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A Guyanese woman and her ailing two-year-old son, a Trinidad national, <a href="">Blank Tottenham Hotspur Jersey UK</a> were deported hours after the child was discharged from hospital on <a href=""></a> Monday night.The child?s mother, Rosinda Nicholson, who arrived in Trinidad five years ago, is now appealing to Minister of Health Fuad Khan to intervene,Blank Tottenham Hotspur Jersey UK, a Trinidad Express story said yesterday.Her sister,http://www.theworldsoccersshop.c <a href="">Harrison Butker Jersey</a> om/England-James-Milner-Jersey.html, Errolyn Pierre, said the mother and son arrived at their family?s home in Berbice, Guyana, Monday.?She called to say she arrived safely, but the child is very sick. The IV burnt his hand and she is now seeking medical attention in Guyana. But she is seeking assistance to return to Trinidad for her child?s sake,? said Pierre.Two-year-old Elijah Harris was diagnosed with autism and is unable to walk or speak properly.?The child was improving here in Trinidad. He was going to therapists and showing positive signs. His father left when he was one-year-old so my sister had to raise the child alone. I told her she needed to apply for public assistance and we went to the immigration department to apply for residency,Harrison Butker Jersey,? Pierre said.Nicholson was offered voluntary departure to return to Guyana to have her passport and other documents renewed, she said.The mother and son returned to Trinidad on October 10.?The immigration officers detained her at the airport and said she was being deported back to Guyana on the next available flight. They remained in the airport until my nephew collapsed with a seizure. They were taken to Arima District Hospital and transferred to Mt. Hope,Johnny Oduya Jersey,? Pierre said.Nicholson was allowed to remain at her son?s bedside, guarded by an immigration officer.?She was not allowed to leave the compound to bathe or get food,? her sister said.The little boy was discharged from hospital on Monday night. He and his mother were immediately taken to Piarco International Airport and placed on a flight to Guyana.?This was heartless and wrong. The little boy is a Trinidadian,Sam Johnstone Jersey UK, he should be allowed to get medical attention here. We are calling on the Minister of Health to tell us if this is right. He was denied medical treatment here because his mother is Guyanese. She wants to return to Trinidad to continue the therapy and other medical treatment. We need help,Anthony Gose Tigers Jersey,? Pierre said.

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The efforts of Guyana?s recently introduced Kidney Founda <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> tion is poised to receive immense support from the Guyana Burn and Hea <a href="">John Obi Mikel Chelsea Jersey</a> lth Care Charitable Foundation Inc. of Canada.According to President of the Foundation,Wholesale Jerseys, Mr Harry Harakh, so far the Foundation has donated dialysis machines towar <a href="">Jerseys Cheap NFL</a> ds the cause. Additionally,John Obi Mikel Chelsea Jersey, the Foundation has brought expert trainers to Guyana to offer support to nurses in the area of renal care nursing education.?There is no such thing right now,Jerseys Cheap NFL, I?m told?so by virtue of experience we have brought people to start the process of renal care education?Right now we are only providing the equipment and the training,Forrest Lamp Chargers Jersey,? Mr Harakh noted.Mr Harry Harakh With a number of reputable persons at its helm, including the likes of Emeritus Professor of the University of the West Indies, Dr George Nicholson, Guyana?s first Kidney Foundation was launched in March as part of the observance of the Sixth World Kidney Day.Designed to be driven by charitable support, the Foundation is geared at not only helping to channel disadvantaged persons towards gaining financial assistance but also to ensure that they are aware of important behavioural practices to promote healthy lifestyles.Detailing the mission of the Kidney Foundation, Chairman of the Foundation, Major General Retired, Joseph Singh,David Njoku Jersey, had noted that its existence is premised on the need to promote public awareness about prevention, treatment and the consequences of urinary tract diseases.It is also geared at supporting national health care efforts aimed at reducing illnesses caused by obesity,Carlos Sanchez Moreno Jersey, diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure and to encourage partnerships that mobilise financial and other resources to assist individuals who suffer from or are susceptible to these diseases.In addition to Professor Nicholson, the formation of the Foundation also saw input from the Ministry of Health, the Five G Dialysis Centre, Dr Deen Sharma, Hugh Cholmondeley, the Foundation?s Secretary; Claudette Harry, Treasurer, and a number of other organisations and individuals.?We feel confident as members of the Board that it is on the right track and through creative partnerships we will succeed in executing our mission and our annual work plans,? Singh noted.The design and implementation of the annual work plans will fall under the responsibility of three committees ? the Committee for Informed Citizens, chaired by Dr Deen Sharma; the Committee responsible for Informed Policy Makers, chaired by Dr Surendra Persaud; and the Committee responsible for Assisting Patients chaired by Professor Nicholson.According to Singh the Foundation is a registered charity, with an account at the Bank of Nova Scotia ?into which I hope cooperate citizens of means will contribute generously so that the Foundation would have the financial resources to execute its mission??

