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Old people got a saying that pot like to tell skillet that he bottom <a href="">NFL Jerseys Authentic</a> black. Of course pot bigger than skillet,NFL Jerseys Authentic <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> , suh he got a bigger bottom. Brassington tell de nation that de other Bharat mismanage de power company.This is de same Brassington who tell de nation that Fip was a good road contractor even though <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> Fip never build a pavement. De same Brassington tell everybody that de Amaila Hydro project was the best thing to happen to Guyana. He didn?t tell people that Amaila under him and Jagdeo woulda rob de people.Brassington,Cheap Jerseys From China, Ashni and Jagdeo mek de country spend millions pun de hydro road that people now calling de road to nowhere. Of course, Fip fail and Donald had to kick him. Brassington then announce that Guyana will get back de money Fip spend. That was a sham,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, because Fip pretend to sue de government and de story done.That was just one case of mismanagement. De Marriott was another. Brassington seh how de hotel gun mek a profit from de day it open its door. Now dem boys finding that de hotel losing $20 million every month and Brassington ain?t saying a word.He bottom black and really big too,NFL Jerseys Cheap, but he telling Bharat that he bottom black.That is only part of de story. Anil talking bout constitutional irregularity. He seh that if GECOM and Parliament pay demself then it is unconstitutional. He also seh that if Moses go to Parliament when he performing de duties of president that would be illegal and irregular. He didn?t seh that when de Chancellor was also performing de duties of Chief Justice.Anil didn?t see that it was irregular to tek taxpayers? money to fund he personal expense. He claim that he pay it back,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, but dem boys don?t have any record. But even if he pay it back,Nike NFL Jerseys China, he shoulda realize that what he doing was irregular.Jagdeo go to parliament and talk how it irregular to mek people talk after him and before de Finance Minister. He didn?t see it as irregular when he never use to talk at all although people ask him question. He was de man who get de Hen See Hen report and he never touch it. That too wasn?t irregular.Talk half and watch how people want change de law to suit demself.

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PPP General Secretary, Donald RamotarGeneral Secretary of the People?s Prog <a href="">Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale</a> ressive Party (PPP), Donald Ramotar, yesterday accused th <a href="">Soccer Jerseys China</a> e Parliamentary opposition,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, particularly the People?s National Congress Reform (PNCR), of giving tacit (implicit or unspoken) support to criminal activities in Guyana.Ramotar made the statement during a medi <a href="">Wholesale Authentic Jerseys</a> a briefing at the party?s headquarters, Freedom House, yesterday.He argued that his contention was based on the opposition parties? position on the motion tabled recently by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee that was aimed at lauding the Joint Services for the killing of Rondell ?Fine Man? Rawlins and his gang.When the motion was put to the House on Monday, the House asked for a division of votes and the opposition parties abstained from voting.Ramotar added also that it was noticeable that the leader of the Alliance For Change, Raphael Trotman, after attacking the motion seeking to express appreciation to the Joint Services, left the National Assembly with his deputy, Khemraj Ramjattan.?It was obvious that they did not want to be in Parliament to take a side for or against the motion?This was clear political opportunism, and can only encourage criminal activities in Guyana?He,Soccer Jerseys China, however, returned to support the ridiculous allegation of torture contained in the motion of the PNCR.?The PPP General Secretary noted, too, that the position of the parties came following a series of ?vicious attacks? by them (Opposition) on the security forces.He noted that almost every statement on crime and related activities from the PNCR and AFC appears to be attacking the police and the Joint Services.Ramotar added that it should be noted that since the prison escape of 2002, more police officers have been murdered by the criminal gang than during the whole previous history of the organisation, spanning more than 150 years.?The gang, most recently led by ?Fine Man?, also committed some of the most atrocious crimes in Guyana,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, and were responsible for dozens of murders,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, including the Lusignan, Bartica and Lindo Creek massacres, together with earlier episodes where another eight persons were massacred on the East Bank of Demerara and the killing of Minister Sash Sawh. These, among others, demonstrate the terroristic nature of the gang.?Clearly the Joint Services deserve the appreciation of the people of this country for arresting a part of the gang and eliminating another part during confrontations?The PPPC members,Cheap Jerseys, while giving support to the work of the security forces, expressed total opposition to torture wherever it exists, and committed themselves to continue to uphold human rights of all people, Guyanese and internationally, and this position was stated in the National Assembly during the debate.?He added that the opposition PNCR, AFC and GAP/ROAR should re-examine their position on the issue, for as it stands now it appears as though their sympathies are with the bandits and against the law enforcement agencies.On Monday last,Cheap Jerseys Online, when the motion was tabled, opposition members had stated that when the Joint Services deserved to be praised, they were, and in the same vein the parties reserved the right to condemn the actions of the Joint Services for any wrongdoings on their part.

