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Bandit killed ? hunt on for eight others What started out as <a href="">Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys</a> a <a href="">Cheap Stitched Jerseys</a> daring daylight ambush and robbery at Stanleytown, West Bank Demerara, ended in an exchange of gunfire between members of the Joint Services and bandits, resulting in one man being shot dead.The dead gunman, who has bee <a href="">Cheap Jerseys</a> n identified as Eric Williams, called ?Eddo?, and his colleagues had tried to escape via the Demerara River aback of Nismes village, a few villages from where the robbery occurred.It is believed that another bandit was wounded but up to press time no other bandit had been captured. They reportedly escaped with a whopping $17.2M.Two of the security guards who were accosted by the banditsThe series of events started around 11:25 hours when a GEB security vehicle which was transporting the Wales GuySuCo Estate payroll was ambushed and robbed by about nine heavily armed men.According to a statement from the police, investigations revealed that the driver and three armed members attached to the GEB Private Security Service were escorting a locked canister with an undisclosed sum of cash to the Wales Estate.In the vicinity of the bridge at Stanleytown,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, their path was blocked by a silver grey motor car that was parked across the road. The police said that when they stopped, the nine men surrounded their vehicle and held them at gunpoint.Recounting the event was the driver of the vehicle who identified himself as Mr. Haynes. He said that he along with three other security men had uplifted the cash from a Vreed-en-Hoop bank and were heading to the estate when the men pounced on them as they were approaching a sluice in Stanleytown on the Public Road.He said while approaching the sluice which is at a very narrow part of the road, a vehicle attached to the Wales Estate overtook their vehicle and began driving slowly in front of them.There are reports that the driver of that vehicle has been detained to assist with investigation.According to the security guards, it was strange that a GuySuCo vehicle was escorting them since this is not the norm.Bandits abandoned this vehicle aback of Nimses Village W.B.D?Is when we just about to go over the sluice bridge that a car pull up behind,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, and is like six to eight men jump out with gun and stick we up.?He added that the men, after placing guns to the heads of two security men who were in the front seat of the vehicle, ordered them out to the vehicle. In the process, one of the guards was gun butted.The gunmen then ordered the security men to open the back of the vehicle and the guards complied.The security men were then relieved of three weapons including two 12-gauge shotguns and one .38 pistol.After ordering the security men out of their vehicles,Cheap Jerseys, the bandits then took over the GEB vehicle and made good their escape. The vehicle was later found abandoned on the Nismes Old Road.Police also recovered a boat equipped with an outboard engine in the Demerara River not far from the scene of the robbery.It is believed that the bandits had used the boat to aid their escape but encountered difficulties in the river and were forced to abandon it.Following the robbery, ranks subsequently surrounded a large bushy area in the Nismes community where they believed that the bandits were holed up.Police ranks recovered this boat that the bandits reportedly used in their getawayThe police said that their ranks responded promptly and launched a search for the perpetrators during which two of them were confronted at the riverside behind the Service Station where the security vehicle was found.According to the police,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the men opened fire on the ranks who returned fire, fatally wounding Williams, of no fixed place of abode. The other managed t

