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Twenty-one year-old S <a href="">Jose Abreu White Sox Jersey</a> hawn Gibson, a taxi driver,Jos <a href="">China Jerseys Online</a> e Abreu White Sox Jersey, of 425 Grove Old Road,China Jerseys Online, East Bank Demerara and Tiffany Greene, a bond clerk,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, of 849 Diamond Housing Scheme East Bank Demerara, appeared before Magistrate Susanna Lovell, on Mo <a href="">Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet</a> nday, last , at the Providence Magistrate?s Court to answer to the charge of simple larceny.It is alleged that on October 16, last, the defendants stole articles valued $754,Wholesale Jerseys,000 including $380,000 cash, the property of Ron Chung.The two accused, who were represented by attorney at law Natasha Vieira, pleaded not guilty to the charge.The lawyer in her bail application indicated to the court that her clients have no previous or pending convictions. She stated that Gibson and Greene were placed on $20,000 and $10,000 station bail respectively, thus the Magistrate should grant bail with leniency.Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield had no objections to bail, but informed the court that the defendants are a couple and reside together at 12 Public Road, East Bank Demerara.According to the prosecutor, on the day in question,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the defendants were seen placing the items into a black car. He added that Gibson and Greene were placed on an identity parade and Gibson was identified by a witness. Subsequently, an investigation was launched and the defendants were arrested and charged with the offence.Magistrate Lovell granted bail to the tune of $125,000 and $95,000 to Gibson and Greene respectively. The defendants are scheduled to make their next court appearance on November 11.Also appearing before Magistrate Lovell was Ron Moore, a minor, and Rickford Henry, 21, of 48 Norton Street, Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara, who were charged with robbery under arms.It is alleged that on Saturday, last, the defendants who were armed with a gun, robbed Pikadi Sukhai of $33,640 cash,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, a National Identification card and one bankbook.The defendants, who were represented by attorney at law Saphier Hussain, pleaded not guilty to the charge.The lawyer in a bail application told the court that his clients are not flight risks, they were never convicted of previous offences nor do they have any pending matters before the court, hence bail should be granted with leniency.Hussein claimed that Moore was beaten by the police while he was in custody, and requested that his client be taken to the hospital for treatment.Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield objected to bail. He told the court that the gun and the articles were retrieved. He added that the defendants are linked to several other charges. He noted that the virtual complainant was absent from the court, because she was hospitalised after receiving injuries during the robbery.The Magistrate refused bail and ordered the defendants to return to court on November 19.

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? McCoy says must have govt. issued media pass? Jagdeo u <a href="">Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online</a> naware of such a rule,Jerseys NFL Wholesal <a href="">Zach LaVine UCLA Jersey</a> e China Online, unable to explain McCoy?s actionsOne of Kaieteur News? senior reporters,Zach LaVine UCLA Jersey, Gary Eleazar was yesterday refused entry to the O <a href="">Russell Westbrook UCLA Jersey</a> ffice of the President (OP) for the Head of State?s press conference.Eleazar presented his Guyana Press Association (GPA) media pass to the receptionist at OP and Information Press Liaison Officer for the President Kwame McCoy,Russell Westbrook UCLA Jersey, who was present in the reception area,Jon Singleton Astros Jersey, instructed that no member of the media must be allowed entry without a Government Information Agency (GINA) pass.Eleazar informed McCoy that the only pass he uses is the GPA-issued pass but McCoy said that he did not recognise that pass and as such the reporter could not be allowed to cover the press conference.Several other media operatives were refused entry as a result of not having their GINA-issued media passes.It must be noted that at least two other media personnel were allowed entry to cover the President?s press conference without GINA passes before McCoy showed up and issued his directive when he saw the KN reporter?s media pass.Subsequent contact was made with President Bharrat Jagdeo who said that he was not aware of any rule at Office of the President and could not explain why McCoy took that course of action.When contacted yesterday,Jerseys From China, President of the Guyana Press Association Gordon Moseley said that the issue of the passes is currently engaging the association and a meeting with the Information Unit of the Office of the President and GINA is scheduled for next week.Kaieteur News? Editor-in-Chief,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, Adam Harris stated that the Government can never legitimise who a reporter is. Harris said that this is the job of the media organisation and representative.He said that McCoy is determined that GINA must be the sole agency to accredit journalists and described the position as ?ridiculous and insane?.The KN Editor-in-Chief said that he has instructed his reporters to refuse media passes given by GINA.

