money dem thief in China and India.Dem boys did tell de embassy bout all de thiefing and dutty business including de one wid de plane. De embassy report to Uncle Sam who then ask de embassy right here fuh keep not one eye but four eye pun dem.That is how dem record how much time Bobby does go to India and China. Uncle Donald know,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, and that is why he passing law fuh all of dem declare how much money dem mek every year,Uconn Huskies Jerseys, and how much wealth dem got.Uncle Donald know dem corrupt but he nah know wha fuh do,Miami Marlins Jeff Locke Jersey, wheh fuh turn and who to ask.Dem boys a pray fuh de day when dem see Jagdeo and all he kavakamites, including Bobby,Nat Moore Dolphins Jersey, Brazzy, Rob Bert and Irfaat plus Shaatie, in pumpkin jump suits in de States for money lada ring. And right deh dem gun get sada ring, de thing wha dem always want and wha dem like.Talk half and wait to sada de other half.

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More recognition should be given to sen <a href="">Dexter Manley Redskins Jersey</a> ior citizens for their role in helping to <a href="">Matt Leinart College Jersey</a> shape societal norms and values,Dexter Manley Redskins Jersey, said 70-year-old Joseph Pollydore, a resident of Mocha/Arcadia.Pollydore?s comment comes, even as October 1 which has been designated by the United Nat <a href="">Adidas Ryan Ellis Jersey</a> ions as International Day of the Elderly, draws near. In fact the senior citizen?s day will be observed around the world next week Thursday.And that day in years gone by was observed with some level of solemnity in the Mocha/Arcadia neighbourhood, Pollydore reflected. He said that residents of the community, especially school children would come out in their numbers to celebrate with a march the day designated for the elderly.However, today he lamented that the passion to celebrate and cherish the seniors of the community has begun to dwindle to such an extent that there is even a lack of appreciation. This development,Matt Leinart College Jersey, he said, occurred even as the Mocha/Arcadia Senior Citizens Club lost its vitality.He recounted that it was back in 1992 that a number of elderly persons had come together and formulated a group called the Mocha/Arcadia Agency for a Better Community which was popularly referred to as ABC.That group, he said, was the nerve centre where activities for the community were channelled. However, through the wisdom of Professor Ken Danns, Pollydore related that another group, this time a senior citizens? club was formulated on October 4, 1992.The Club, according to Pollydore was Danns?s brainchild which turned out to be an essential body that sought to amplify the importance of senior citizens.?In his wisdom,Adidas Ryan Ellis Jersey, he (Danns) felt that if we the seniors came together as one then we would be able to get assistance from donor agencies and other persons who are usually willing to give to such causes.?It was a Sunday,, Pollydore recounted, that the club was initiated with approximately 40 members, all senior citizens of Mocha/Arcadia. During the first meeting of the club some of the members were elected to become members of a steering committee which made the necessary arrangements to ensure that the entire month of October be observed as Senior Citizens? Month. The first elderly day march in Mocha/ArcadiaIn 1996, for the first time, a march was arranged to show appreciation for senior citizens,Nathan Peterman Jersey, which saw the participation of students of the community as well as residents. ?Those marches were nice. To see the children with their banners urging people to do something nice for senior citizens, was really a thing to see,? a frail-looking Pollydore reminisced.Similar marches were held in 1997 and 1998 but never again,Steve Atwater Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, said the Mocha/Arcadia elder. He noted that things just stopped all together. Even the members of the club diminished over the years with just a few remaining and they would meet on the first Monday of each month to discuss minor issues.But according to Pollydore as the day of the elderly nears he is compelled to reach out to his community and encourage residents of other communities to remember the elderly even if but for a day. It is his expectation that like the years past that senior citizens day will feature a number of activities recognising the importance of the elders of the society.According to the United Nations by 2050, one out of every five will be an older person, and by 2150, one third of the people in the world are expected to be 60 years of age or older.?In our fast ageing world, older people will increasingly

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A Lindener was yesterday released on $15,Cheap Jerseys China,000 ba <a href="">Cheap Jerseys China</a> il on a charge of simple larceny when he appearedGuy Porterbefor <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys</a> e the Chief Magistrate in the Georgetown Magistrates? Courts.Guy Porter,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, 23,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, of Lot 80 South Amelia?s Ward,China Jerseys, Linden is accused of stealing two rear view mir <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Outlet</a> rors between February 9 and Febraury 10. The items are the property of Phillip McPherson and are valued at $30,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic,000.Porter who had no legal representation pleaded not guilty to the charge.Police Corporal Deniro Jones presented the case of the prosecution and did not oppose the request for the defendant to be granted pre-trial liberty. However,Wholesale Jerseys, Jones did not reveal any facts about what transpired on the day in question.Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan transferred this matter to the Linden Magistrate?s Court for February 24.