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Bloodsuckers. That would include ba <a href="">Bo Jackson Raiders Jersey</a> ts,Bo J <a href="">Taywan Taylor Jersey</a> ackson Raiders Jersey, Bar Rat and some other politicians. Dem boys ain?t certain bout all of de present crop but dem know nuff from de last crop. Bar Rat was de lead bloodsucker.Brassing <a href="">Jason Peters Eagles Jersey</a> ton ain?t deh far behind and is only because he fat and he belly does hold him back.Dem is de planners fuh nuff of dem projects?de Berbice Bridge wha sucking de life of dem poor Berbicians and fulling dem pocket.De Marriott was another one,Taywan Taylor Jersey, designed fuh dem same people to live like kings and queens. It was also designed fuh dem to own it and full dem pocket and dem Pees. Brassington and Babbie and Bar Rat had special rooms designed fuh dem alone.As fuh de Amaila Falls,Jason Peters Eagles Jersey, if it did kick off dem woulda own it too and our grand children would?a end up paying dem grand children. That is de kind of life dem was setting up fuh dem and dem grandchildren after sucking de blood of de ordinary taxpayer.Now dem out of office dem planning disruption and confusion. Dem boys hear dem saying some things that dem want to know if Guyanese suh stupid fuh believe.One of de things dem seh is that Charity and Suddie hospital falling apart. Who mek it falling apart today? De coalition? This was reported in Jagdeo own newspaper.Another headline got Jagdeo claiming how he challenge de new administration to declare dem assets when he is still to tell de nation wheh he get de money to build de mansion and buy dem other property he got.Dem boys always know that when he can?t answer he does run and tun things around. He couldn?t handle questions bout de sugar because he bring a corn flour factory and name it sugar factory.He and Brassington dem couldn?t find market fuh rice all dem years now dem blaming de new government wha just go in office de other day.Dem boys hear he telling de rice farmers to bring out dem machines and park dem up in Georgetown next to Soulja Bai office.Dem boys got a message fuh de farmers. Dem can come toward Georgetown but dem must stop at Pradoville 2 wheh Jagdeo got he mansion and nuff yard space fuh hold all dem machines.Dem boys hear bout a story wha match dem suckers. A lady pun a bus and trying to breastfeed she baby and de baby refusing to suck de breast.De mother tell de baby if you don?t suck she gun give it to de man next to she. De baby still refuse. After half an hour de woman repeats de threat. De man clears his throat and seh, ?Lady mek up you mind. I was suppose to get off six bus stops ago.?These are de suckers?Jagdeo, Brassington, Ashni,, Babbie,Kevin Greene Steelers Jersey, Bee Kay,Arizona State Sun Devils Jerseys, Irfaat and Rob de Earth and all dem other Bees. What a bunch of suckers.Talk half and put things in dem mouth fuh mek dem stop sucking.

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With white pieces of cloth tied around various visible body parts, several v <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Online</a> endors of the Stabroek Market Square yesterday paid an impromptu <a href="">Cheap Jerseys NFL China</a> visit to Congress Place to speak with Opposition leader Robert Corbin in the wake of their removal from the location.As a result of Wednesday?s explosion that killed one and left 19 injured, all <a href="">2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey</a> persons who were vending on the perimeter of the Stabroek market bus park were removed.Quite a number of those affected by the move, mounted a protest in the Stabroek Market area while approximately two dozen of them made their way to Congress Place.The team met with Corbin,Cheap Jerseys Online, who pledged his party?s support in ensuring that the vendors? rights ?are not trampled upon?.The leader, in an attempt to provide a sense of hope in the minds of the distraught vendors said, ?If you decide to stand firm in your quest for justice,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, I will be at the forefront supporting you in every way.A number of persons complain of us being cold, in that the party does not adequately make representation for its people.However, I find it a waste of time representing for my people, when those that are really affected are hiding in the background.?In response,2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey, one of the vendors said ?we ready to come out at all cost?. The vendor noted that, if by today, nothing seems to be happening he will move a step further, in bringing out his children to join the protest because,NFL Jerseys Supply, according to him, it makes no sense that they go to school if they have nothing to eat, and vending is his only source of income.The man explained that on Wednesday when he was asked to remove form the area, he complied. However, yesterday morning, upon showing up with his goods to start business as usual,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China, he was told that they ?must? cease vending until further notice.In the presence of the vendors,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, Corbin made several attempts to contact the Minister of Local Government, Kellawan Lall, however, the efforts were futile.The Opposition Leader remarked that it is the legitimate right of the vendors to ply ntheir trade between the hours of 6am ? 6pm.Corbin recalled a similar development in 2007, when the Government wanted to remove the vendors in the lead-up to Cricket World Cup.?I stood up for you then and I prepared to do the same now?.Corbin encouraged the vendors to stand firm in their protest.When asked to comment on Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee?s statement that ?Stabroek Market is haven for criminal activities?, Corbin opined that the statement is just a reflection of the minister?s incompetence and the police force?s inefficiency in dealing with matters that they are aware of. Corbin stressed that if the law enforcement officials know of a situation they should not wait until something drastic happens before they take action.