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London, England ? In keeping with years past, Guyana follow <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> ed another successful year at the British B <a href="">NFL Jerseys From China</a> irdwatching Fair by spotlighting its tourism highlights at the ?Guyanese Summer Evening? event, which was held last Friday in London.Those in attendance ? a capacity <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys China</a> crowd of about 150 tour operators, media representatives, dignitaries, tourism industry delegates, and Guyanese on hand to celebrate their country ? were treated to a night of Guyanese hospitality that consisted of presentations, a video, Caribbean snacks, and world famous El Dorado rum.This year?s feature presenters were Diane McTurk, who spoke about her work rehabilitating orphaned Giant River Otters into the wild at Karanambu Ranch, and JohnGimlette, who talked about his off-the-beaten-path travels in Guyana.Before the evening?s presentations, Edward Glover, Chairman of the Iwokrama Board of Trustees and former British High Commissioner to Guyana, introduced a video featuring Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development.The 15-minute video, which was produced by Caribbean Airlines, a sponsor of Iwokrama,Wholesale Jerseys, featured interviews and stunning shots of Iwokrama?s scenery, wildlife, and people. The film focused on Iwokrama?s ongoing research into climate change and how to sustainably use rainforests without losing them in the process.The Honourable Laleshwar K.N. Singh, Guyana?s High Commissioner to the UK, began the evening?s presentations with a welcome talk that highlighted the importance of rainforest conservation while touching on President Jagdeo?s Low Carbon Development Strategy for Guyana. Paul Waldron then spoke about Iwokrama?s tourismofferings and their ongoing work in sustainable rainforest use and management.Tony Thorne, Managing Director of Wilderness Explorers,NFL Jerseys From China, provided an overview of newtourism products in Guyana, including the Eco-Lodges at Rewa and Nappi villages.Judy Karwacki also gave an update on the Guyana Sustainable Tourism Initiative (GSTI), a joint project of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Guyana Trade and Investment Support (GTIS) project.Diane McTurk followed, taking the stage in an elegant dress and high heels that were in dramatic contrast to the images she showed of herself at home at Karanambu Ranch,barefoot and swimming with otters.To loud applause and in front of several flashing cameras and an enchanted audience,McTurk told tales of living in Guyana?s Rupununi Savannahs while caring for orphaned Giant River Otters.She also showed photographs of Karanambu?s flora and fauna and spoke of her efforts in establishing the Karanambu Trust to help protect the pristine lands of her home and improve livelihoods in the Amerindian villages of the North Rupununi.Diane McTurk spoke of living in Guyana?s Rupununi Savannahs while caring for orphaned Giant River OttersJohn Gimlette closed out the evening with a talk and slideshow titled, ?Guyana: Off the Beaten Track?. Gimlette traveled extensively in Guyana last year while researching anupcoming book on the three Guianas and two recently published travel articles on Guyana, one for Wanderlust magazine and one for the UK?s Telegraph newspaper.He spoke about destinations and experiences in Guyana that are typically overlooked by the average visitor, including the Berbice River, a monastery near Bartica,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, a visit to the site of Jonestown, a cattle round-up at Dadanawa Ranch, and staying with a family at Surama village. Gimlette accompanied his talk with photographs from his journey and he urged those in attendance to ?go home,Cheap Jerseys, pack your bags, and go.?Representatives of Bradt Travel Guides were also on hand selling the