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[Extracts from a presentation at the Eleventh Sir Archi <a href="">cheap nfl jerseys online</a> bald Nedd Memoria <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> l Lecture in Grenada, 28 January 2011]By Sir Shridath Ramphal PART IIt was here in St. George?s ninety-five [95] years ago that T.A. Marryshow flew from the masthead of <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> his pioneering newspaper The West Indian the banner: The West Indies Must Be Westindian. And on that banner Westindian was symbolically one joined-up word ? from the very first issue on 1 January 1915. In the slogan was a double entendre. To be West Indian was both the goal of self-determination attained and the strategy of unity for reaching and sustaining it.Of course the goal of freedom kept changing its form as the world changed: internal self-government in the pre-war years; formal independence in the post-war years; the reality of freedom in the era of globalization; overcoming smallness in a world of giants. But the strategy of regional unity, the strategy of oneness,cheap nfl jerseys online, would not change, at least not nominally: we called it by different names and pursued it by different forms ? always with variable success: federation; integration,Cheap Jerseys From China, the OECS, CARIFTA, CARICOM, the CSME, the CCJ.It is that ?variable success? that today begs the question: IS THE WEST INDIES WEST INDIAN? Nearly 100 years after Marryshow asserted that we must be, are we yet? Worse still, are we less so than we once were?Times changed in the nineteen twenties and thirties ? between the ?world wars?. The external economic and political environments changed; and the internal environments changed ? social, political and most of all demographic. Local control began to pass to the hands of local creoles, mainly professionals, later trade unionists, and for a while the new political class saw value in a strategy of regional unity. Marryshow?s slogan ?the West Indies must be Westindian? was evocative of it; and for two generations, West Indian ?unity? was a progressive political credo.It was a strategy that was to reach its apogee in the Federation of The West Indies: due to become independent in mid-1962. It is often forgotten that the ?the? in the name of the new nation was consciously spelt with a capital ?T? ? The West Indies ? an insistence on the oneness of the federated region. But, by then, that was verbal insistence against a contrary reality, already re-emerging. The new political elites for whom ?unity? offered a pathway to political power through ?independence? had found by the 1960s that that pathway was opening up regardless.In the event, regional unity was no longer a pre-condition to ?local control?. Hence,Cheap Jerseys From China, Norman Manley?s deal with McLeod and the referendum in Jamaica; and Eric Williams? self-indulgent arithmetic that ?1? from ?10? left ?0?; even ?the agony of the eight? that ended the dream.Despite the rhetorical passion that had characterized the latter years of the ?federal movement? the imperishable impulse for ?local control? had revived, and the separatist instincts of a controlling social and political elite had prevailed. Within four months of the dispersion of the Federation (on the same day in May 1962 that it was to become a single independent member state of the Commonwealth) Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago became so separately. We can act with speed when we really want to!But objective realities are not blown away by winds of narrow ambition, Independence on a separate basis had secured ?local control?; but the old nemesis of colonialism was replaced by the new suzerainty of globalization. Independence, particularly for Caribbean micro states, was not enough to deliver elysium. ?Unity? no sooner discarded was back in vogue; but less a matter of the heart than of the head.In an interdependent world which in the name of libera

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Some would say that in Guyana <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> , this month is defined by the much anticipated Mashramani acti <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> vities. This year?s theme, ?One People,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, One Culture, One Celebration?,Cheap Jerseys From China, is the centre upon which our leaders, artists <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> , school children, private sector, and those who are all caught up in the spirit of ?Mash?, plan to market our beautiful country.Maxi Williams standing in front of the costume sketchesMost importantly, people are concerned with which band to join, who has the best costumes, and which designer?s costume they want to be seen