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? says sports neglected for 23 year <a href="">Scott Gomez Jersey</a> s under PPP/CFormer West <a href="">Tommy McDonald Eagles Jersey</a> Indies cricket captain, Alvin Kallicharran, says he is batting for the Opposition coalition after becoming convinced that sports has been neglected in Guyana.Endorsing APNU+AFC:Former WI Cap <a href="">Victor Martinez Tigers Jersey</a> tain, Alvin KallicharranIt would be among one of the biggest names that the A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU-AFC) coalition has managed to draw for the May 11 polls, and is being described as one of the toughest for the incumbent, People?s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) in their 22 years reign.Among some of the notable names who have endorsed the coalition are prominent businessman, Jacob Rambarran and Joey Jagan, son of Dr. Cheddi Jagan,Scott Gomez Jersey, former leader and founder of the PPP/C.Kallicharran,Tommy McDonald Eagles Jersey, 66, who hails from Port Mourant, East Berbice, is related to Derek Kallicharran, a former left handed batsman and a right arm spinner for Guyana, and is the uncle of brothers, Mahendra and Vishal Nagamootoo, who both represented Guyana. Mahendra played on the West Indies team also.In a full page advertisement in Kaieteur News yesterday, Kallicharran said that after a very long time,Victor Martinez Tigers Jersey, he was able to spend quality time in Guyana and travel across the country coaching youngsters and listening to the issues affecting everyone, especially as it relates to sports in general and cricket in particular.?I am convinced that a lot more can be done if Government partners with the various associations for the promotion of sports rather than trying to take control of it.?He said that after careful thought,Daniel Murphy Jersey, he decided to endorse the APNU+AFC because ?I think it is time for change. After 23 years,Brendan Shanahan Red Wings Jersey, it is clear that sports has been neglected in Guyana. We have heard enough promises from this government and what they will do after this election when for the past two decades they had the opportunity to deliver on these promises and failed. It is time for a change.?Yesterday, leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan said that Kallicharran, who captained the West Indies team between 1977-78, was especially disillusioned by the state of cricket in Guyana and the interference from Government in the Guyana Cricket Board.?He is extremely concerned about the state of the cricket grounds, of ensuring that these are up-to-standard, are fenced and protected from cows etc.?Kallicharran, who has retired from professional cricket two decades ago, has been giving talks to young cricketers.?He is advocating for more help for cricketers. For the State to provide subsidies so that players can be trained to handle cricketing life mentally and even help in special meals,? Ramjattan said.Alvin Kallicharran at the top of his game in the 70?s.Kallicharran was also reportedly concerned that many young cricketers worry about the absence of support from Government programmes and in the face of that, worry about money to support families.?He is saying that Government is promising all the time. You have a new stadium at Providence while the Guyana Cricket Board is being allowed to fall apart. The loss of support from businesses amidst the economic climate is also worrying to Mr. Kallicharran. For cricket to develop, there must be a proper plan, away from political interference as is the case now,? Ramjattan said.Kallicharran played for the West Indies team between 1972 to 1981.A left-handed batsman and right-arm off spinner, Kallicharran was known for his elegant, watchful batting style and was named Wisden Cricketer of the Year for 1973.

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Ranks from <a href=""></a> the Police Narcotics Unit have once again interc <a href="">Taywan Taylor Jersey</a> epted a shipment of cocaine at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Timehri.On Saturday last,, ranks stationed at the airport were doing routine checks in mailbags which were s <a href="">Omar Infante Tigers Jersey</a> cheduled to leave for the United States,Taywan Taylor Jersey, when they stumbled upon an unusually big package.That mail was searched and a substance suspected to be cocaine and another substance suspected to be heroine was found.Tests conducted on both substances later proved that one of the substances was indeed cocaine and the other heroine. This newspaper was told that the cocaine weighed some 3 kilograms while the heroine amounted to some 400 grams.Investigations are ongoing. This is the second shipment of cocaine which was found in a mailbag at the CJIA in the past two weeks. During the latter part of March,Omar Infante Tigers Jersey, a packet of sweets was found in a mailbag with a quantity of cocaine. No one has since been arrested for that bust.