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? PM reveals cause of death as p <a href="">Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey</a> ulmonary aspirationA post mortem e <a href="">Enzo Roco Jersey</a> xamination conducted on the remains of the six-month-old Sophia baby, who died on Monday, last,Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey, revealed that the infant died of pulmonary aspiration; this is commonly referred to?.w <a href="">Claudio Bravo Jersey</a> hen food or liquid ?going down the wrong pipe?.This newspaper previously reported that the baby had nothing to eat except a small amount of tea given to him by his older brother during the 24 hours his mother was absent from the home. According to a neighbour ? who supplied the tea to the older brother ? he told her that upon feeding the child with a small amount of tea, he regurgitated it and ?he say how he drink de rest?.?I am deeply saddened to know that we have lost yet another baby in a situation that could have been avoided,? said Director of Child Care Ann Greene, on Wednesday last.Faced with the question of whether a social worker was deployed to work in the community, Greene responded, ?Too much is being left for the agency to do. Child Protection is a job for the family,Enzo Roco Jersey, the community and professionals working together for the betterment and care of children all across Guyana.?She said that there are not enough,Claudio Bravo Jersey, and she does not think there will ever be enough social workers to tackle every situation that occurs in homes, so the Ministry will always need the assistance of citizens to effectively do its job.?A neighbour shouldn?t go to bed knowing that the children next door didn?t get anything to eat,? she added.Greene said that in cases like those, adult neighbours and community members could simply contact the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security?s hotline numbers and make reports of the situation so that the Ministry could be of assistance.She said that the Ministry is now conducting its own investigation into the matter so as to protect the remaining children.When asked what strategies will be implemented to limit the possibility of situations of this nature, Greene said that among other things, the Ministry will seek to raise community awareness and levels of responsibility for each child in the community.The dead infant?s mother,Julian Weigl Jersey, Robin Moore, 30, and her 14-year-old son,Serge Savard Canadiens Jersey, are still in police custody while the remaining children between the ages of nine and one are staying with a relative who also lives in Sophia.Police, on Monday evening, detained a Sophia mother of six in relation to the death of her six-month-old baby boy. Ranks that launched an investigation into the matter are of the belief that the infant?s death most likely resulted from starvation and neglect.Moore told investigating ranks that she left her ?E? Field Sophia home on Sunday last around 17:45 hours in search of money. She said that she was forced to leave her children behind in the care of their eldest sibling, the 14 year-old.She said that upon her return, 24 hours later, the baby,Mike Scott Astros Jersey, whose only name was given as ?Two-Two?, was motionless.Moore said that as she returned home she immediately went to the baby ? who she thought was asleep, and began her failed attempt to breastfeed him. She later realized he was dead.