in on February 23rd.Costume Designer, Maxi K. Williams launched his Mash Camp yesterday, under the theme ?Ancient Goddesses?,Cheap Jerseys From China, inspired by The Seven Wonders of the World, together with various aspects of our Guyanese heritage.The 33-year-old, who plans to produce a medium band comprising of 100 persons, explained that his designs are all influenced by the rich culture of our six ethnic groups, and the continents from which they came.His Band is made up of 10 sections which are inspired by the Chinese, African, Egyptian, Indigenous Tribes, Apache Indians, Portuguese, Italians, Romans, Arabians and Indians cultures. These are all fresh concepts, since in some cases,NFL Jerseys China Online, they branch away from the traditional wear of these people, and morph into products of Williams? imagination.The Maxi King Costume is a three dimensional piece, which stands 15ft tall. It sports a Totem pole, which signifies the rich history of the first people of Guyana. The Totem pole also comprises of an elephant, which is a reminder of both our African and Indian lineages. The wings of an eagle are depicted on both sides of the King, they span 13ft long, and they showcase his power and ambition, while the headdress he wears is a representation of his royalty and wealth in gold, diamond and land.The accompanying four dimensional ?Maxi Queen? piece,Jerseys From China, stands 7ft tall,China Jerseys, 15ft wide, and is said to be a reminder of our colonial past. The design directly behind and above her head, forms a representation of the Aztec bloodline of our first people. The surrounding piece is a unique depiction of the mining industry, which has contributed greatly to the wealth of our nation.Williams intends to have 10 male and 10 female individual costumes in his band, as opposed to the customary one male and one female.The Female individual costume is an elaborate design, depicting a Chinese Princess, adorned with the celebration robe which is worn at grand events and a golden dragon which is her spiritual protector.The male individual costume represents a fearless gladiator in Roman Times. The colours of this costume represent the strength, wealth and valour he possesses.Williams? costumes were all handmade, and skillfully put together by mixing Chinese fabrics, leaves from bouquets of flowers and fashioning them with broken pieces of costume jewellery, which were used to create a sequenced effect.Yesterday?s launch was backed up by a Fund Raising Bar-B-Q and Lime as Williams explained that the estimated cost to produce his band would be approximately10 million dollars. The cost to join the band is $5,000 which price covers costume, food and drinks. All are invited to come on board.Guided by his personal motto, ?Living your purpose, making a difference?, Maxi Williams said that this is his contribution to the Guyanese society. The proud Guyanese explained that ?Everybody has a calling and a gift from God, I was lucky enough to find mine. I was born with the natural ability to design, even when I didn?t know and God filled me and allowed me to function.?Williams explained the importance of securing sponsorship for his band, and said that he

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? ?he went into their boat like a lamb to the slaughter? $17 Millio <a href="">Cheap Sports Jerseys</a> n river heist?Relatives of Dweive Kant Ramdass would like <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys China</a> to see the three soldiers suffer a worst fate than their victim.?I wish that they could die. I wish that they could get hang, whatever it is, and I wish that our government would resume hanging,? said Stephen Pe <a href="">cheap nfl jerseys</a> rsaud, an older brother of the victim.Dwieve Kant Ramdass? body was found floating in the Essequibo River yesterday, several yards from where his killers dumped him after relieving him of $17M.Commodore Gary Best speaks the brother and sister of the late Dweive Kant Ramdass in the presence of the media. The three Coast Guard ranks have confessed to robbing him and dumping him overboard at a place called Caiman Hole.Persaud, speaking to this newspaper a few hours after recovering his youngest brother?s body, said that the reported mastermind of the crime, a corporal, appeared to show no remorse even after confessing to the crime.?The other two guys, you could see they show like they sorry but this guy was performing. He had a lot of power. Even when you face to face with him, he?s ready to confront you and I think he should die a worse death than my brother,? Persaud told his newspaper.?But I must say that Jesus loves him, there?s a place for repentance and he can repent and give his heart to God but other than that he deserves to die,? he added.He believes that the soldiers betrayed the trust of his