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?GSPCA calls <a href="">LeBron James USA Jersey</a> o <a href="">Richard Wright Manchester City Jersey UK</a> n police to act against slaughter of caged pitsThe Guyana Police Force is currently investigating the circumstances that led <a href="">Evan Engram Jersey</a> to police ranks shooting to death several pit-bull dogs, two of which were involved in a vicious attack against their owner. The dogs were killed with the aid of police ranks by members of the community, at Ogle Street, Beterverwagting East Coast Demerara.While some have expressed anger over the killing of the dogs that were penned and not involved in the attack against owner Rochelle Callender,LeBron James USA Jersey, the police say they are also looking into the matter where police ranks used their firearms against the animals.It was noted also that the dog owner has not given a statement about the slaughter of the dogs, but the matter is being reviewed.The Guyana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) has called for the prosecution of those persons involved in the slaughtering of the caged pit-bulls. Commenting on a video on the slaughter of the caged animals,Richard Wright Manchester City Jersey UK, the body said in a letter to the media that, ?It was a barbaric display ? if one can bear to watch it ? and a stark reminder of the plague of violence that grips our society.?While complimenting those who rescued the dog owner from the pits? vicious attack, the GSPCA said that these said persons should be prosecuted for the cruel act performed against the pit-bulls which were locked helplessly in their cage.?On this video, we see a group of men mercilessly beating and hacking these animals, which were still penned,Evan Engram Jersey, to a painful death.??The Guyana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) has consistently warned of the link between violence towards animals and violence towards fellow human beings. The website of PETA,NCAA Football Jerseys, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a major welfare organisation, notes that ?violent acts toward animals have long been recognized as indicators of a dangerous psychopathy that does not confine itself to animal abuse.??Surely there was a more civilised way to deal with the remaining dogs in the pens than to descend into the primal chopping frenzy that ensued. This incident was animal cruelty at its very worst. It will surely cast Guyana in a very bad light,Adam Joseph Duhe Dolphins Jersey, given the intolerance developed societies have for such atrocities on animals; and without question, the perpetrators of this animal cruelty must be charged accordingly.??With plenty of video evidence available, the GSPCA calls on the Guyana Police Force to enforce our country?s animal welfare laws and bring the offenders before our courts. Meanwhile,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, the GSPCA will reach out to those international animal welfare organisations with which it is affiliated so as to ensure this incident receives the attention it necessitates.?

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A 36-year-old man accused of raping a 67-year-old woman, was <a href="">Ernie Stautner Steelers Jersey</a> placed on $200, <a href="">Ted Williams Red Sox Throwback Jersey</a> Ernie Stautner Steelers Jersey,000 bail, when he appeared before Magistrate Rhondel Weever, on Tuesday,Ted Williams Red Sox Throwback Jersey, in the Blairmont Magistrate Court, West Bank Berbice.Accord <a href="">Danny Salazar Indians Jersey</a> ing to the case before the court, the accused and the victim live in the same neighborhood, and so they are known to each other.On the night of November 13, last,Danny Salazar Indians Jersey, the victim had secured her premises as per routine before retiring to bed. However, about midnight, she was awakened only to discover the accused, Mario Cobis,Gary Zimmerman Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, a cane harvester attached to the Blairmont Sugar Estate,Jake Butt Jersey, on top of her. He was naked, and he was armed with a knife.The victim resisted, and sustained cuts to her right hand, while Cobis was able to subdue her, threatening to kill her during the process; then he proceed to forcibly have sex with her.It is alleged that Cobis had gained entry to the house through a window on the lower flat,Marcus Morris Pistons Swingman Jersey, and he made his exit through the very window.The matter was reported to the police, and the investigators had sufficient evidence to arrest and charge Cobis who was refused bail when he appeared in the Fort Wellington Magistrate Court on November eighteenth. He was asked to return to court on Tuesday 6th December. When the case was called the defense applied for bail which was granted.The matter will be called again on January 16, next.