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Over the past few months, <a href=""></a> residents on the West Coast a <a href="">Luis Suarez Jersey</a> nd West Bank of Demerara, as well as others in the Demerara Interconnected system have been affected by continuous power outages.However, this is about to change in the coming weeks, as tw <a href="">Zane Gonzalez Jersey</a> o machines,, a five-megawatt (MW) Niigata and a three-megawatt Crossly Machine is expected to be back into operation at the Garden of Eden Power station by the end of the month.This is according to Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL), Bharat Dindyal, who noted at a press conference on Thursday,Luis Suarez Jersey, that the Niigata Machine had an alternator failure in January, while the Crossly Machine had a bearing failure last March.He said that the alternator for the Niigata machine has been shipped to the UK for repairs and is expected back this month while the special bearings required for the Crossly machine would be delivered by next week.In the meantime,Zane Gonzalez Jersey, two additional machines are expected to be in service at the Garden of Eden plant, which will allow adequate generation capacity. However, Dindyal cautioned that the power outages still remain weak.He said that at the end of last December, the available generation in the Demerara Interconnected System reduced from 78MW to 70MW currently due to the failure of these machines.?The reduction in available capacity to 70MW increases the probability of power outages as the unavailability of any of the twenty-nine machines can create a generation shortfall. Power outages have increased in frequency in the recent past without notification to our consumers largely because of a series of mechanical problems on various machines, including our Wartsila sets. This has resulted in disruption in the routines of individuals and the operations of businesses,Andre Schurrle Jersey,? Dindyal said.He explained that the eight Wartsila machines contribute 44 megawatts of the 68MW needed to meet the Demerara peak and are therefore critical to the maintenance of a reliable and adequate supply.?Currently we have a potential capacity of 70MW to meet a peak demand of 68MW but a significant portion of this capacity includes 18 Caterpillar power modules which are susceptible to failure when operated continuously, or old equipment which are beyond their useful life.?GPL?s available capacity during the evening peak varies between 63MW and 67.5MW and this invariably results in at least one feeder being interrupted.Currently, one Wartsila machine is operating with two mechanical defects and parts are being procured and airfreighted from Finland.Dindyal said that work is moving apace on GPL?s new 20MW power plant in Kingston, which is expected to begin commercial operation in the third quarter of this year.This would add much-needed base load capacity to Demerara allowing adequate generation capacity to meet peak demand.He also noted that some of the power outages are directly related to network faults as well,George Springer Astros Jersey, as there are pieces of automatic equipment supervising all of their feeders,Ryan Fulton Liverpool Jersey UK, which are designed to interrupt power supply if abnormal conditions are detected, and so powers are taken off automatically.?We rely heavily on consumers calling in to report faults, because we don?t have any equipment to identify where our faults might be or whether they are temporary. We rely entirely on consumers calling us and saying there is a problem here.?Commenting on the situation in Essequibo, Dindyal said that power outages are minimal, as current power generation capacity at Anna Regina is 4MW, at Wakena

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The government yesterday l <a href="">NFL Jerseys China Online</a> aunched <a href="">NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic</a> its $21 million ?School Retention and Child Labour Prevention Programme? at the Kuru Kuru Primary School.The programme includes Numeracy and Literacy, N <a href="">2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey</a> utrition Support,NFL Jerseys China Online, Transportation Provision, Parenting Workshops and Psychosocial Support. It is intended to educate and develop the persons in the rural areas.The first beneficiaries are the students of the Kuru Kuru Primary School and residents of the area. Currently in effect is the provision of transportation which takes the students to and from school.According to Marilyn Williams, Headmistress of Kuru Kuru Nursery and Primary School,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, the transportation provided by three buses has increased pupil attendance from 64 per cent to 90 per cent.This newspaper understands that many students previously skipped school. One member of the school stated that absentees of both genders would normally go under the bridge at the creek naked, while many were on the road waiting on transportation.The head master of Dora Secondary School,2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey, Garfield Williams,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, recalled his school days when he had to walk a long distance to school. He said that he used to ?pitch light? to get the attention of drivers; he also spoke about the hours he and his colleagues would reach home.Now students arrive on time in the mornings and reach home by 4:00pm.Students who are ?weak? in some subject areas are now targeted through the numeracy and literacy programme. There will be an ?after school? study team, where students can stay back and get help in weak subject areas. A healthy meal will also be served.Minister of Labour, Manzoor Nadir,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, along with Mr. Sesh Sookdeo, who heads the One Lap Top Per Family Programme (OLPF), spoke about how the OLPF can be linked with the new project.According to the Minister, the Laptops will be arriving in October,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and will be distributed soon after.