brother who he said was very harmless and would have never expected them to kill him.Persaud came to this conclusion after he had received information that after collecting his brother at Parika, the soldiers stopped at a popular boat landing further up river to collect fuel.He said that persons reported seeing his brother sitting comfortably in the Coast Guard boat as if nothing was wrong.Persaud suggested that his brother must have felt safe with the soldiers not suspecting that they were going to kill him.?I guess he begged for mercy, I guess he cried. But knowing that they are our armed forces, they had our state boat, they had our state guns, he trusted them. Maybe they told him that since he had this large sum of money, they had to take him to base for their boss to check him out. He went into the boat and like a lamb to the slaughter, he sat in that boat,? Persaud stated.At the time, Persaud and the rest of the dead man?s relatives were waiting to meet with Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Commodore Gary Best.According to Persaud, there were also reports that after killing his brother,Cheap Sports Jerseys, the ranks were seen by their sergeant who was in another boat,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, speeding along the Essequibo River.?The man saw them and waved to them. They saw the Sergeant and they deliberately switched off their phones. They didn?t want no contact,? Persaud stated.He said that he is satisfied with the response and assistance pledged by Commodore Gary Best.The Chief of Staff told the family that the army was shocked by the actions of its ranks.?Perhaps if you?re taking any positives out of this is the fact that the Coast Guards ranks in custody have already confessed to this heinous crime and at least we?ve recovered the body. But for us it?s really a shocking moment, something that has really rocked the Guyana Defence Force,cheap nfl jerseys,? the Chief of Staff told the family.?I just want you to know that this is not the Guyana Defence Force, this is not the army, it?s not what we are set up for,Cheap Jerseys China, neither do we train anybody to do these kind of things,? he added.Commodore Best said that the army is prepared to search internally to ferret out those persons who may have criminal minds.He said that boat owners and other persons who ply the rivers must feel

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By: Romila BoodramThe lifeless body of a 22-year-old woman was pu <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> lled from a submerged canter truck in the <a href="">China Jerseys Cheap</a> Demerara River several hours after it plunged off the Demerara Harbour Bridge early yesterday morning.The body of 22-year old Gangadai Persaud was recovered around 10:00 hours after painstak <a href="">cheap nfl jerseys</a> ing efforts by divers who had to brave high tides and strong current to get to it after it got stuck between the two front seats.Persaud, a mother of a 10-month-old baby resided at Lot 4210 Tuschen Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara (WCD).Her husband, whose name has been given as Danram Ramdeo Ramlall, 26,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, managed to free himself while under the water.Up to late yesterday, he was in police custody assisting with the investigation.Dead: Gangadai PersaudThe tragic incident occurred when Ramlall attempted to turn the truck around on the Harbour Bridge but apparently made a big misjudgement instead and reversed off the open side of the structure.The Canter truck, bearing registration GEE 4540, reversed off the eleventh span of the bridge around 04:45 hrs just as the couple was heading to La Penitence and Plaisance Markets to wholesale greens.According to information received from an eyewitness, Mark Henry,China Jerseys Cheap, the driver was heading in the easternly direction on the bridge when a bag, containing Boulangers fell from the back of his truck.He said that because it was early, there were hardly any vehicles on the bridge and he attempted to turn around by the retractor span area, where there are no rails,cheap nfl jerseys, to retrieve the bag.?While he trying to turn,Cheap NFL Jerseys, I turn to the guy who was in the vehicle with me and said, watch wah going on hey.? By the time I say that, the man back wheel went over and was overboard he reach,? Henry explained.He recalled that he stopped his vehicle and ran towards the area where the truck went off but of course, there wasn?t anything he could have done since the vehicle was already going under the water.?I started shouting for help, and like five minutes after I see he (truck driver) come out from under the water and he was holding onto a wire and he said that his wife alone in the Canter,? the eyewitness said.Relatives of the woman