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By Sir Shridath RamphalToday,Tyler Seguin Jersey, 23 years after Grand <a href="">Tyler Seguin Jersey</a> Anse, it is <a href="">Mario Hezonja Magic Jersey</a> interesting that among the 13 specific actions enumerated were:? Arrangements by January 1991 (21 years ago) for the free movement of skilled and professional personnel as well as for contract workers on a seasonal or project basis; and? immediate <a href="">Patrick Willis 49ers Jersey</a> and continuing action to develop by 4 July 1992 (20 years ago) a regional system of air and sea transportation including the pooling of resources by existing air and sea carriers conscious that such a system is indispensable to the development of a Single Market and Community.How do we feel about these commitments now? Both their specific undertakings and their promises of fraternity, when in our time irritations and worse are the daily experience of West Indians at West Indian immigration counters, and affordable travel in their Caribbean homeland remains the dream of our one people? Can we just shrug off these commitments of two decades by simply saying: ?well, that was then?? If that is so, what is now? Where are we going, and who is the pied piper calling the tune?I do not intend to traverse the ground covered by the West Indian Commission?s Report, Time for Action (also mandated by Grand Anse), save to recognise that when its recommendations came to be considered at the 1992 CARICOM Summit here in Port of Spain, Prime Minister Robinson was gone from office; and with him the light of Grand Anse seemed to have gone out of the Region.Later that year, Trinidad and Tobago?s new Prime Minister Patrick Manning, as CARICOM?s Chairman, wrote the West Indian Commission. It was a letter of encouragement. He assured us that it was the firm determination of CARICOM Heads to continue to give most serious consideration to all aspects of the Report.Suffice it to say that, over the last 20 years, such ?serious consideration? did not induce acceptance of the Commission?s crucial recommendation for a central executive authority to ensure implementation of the decisions taken together by CARICOM Heads in their collective sovereignty.They came close to doing so at Rose Hall in Jamaica on CARICOM?s 30th Anniversary in 2003 under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister P.J. Patterson; but qualified their conclusion to develop ?a system of mature regionalism?, along the lines urged by the West Indian Commission, by calling it ?an agreement in principle?. Nothing more happened to that ?Rose Hall Declaration?; it simply joined the already long list of forgotten CARICOM Declarations, Affirmations and Commitments.But what of Grand Anse and the specific decisions on the Caribbean Single Market and Economy?A year ago, the Institute of International Relations of the University of the West Indies here at St Augustine ? as I recall, very much the creation of Eric Williams ? conducted a study of the region?s record by some of the most eminent scholars on the Caribbean. It is the most authoritative contemporary commentary on the state of Caribbean integration ? the state of the vineyard. Entitled Caribbean Regional Integration, its Executive Summary said the following:?There was a real sense that the optimistic era of Caribbean integration may well have passed just at the time when it is most desperately needed. The difficulties facing the region are no longer simply about competing effectively in a globalising economy.Rather, they are ?existential threats? which bring into question the fundamental viability of Caribbean society itself. Climate change, transnational crime, the decline of regional industries, food security, governance challenges, international diplomacy and so on are problems which can only be effectively addressed