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Head of the Presidential Secretariat,De <a href="">DeAndre Jordan Team USA Jersey</a> Andre Jordan Team USA Jersey, Dr. Ro <a href=""></a> ger Luncheon,, has said that the issue of criminals wanted by police still securing bail on a continuous basis by the court is a matter that <a href="">Jack Wilshere Arsenal Jersey UK</a> he suspects will continue in the future.Dr. Luncheon was responding to a question posed by a reporter at his post Cabinet media briefing yesterday at the Office of the President.He spoke about the recent killing of James Gibson by the security forces in Berbice, even as Gibson was wanted by the police on a court matter. He too had been released on bail.According to the Cabinet Secretary,Jack Wilshere Arsenal Jersey UK, society will have to determine how it addresses the issues of bail and bailable offences,Nathan Peterman Jersey, as the government has already made its position clear.?Recent enactments have shown in our context of controlling crime and violence that we are prepared to deny bail to those who have been or are accused of certain categories of crime?It is not only Berbice, but also on the Essequibo Coast recently?The return to crime is almost being encouraged and bail, although being challenged by state prosecutors, is often granted and the end result is that offenders who might have been safely accommodated at the State?s expense are on the road and preying on innocent Guyanese, property and lives,Reggie Miller College Jersey,? Dr. Luncheon said.He explained that the matter will continue to surface because criminals will continue committing crimes and the police and law enforcement agencies will continue to apprehend them.Dr. Luncheon added that granting bail to criminals will continue on whatever basis despite the fight put up by the prosecutors.?It?s going to remain a source of some friction in the society,Howard Wilson Jersey, particularly for those families who suffer and those who die knowing that this particular criminal, whether caught or not, had already passed through the court system and through some leniency, was released on bail to continue careers in crime.?James Gibson was a former GDF officer who was charged jointly with Oliver Hinckson for possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.Gibson was earlier charged with the unlawful possession of a firearm believed stolen from a policeman.He was placed on bail, and was the source of protest organized by his mother when the authorities refused to release him from custody although the courts had ordered his release.

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?to extend fence, build r <a href="">Ryan Arcidiacono College Jersey</a> oad <a href="">Chris Godwin Jersey</a> s, fuel for joint operations, etcBy Gary EleazarFinance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, by way of two supplementary papers tabled in the National Assembly, is seeking another $4,677,208,405 (the equivalent of US$25M) from <a href="">Matias Fernandez Jersey</a> the nation?s coffers.Dr Singh yesterday tabled the documents asking that it be debated at the next sitting of the House.According to financial paper three with the schedule of supplementary provision on the current and capital estimates totaling $2.2B, some $28M was allocated in the voted provision in this year?s budget,Ryan Arcidiacono College Jersey, and now the Guyana Defence Force is gearing to receive another $22M for the extension of a fence at Camp Groomes on the Soesdyke Linden Highway.The GDF is also slated for an additional $135M under ?Legend? fuel and lubricants and it is explained that the money is required to meet additional expenditure.The Defence Force will also be receiving under the description ?other? an additional $273.8MAnd this too is listed to meet expenditure for joint operations.Added to the $14.5M that was given to Office of the President for the purchase of equipment another $5.6M is being requested.The Public Works Ministry is also slated to benefit from some $1.2B in addition to the $67M it had already received.Office of the President-Presidential Advisory is in line for a generous boost of $50M in addition to its original allocation of 413.6M.The document that was tabled by Dr Singh stated that the money is to meet expenditure in relation to the Office of Climate Change and the Low Carbon Development Strategy.The Agriculture sector is also slated for just under half off a billion dollars with $10M of that identified for hinterland communities affected by El Nino.Included too in that sum is the $400M that will be going to the Guyana Rice Development Board which was announced earlier this year by head of State Bharrat Jagdeo to assist rice farmers.Another $40M will be shared between the National Agriculture Research Institute and the New Guyana Marketing Corporation.On the supplementary provision of the capital estimates on financial paper four, the Guyana Sugar Corporation will be the beneficiaries of another $1.4B in addition to the $1.8B for the construction of the packaging plant at Enmore.The two papers make their way to the House shortly after the National Assembly approved more than $2B in addition to what was voted for in the 2009 Budget.The Minister in August successfully tabled the First Schedule of Supplementary Provision on the current and Capital Estimates totaling $247.4 million for the period from July 16 to December 31 this year.The monies requested at that time for current estimates included funds for the Amerindian Affairs Ministry for items such as rental of buildings, print and non print materials, fuel and lubricants, vehicles spares and services, other transport travel and postage,Chris Godwin Jersey, electricity charges,Matias Fernandez Jersey, training (including Scholarships) and another item line named ?other?.As it relates to the rental of buildings, no money was voted for in the budget and the Finance Minister had sought some $2.5M on their behalf.For the Ministry of Health, in addition to the $7.3M voted for the maintenance of buildings, an additional $30M was received and it is said to be used for the refurbishing of offices,Alexandre Pato Chelsea Jersey UK, electrical installation and plumbing to existing buildings to house staff of the Ministry of Health that formerly occupied the building that was destroyed by fire.Under the Agency, Guyana Defence Force Defence Headquarters,Rafinha Barcelona Jersey

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