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Prepaid meters <a href="">Deatrich Wise Jr. Patriots Jersey</a> are already in the country and Guyana Po <a href="">Lucas Lima Jersey</a> wer and Light (GPL) is currently involved in community engagement. Kitty, North Ruimveldt, Stabroek and Bourda Markets and Black Bush Polder are the target areas.GPL is hoping <a href="">Rodolfo Pizarro Jersey</a> to install just over 2,000 of these meters by August.Chief Executive Officer of GPL,Deatrich Wise Jr. Patriots Jersey, Bharat Dindyal, said that the prepaid meters offer some advantages for loss reduction, but the significant benefits are basically allowing customers to manage their electricity more prudently.He said that in cases where persons cannot pay an entire month?s bill at one time,Lucas Lima Jersey, it allows them to purchase electricity in amounts that their cash flow will allow.?It allows them obviously to decide when they want to use power and when they don?t want to use power and of course the system has all sorts of features that allow them to manage and tell them how much they are using and the rate at which they are using power. It also informs them when they have reached their limit and have to recharge.?He said that GPL will be importing emergency power cards, so if persons forget to replenish their account, they can access emergency power from the card.GPL is hoping that by end of June vendors would have completed all their Information Technology (IT) work,Rodolfo Pizarro Jersey, as some supporting infrastructure has to be in place with both GPL and GT&T. UtiliSol, a company from Chattanooga,Barcelona Jersey, Tennessee (USA), pushing energy innovation in developing countries,Arjen Robben Netherland Jersey, was awarded with the US$500,000 contract to provide prepaid energy options to 2,300 households in Guyana.Initially, the project will be tested in 2,000 homes in Georgetown, given that Georgetown has the required infrastructure necessary to facilitate the project.Once the pilot project is implemented successfully, GPL intends to expand to thousands of households across the country.It was explained that the programme benefits the utility companies because they no longer have to generate bills, do not have to send a crew out to turn someone?s power on or off,Mitchell Trubisky Bears Jersey, and can collect on past due bills by allowing a customer to turn their power on while crediting a portion of their prepaid power to their past due account.UtiliSol has operated similar programs in Dominica, St. Maarten and Honduras. The pre-paid meter service is funded as part of the Unserved Areas Electrification Programme, which is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank. (Fareeza Haniff).

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By Rehanna Ramsay In an unprecedented move, Acting Town Clerk Caro <a href="">China Jerseys Cheap</a> l Ryan-Sooba, has announced that she will <a href="">Bryan Rust Penguins Jersey</a> be appointing a new person to act as head of City Hall in the absence Mayor Hamilton Green and Deputy Mayor, Patricia Chase Greene.Sooba, is however not alone in her move, as she informed the media yesterday, in th <a href="">NFL Jerseys Supply</a> e presence of several senior City Hall staffers, that she has been ?instructed? by Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker to ensure that certain sections of the municipal regulations are complied with.Georgetown Mayor Hamilton GreenSooba disclosed that Mayor Green left the jurisdiction last Tuesday for an indefinite period, while his Deputy Patricia Chase-Greene has left Council without leave for in excess three weeks.The Town Clerk (Ag) claims that both, the Mayor and his Deputy had left their posts, without undertaking the ?legitimate? process of selecting someone else to act in their capacity.Whilst Sooba noted that at the last statutory meeting ?the Mayor and some Councilors decided to select Councilor Ranwell Jordan to perform the duties of Mayor.?She added, ?The Town Clerk (Ag) had advised the Council this was illegal, since legally, it is the duty of the Town Clerk to call a Special statutory meeting to have a nominated Acting Mayor in place to perform their duties while the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are out of the country.?Despite her advice, Sooba said, Jordan has accessed the Mayor?s office and is performing the duties of Mayor.A meeting is planned for Friday August 16,China Jerseys Cheap, at which the Town Clerk (Ag) is expected to act in accordance with several sections of the Municipal Act and nominate a new acting Mayor of Georgetown.She has since instructed the Chief Constable to retrieve the keys to the Mayor?s office since it is the property of the Council,Bryan Rust Penguins Jersey, until the nomination meeting is finalized.While the Local Government Minister could not be reached