gathered at the bridgeThe canter being pulled from the waterHe added that he hurried to the other side of the bridge and alerted the police to what had happened.General Manager of the Demerara Habour Bridge (DHB) Rawlston Adams said that the truck driver provided the Bridge Supervisor, who was on duty at the time, with a different version of what transpired early yesterday.Adams said the driver related that it was raining and he fell asleep and the vehicle went overboard.But the General Manager explained that when the divers located the vehicle, it was discovered that the truck went off ?back first because the front was up (under the water) and the back was down.?Yesterday, the woman?s relatives gathered at the bridge and patiently watched while some wept as the divers tried to locate her body.Her mother, Anjalie Persaud,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, who was screaming and crying, said that her son called and informed her that Gangadai and her husband were overboard in the truck.?When I come, I see my son-in-law on the pontoon and I asked he what happened to my daughter and he said that he tried to get her out but he couldn?t,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys,? the woman lamented.She added that her daughter could not swim.According to the older Persaud, her daughter would usually drop off greens for her to sell at La Penitence Market. ?She was coming to drop my greens,? the woman shouted before bursting into tears.The 22-year-old woman leaves to mourn her baby, husband, parents and siblings.

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People?s <a href="">Carlos Beltran Astros Jersey</a> National Congress <a href="">Dave Robinson Packers Jersey</a> Reform (PNCR) Presidential hopeful Dr. Faith Harding has announced a plan to have youths purposefully engaged in Guyana?s development. The strategy to achieve this was outlined yesterday during a media b <a href="">Wholesale Cheap Jerseys</a> riefing.In outlining the plan, Dr. Harding noted that Guyana currently has a youth population of 276,093 between the ages of 10 and 29. This, she noted, represents 36.7 percent of the total resident population of Guyana. The Presidential contender went on to state that 53% of this demographic group has lived their entire life under the current government.?Unfortunately most of them live in communities bereft of basic services, facilities and commodities, and destructive and hostile environments which are compounded by extreme poverty.?Having expressed this opinion, Dr. Harding said a holistic approach in nation-building is required,Carlos Beltran Astros Jersey, that will promote within youths hope for a good future. She also stressed that the ability to be gainfully employed is equally important. This approach Dr. Harding said will ensure youth involvement in national construction, the building of communities, in the development of the agricultural,Dave Robinson Packers Jersey, industrial and social sector infrastructure,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, as well as their becoming competent at preventing conflicts and acquiring good self concepts and national pride.One aspect of the plan,Mike Quick Eagles Jersey, Dr. Harding said, will see the setting up of ?Youth Opportunity Industrious Cooperatives?. She explained that these cooperatives will be designed as an institute with initiation clubs in every village and industrial complexes in selected areas. The main purpose of this plan, it was noted, is to mobilize the country?s human resources to supplement the education system, and to ensure that all Guyanese become aware of the value of our society. ?As an instrument for effecting the transformation from dependency to self-reliance, training and development of skills in appropriate instances will be provided; emphasis will be placed on the practical approach in training and provide the opportunity for on-the-job learning.?In addition,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, the Initiation Clubs will be dispersed throughout Guyana, which Dr. Hadring opined will bridge the divide between the city and the rural regions. She said the initiative will be a three-year programme for youths who have attained the age of 13 and beyond.Where there are schools, the initiation clubs will be linked to those institutions as afternoon programmes, and where there aren?t any schools, there will be all-day programmes. This programme will also see industrial complexes which will help in the development of industries indigenous to the area, and where possible, introduce new commodity-driven facilities.?For example,Dwight Clark 49ers Jersey, large farms will be developed with produce to feed the nation and export indigenous and other products,? Dr. Harding concluded.

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