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Loved ones of the injured owner of De Sinco Trading <a href="">Budda Baker Jersey</a> ,Budda Baker Jersey, Frank De Abreu, have exhaled a b <a href="">Obi Melifonwu Jersey</a> reath of relief after being informed by doctors that improvement has been spotted in his condition.A medical professional attached to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GP <a href="">Austin Romine Jersey</a> HC) yesterday informed this newspaper that even though the businessman hasn?t regained consciousness, indications are that he will soon.The source said that De Abreu has been taken off the ventilator to which he was linked more than a week ago and is now able to breathe on his own.Frank De AbreuThis newspaper also learnt that De Abreu has become more responsive to doctors as it relates to bodily movements and seems to be ??holding his own.?However, the businessman remains in GPHC?s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and is still considered to be critical. Meanwhile, hospital officials say ?doctors will continue to work assiduously to ensure that he (De Abreu) is successfully discharged from this hospital.?It has been over a week since De Abreu?s car,Obi Melifonwu Jersey, PHH 9488,Austin Romine Jersey, collided with a fire tender that was reportedly responding to a grass fire in Non-Pareil, East Coast Demerara. Though the four firemen sustained minor injuries, De Abreu?s injuries were serious.Surgery was performed to address his internal bleeding. He also sustained a punctured right lung, broken rib and damaged liver; and doctors declared that these were all fixed and no other surgery has been since performed on him.Reports about the accident were that the fire tender slammed into De Abreu?s Honda which was heading east along Lamaha Street. The fire tender was heading north along Irving Street. The traffic lights at the intersection were not working at the time of the accident.After the collision, the driver of the fire tender, in an effort to avoid other impacts, steered the vehicle into a nearby canal.Four fire fighters were in the fire tender at the time. One of them,Authentic Andre Drummond Pistons Jersey, the driver,Adam Lallana Liverpool Jersey UK, identified as Marlon Wilson,, sustained severe injuries to the head, shoulder, neck and eye and he spent some time at GPHC and was discharged. The other firefighters sustained minor injuries and were treated at the hospital and sent away the same day.The De Sinco Trading owner was reportedly making his way home after checking up on ongoing rehabilitation works at Guyana?s top school Queen?s College since he had recently donated $1.5M for the aforementioned purpose.

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Developing positive attitudes at work to ensure cl <a href="">NFL Jerseys China Online</a> ient satisfaction is the focus of a staff development training being host <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> ed by the Ministry of Social Protection. The training began yesterday at the National Racquet Centre,NFL Jerseys China Online, Woolford Avenu <a href="">NFL Jerseys China Cheap</a> e.It is being facilitated by Human Resources Professional, Audrey Williams,Cheap NFL Jerseys, for the Ministry?s front desk staff to boost their customer service skills.Among the staff benefitting are those from The Palms Geriatric Institution,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, the Child Protection Agency, the Labour Department in Region Six, the Hugo Chavez Centre for Reintegration and Rehabilitation, and the Accounts and Management Information Systems Departments.According to the ministry,Wholesale China Jerseys, the training session focuses on customers? needs, care and satisfaction; handling dissatisfied customers; techniques for customer service; telephone etiquette; and interpersonal skills.According to Principal Personnel Officer,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, Shelton Daniels,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the training session ?is part of the Ministry?s continuous staff development programme for front desk officers who primarily deal with members of the public.?According to the ministry, it is a service-oriented one and staffers often have to interface with clients in difficult situations. It is expected that this training will enhance their capabilities and improve the quality of service the ministry offers to the public.

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Los Angeles Clippers 106, San Antonio Spurs 101

LOS ANGE <a href="">cheap jordans free shipping</a> LES - <a href="">nopq0421</a> - Despite losing Chris Paul to a hamstring injury, the Los Angeles Clippers beat the San Antonio Spurs 106-101 Thursday night at Staples Center.

<a href="">cheap real jordans</a> Paul suffered a strained left hamstring early in the third quarter and did not return. He finished with team-high 19 points, six assists and seven rebounds in 23 minutes.

Without Paul, the Clippers received a boost from their bench. Marreese Speights had 14 points,cheap jordans free shipping, seven rebounds and five assists,nopq0421, while Raymond Felton added 13 points. Jamal Crawford chipped in 11 points. The Clippers' reserves outscored the Spurs' bench 58-31.

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan had 11 points and nine rebounds,cheap real jordans, and J.J. Redick also scored 11 for the Clippers (22-8), who beat the Spurs for the second time this season.

Kawhi Leonard led the Spurs (23-6) with 27 points and nine rebounds. Pau Gasol contributed 21 points and eight rebounds. Danny

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