for a comment, Region Four Chairman, Clement Corlette views the actions of the Acting Town Clerk as prohibited.?She cannot nominate an Acting Mayor ? the Mayor and Councilors are supposed to meet and nominate a presiding member of the Council?The Town Clerk Ag also made mention of the recent protest activities conducted by vendors.Sooba held that the protest exercises were incited by Mayor Green and some Councilors within his political party.?The people who were motivated to join the protest happen to be a few irate vendors. In fact, a mixture of irate illegal street vendors and thugs and other persons of that ilk?This was a protest that was not organised by the Council.?As such, Sooba admitted that ?these illegal actions? affected the work of the Town Clerk and staff of the Municipality.?Our properties and our lives were at risk. We had to be ever so vigilant as to how we treated that situation. The protest also escalated to my home,NFL Jerseys Supply, candles were lit around my yard, mannequins, red flowers and all sorts of garbage dumped, while protestors hurled abuses at the Town Clerk Acting.?Carol Ryan-Sooba Town Clerk (Ag)Sooba believes that the protest stemmed from the lack of action on the part of the Local Government Ministry to support calls for her removal as Town Clerk (Ag).The Council had expressed no confidence in Sooba as Town Clerk on several occasions.According to Sooba, legal action will be taken against the Council on her behalf.?While I don?t want give in depth detail of circumstances that caused this call for a no confidence motion against me. I will give a hint to the media because of legal implications and other actions that the Town Clerk and the Ministry of Local Government will be taking.?The Acting Town Clerk subsequently,Brandon Saad Team North America Jersey, cite

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Winston Saunders and his wife, Yonette Williams,Virgil van <a href="">Virgil van Dijk Netherland Jersey</a> Dijk Netherland Jersey, are peeved with the action ta <a href="">Thomas Muller Germany Jersey</a> ken by the Guyana Power and Light Company.The duo visited Kaieteur News on Tuesday to lodge a complaint against the utility company and to accuse its disconnection crew of concocting a malicious story against them and wrongfully disconnecting their service.They said <a href="">Divock Origi Jersey</a> that the crew also removed their meter.According to Williams she received a telephone call from her neighbour shortly before noon on Tuesday to hear that a disconnection crew was at their home.She said that she spoke to the GPL personnel via telephone who requested that she go home so that they could carry on their task.Williams said that she could not leave work at the time but telephoned her husband to go home and rectify the problem, given that she is absolutely certain that there was no illegal paraphernalia on their meter.Saunders, upon receiving the call, interrupted arrangements that he was planning for someone?s funeral and went to the 160 Middle Road, La Penitence, residence where he was greeted by two GPL officials who told him that there was an illegal connection on his residence.He said that he asked the men to show him what they were talking about but the officials said that they would have to wait on an engineer. The engineer?s visit never materialized.According to Saunders he was told that he needed to go down to the Loss Reduction Unit of GPL.He said that the men proceeded to remove the meter and when he went to the Loss Reduction Unit he was greeted with what he described as a most uncouth official who at first was reluctant to even identify himself.The official was later identified to be a Wayne Watson,Thomas Muller Germany Jersey, an engineer who told Saunders that he had a photograph of the illegal connection.According to Saunders he was shown a photograph of his residence along with a close up of the meter with what appeared to be a red wire attached to it.This,Divock Origi Jersey, he said,Zach Cunningham Youth Jersey, had to be the work of the crew given that he is adamant that there was no such wiring in place on his meter.He was then told to visit the company?s head office on Main Street where none of the persons to whom he was referred was present but he did manage to speak to an official who did an assessment on his connection trying to ascertain if there were any abnormal fluctuations which is typical in the event of theft.This, he said, vindicated his position. Nonetheless,Cameron Brannagan Jersey, he said that was told and given a document speaking to the fact that he had to pay a reconnection fee of $3,200 along with an investigation fee of $10,Haason Reddick Youth Jersey,000.Saunders is adamant that it was the power company at fault and as such he should not have to pay any such demands and that the company must reinstall his service connection.