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?as rumours of his death circulate A cloud of secrecy conti <a href="">Cheap Authentic Jerseys</a> nues to surround the medical condition of Police C <a href="">Jean Beliveau Canadiens Jersey</a> ommissioner, Henry Greene amidst rumours that he had died.While Greene remains hospitalised at the Balwant Singh Hospital for treatment of a ruptured blood vessel, th <a href="">Bobby Doerr Red Sox Throwback Jersey</a> e administration of the Police Force continues to be tightlipped,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, revealing nothing on the state of his health.This newspaper has been inundated with queries about the status of the Commissioner and several requests for information from the Police Force have been met by silence.Even some senior officers have been kept out of the loop with regards to the Top Cop?s condition.This newspaper was informed that even telephone calls to the commissioner?s cellular phone by some of the top ranking officers have gone unanswered and those who went to pay him a visit were usually told that he was resting and did not wish to be disturbed.The secrecy began minutes after Greene took ill, with officers reporting that at last Friday morning?s admin meeting in the Commissioner?s Conference Room, a few high ranking officials who are considered part of ?the inner circle? were conversing in hushed tones, after which two of them left the room.Several hours later, the officers learnt that Commissioner Greene was hospitalised, having suffered a ruptured vessel,Jean Beliveau Canadiens Jersey, and was in need of a large amount of blood, which was subsequently provided by a few trainees who had lifted him to the hospital.By late Friday afternoon, a message was circulated to senior officers, informing them that they should report all important matters to Deputy Commissioner Administration (ag) Leroy Brumell, who is now the man in charge.Reliable sources have indicated that Greene is recovering, since doctors have been able to stop the bleeding from the ruptured vessel.There is still no confirmation on whether he will be flown overseas for further medical treatment as was previously indicated.Greene, who reached the age of retirement three years ago,Bobby Doerr Red Sox Throwback Jersey, has been having medical problems for the past two years, having worked non-stop since his appointment as Police Commissioner five years ago.Police Commissioner,, Henry GreeneOne source said that even if Greene is discharged from the hospital soon, it will be a while before he can resume work full time,, and with general elections scheduled to be held within a few months,Joe Greene Steelers Jersey, his absence could pose a challenge for the Police Force.

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? The immorality of Guyana is that <a href="">William Perry Bears Throwback Jersey</a> on <a href="">Hyun-Jin Ryu Jersey</a> e set of people pays the tax while another spends it- Christopher RamBy Kiana Wilburg The debate over tax evasion, particularly by the wealthy, has once again been brought to the table by Chartered accountant Christopher Ram and econ <a href="">Greg Lloyd Steelers Jersey</a> omist Dr. Clive Thomas.The duo believes that this illegal practice is more rampant than ever today, even in the face of the ?sheepish? attempts by the government to reform Guyana?s Tax system.Christopher RamTax evasion is the method of illegally avoiding taxes one owes and on an aggregate basis, hampers governmental efficiency.Ram on his website ( referred to taxation as a major tool of economic management and if properly used, it can play a significant role in fixing prices, allocating resources and alleviating social problems by redistribution of income.However, in Guyana?s case, he noted that serious misallocations and distortions were allowed to develop because of poor fiscal and monetary management.Ram,William Perry Bears Throwback Jersey, based on his interaction and experience, said that there are genuine efforts to deal with the misallocations. ?But one has to wonder why, like in the drug trade, only the small fish ever get caught.?He added, ?In Guyana, there is one law for the rich, the powerful and the connected and another for the poor,Hyun-Jin Ryu Jersey, the voiceless and the helpless. The immorality of Guyana is that one set of people pays the tax while another spends it.?Dr. Thomas who also spoke on the issue at length, said in a published article that, ?Today, the tax system is fractured and far too costly, burdensome,Greg Lloyd Steelers Jersey, and inefficient.?Ram explained that common examples of tax evasion include a deliberate failure by a business to report the full amount of revenue received or the deliberate claiming of a deduction by a business for an expenditure it has neither incurred nor paid.Paying tax is supposed to be seen by citizens as contributing to the development of their country. However, this is not so, as artful tax dodgers who continue to cheat the system or are allowed to slip through the preferential doors, continue to hold faithful taxpayers hostage.Furthermore, the government on its competitiveness website: stated that since the early 1990s, Guyana?s Tax system has undergone a series of reforms aimed at stimulating investment.In 2000, the government established the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to lead the implementation of the accelerated programme.The most important recent reforms that were implemented or are in the pipeline are several which include, the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Excise Tax.Even in the face of the aforementioned,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Ram contended that tax reform in our case has first to deal with tax evasion and administration.Ram said, ?This government has been paying lip service to tax reform ever since it came to power?. Unless it thinks that imposing VAT on top of high personal tax rates is tax reform,Kris Jenkins College Jersey, it has done nothing and tax evasion is now worse than it has ever been.?VAT has brought in immoral windfalls, reducing the incentive for reform which the Government has delegated to the National Competitiveness Strategy. So far, that body which is chaired by the President has shown no intention, appetite or capacity to deal with it. And the GRA is either overwhelmed by the level and scale of tax evasion or is not utilizing the tools and deploying the resources at its disposal to deal with the crisis.?The accountant added, ?While laws exist for dealing with tax evasion; resources available to the revenue

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