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There is a reportedly alarming number of <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> suicides in Essequibo. Police re <a href="">Keisuke Honda Jersey</a> ported that the most recent incident involved a 27-year-old mother of two,Cheap Jerseys, Sherena Smith.Mrs. Smith, who took her life <a href="">Jason Denayer Jersey</a> around 8:30pm on Tuesday,Keisuke Honda Jersey, hours before committing suicide, had an argument with her husband,Jason Denayer Jersey, Greg Smith, 34.The argument stemmed from Greg asking Sherena for his underwear. Police said that the wife later told her husband that she was going to take a bath. According to reports, Greg told the police that he went in search of his wife, after he noticed what appeared to be a towel hanging on the bathroom door.Mr. Smith said that as the search for his wife intensified, he later noticed her hanging from a polythene rope in their toilet aback of his yard.The distraught man said that he hurriedly proceeded to cut the rope, but his wife was already dead.The mother of two was taken to the Oscar Joseph Hospital, where a doctor eventually pronounced her dead.Last week, there was a spate of reported suicide cases within the Charity district. On May 31,David Njoku Jersey, last, 24-year-old Ronnie Patrick took his life after it was reported that Patrick was seen hanging from a rope in his father?s home at Charity.The miner was scheduled to attend a court hearing the following day. This newspaper understands that Patrick was summoned to court for having carnal knowledge of a young girl.In the case of 54-year-old Ronald Lakeram, the man who, this newspaper understands, was not in a stable job, reportedly suffered from continuous mental abuse at the hands of his wife. Some residents in the area said the day prior to Lakeram ingesting the poisonous substance,Marc Bartra Dortmund Shirts, his wife approached him for some finance having ridiculed him for not being able to acquire a stationary job.Residents in the Charity area are alarmed at the emerging suicide rates within that area,Ever Banega Argentina Jersey, which occurred over the last week, while some are questioning whether there continues to be a moral break down or the lack of societal support.Last year there was also a series of suicides in the Charity area.

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A rating system which is expected to enhance the quality of services offered by <a href="">Toni Kroos Germany Jersey</a> Hotels and Restaurants in Guyana is soon to be <a href="">NFL Jerseys Supply</a> introduced and instituted.This was disclosed by Minister of Tourism (ag) Irfaan Ali, during a recent press conference held at the Ministry?s Boardroom,Toni Kroos Germany Jersey, to outline the Ministry?s plans for the firs <a href="">Collen Warner Toronto Jersey</a> t quarter of 2013.Ali explained to reporters that if the Government wants to see an increase in the arrivals of tourists,NFL Jerseys Supply, things need to be of a certain standard. This, he opined, would not only help visitors in choosing places for accommodation, meals, entertainment etc., but also prompt these places to raise their standards, allowing for a better quality.?Considerable emphasis will be placed on regularizing the service providers in this sector, continuing what the Ministry began in 2012. A special committee of both public and private sector representatives was formed to specifically consult service providers towards establishing standards.?In addition to this, the Ministry also has plans to implement the ?food critic system?.Executive Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Indranauth Haralsingh, explained that the entity is hoping to have the various newspapers come on board in making the initiative a success. He explained that the plan is to have qualified persons go into these places and assess not only the taste of the food, but also the kind of services being offered (courtesy of staff,Collen Warner Toronto Jersey, sanitation, pace at which the services are offered,Oleksandr Zinchenko Manchester City Jersey, etc.), and then give their review of it in the newspaper.The Minister noted that his Ministry is determined to ensure that the service quality is improved across the board.?We have 199 operators,Taylor Moton Panthers Jersey, guides, and properties registered so far, 87 hotels, 64 tour guides, 30 tour operators and 18 lodges and resorts. Our intentions are to ensure that these facilities would be held to certain standards and to have some waiting systems implemented sometime this year,Nazair Jones Womens Jersey,? Ali pointed out.Hence, the training programmes which commenced last year in the field of Tourism and Hospitality will be expanded, while new ones are expected to be implemented. This also includes tutoring tourism staff, as well as Immigration and Customs Officers to speak the Portuguese and Spanish, thus bridging the communication barrier with other countries like Brazil and Venezuela.

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Ravi Outar has in the past e <a href="">Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys</a> scaped death when he survived gunshot injuries. However, after being <a href="">Adrian Gonzalez Jersey</a> shot forRavi Outarthe second time a week ago Outar lost the fight for his life. Yesterday Outar succumbed around 14:30hrs in the Intensive Care U <a href="">Bastian Schweinsteiger Jersey UK</a> nit of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).Outar, a former policeman during the crime wave of the early 2000s, had been running a bar for the past several years. He was sitting outside his business place at 143 Second Street,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, Rose Hall, Berbice,Adrian Gonzalez Jersey, when a lone gunman walked up to him and pumped seven bullets into his body.According to reports, after Outar was shot,Bastian Schweinsteiger Jersey UK, his wife Meshell noticed a lone gunman calmly walking out of their sports bar and boarding a waiting car,Nathan Peterman Jersey, in which he escaped.Neighbours who heard the gunshots, rushed to the scene only to see the badly wounded Outar lying on the ground with blood pouring from his wounds.He was then rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital before being transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC),wholesale jerseys, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where he succumbed.Back in 2002,, he was shot in his foot when gunmen from the village of Buxton attacked the patrol vehicle that he was driving in the Coldingen area.Constable Alleyne was killed while Constable Cruickshank and Corporal Geness (now Chief Inspector Geness) were wounded. The patrol vehicle was later set on fire by the gunmen.Outar Leaves to mourn his wife and four children.

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Officials fro <a href="">Wayne Gallman Youth Jersey</a> m the City Constabulary have launched an inv <a href="">Stefan de Vrij Netherlands Jersey</a> estigation to ascertain if one of their own is in league with bandits who prey on unsuspecting targets at nights.Kaieteur News was informed that a m <a href="">Obi Melifonwu Womens Jersey</a> an who wears the uniform of the City Constabulary was seen acting in cahoots with two known bandits shortly after they had attempted to rob a citizen near the Stabroek Market in the wee hours of Monday morning.According to an eyewitness, two bandits were seen attacking a citizen prompting several persons, including the Constable,Wayne Gallman Youth Jersey, to intervene.One of the bandits managed to run away but his accomplice was held with a screwdriver and a chopper, both of which the City Constable collected.But, instead of handcuffing and arresting the suspect, even though he was urged by onlookers,Stefan de Vrij Netherlands Jersey, shockingly,Obi Melifonwu Womens Jersey, the Constable allowed the man to escape.The Constable then left the scene with the screwdriver and chopper he had taken from the bandit.But that was not the end of the story.Some of the very onlookers, including the eyewitness who spoke to this newspaper,Donnel Pumphrey Jersey, were heading to their intended destination, when a few corners away, they spotted the same Constable.Much to their surprise, he was seen talking to two men who were positively identified as the two bandits who had earlier attacked the citizen.?We see the Constable talking to the two bandits by Carnegie (School of Home Economics),Mario Osuna Mexico Jersey,? the eyewitness said.?I want to know if he lodged the chopper and the screwdriver,? the eyewitness added.It is not clear if the Constable was really a City Constable or if he was just another bandit who happens to be using a city constabulary uniform to carry out robbery in collusion with others.?If I see him again, I will recognize him,Jonas Brazil Jersey,? the eyewitness told this newspaper.He said that he has reported the matter to the Chief Constable.?These people using their uniforms to assist the bandits. This is not no ordinary situation,? the eyewitness stated.

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