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The Tribunal that President David Granger appointed to determine Carvil <a href="">Bas Dost Netherland Jersey</a> Duncan?s suitability toCarvil Duncancontinue to serve as Chairman and appointe <a href="">Alphonse Areola Paris Saint-Germain Jersey</a> d member of the Public Service Commission did not waste time. The Tribunal begun its work on October 10, and by October 20,Bas Dost Netherland Jersey, when Duncan secured a High Court Order halting the work of the Tribunal, all investigations were al <a href="">Angel Di Maria Argentina Jersey</a> ready completed. All that was left to be done was for the Tribunal to hand its report to President David Granger.This information was provided to the media yesterday by Minister of State,Alphonse Areola Paris Saint-Germain Jersey, Joseph Harmon as he hosted a post-Cabinet press briefing.Duncan had secured an Order Rule Nisi from the High Court to halt the works of the Tribunal, saying that his rights were being violated.Harmon said that the government will honour the court order, ?We are a law abiding government?since there is an order of Court we respect the order of Court,? Harmon.The Minister further indicated that the government is preparing to submit its response to the Order. ?The return date on that order is the thirty-first of October,Angel Di Maria Argentina Jersey, and therefore the attorneys who represent the state will be given sufficient instructions to move to the court to have that order vacated so that the work of the commission can be concluded,? Harmon said.Harmon said that since the Tribunal has completed its investigations it will present its recommendations to the President when the court matter is resolved.?The work is not concluded until the tribunal hands over its report to the President, and that is the stage where I believe we are,? Harmon told the press.President David Granger had appointed a Tribunal to determine whether Duncan should be removed from his post as head of the Public Service Commission and as a member of several other constitutional bodies,Ousmane Dembele Dortmund Jersey, following fraud charges that were brought against him.The Tribunal is led by Justice Roxanne George-Wiltshire, while Justice (retd) Winston Patterson, and Attorney-at-Law, Robert Ramcharran serve as members. The Tribunal was to render its report, findings and recommendations to the President on or before October 31, 2016.Duncan is currently facing charges of fraud following findings that he paid himself approximately $1M and allegedly conspired with Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) of the Guyana Power and Light, Mr. Aeshwar Deonarine,Alfredo Talavera Mexico Jersey, for an unapproved transfer of approximately $27M, both sums from the PetroCaribe Fund,Alexandre Pato Chelsea Jersey, into Deonarine?s personal bank account. (Abena Rockcliffe- Campbell)

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A Hadfield Str <a href="">Jason Denayer Jersey</a> eet, Georgetown car dealer has disappeared without a trace, leaving a number of h <a href="">Bastian Schweinsteiger Manchester United Jersey</a> is customers who would have paid him for vehicles yet to be delivered, in tears.Advertisements running in the daily newspapers for several months last year identified the business as a <a href="">Shkodran Mustafi Germany Jersey</a> n auto sales and services company.Business transactions were being conducted at a section of a popular businessThe ?closed? sign on the door on Hadfield Street.In one of the many advertisements, it was mentioned that customers would get free fuel for one year with every purchase or pre-order.Photographs of a number of vehicles with their prices attached were printed in the newspaper under a ?cheap and sweet deal? and persons without thinking twice,Jason Denayer Jersey, approached the auto sales dealer and made payments for vehicles that, reportedly, were never delivered to them.Apart from the advertisement, there were a number of vehicles on display opposite the Hadfield Street business entity where the car dealer was operating from.Yesterday, a woman, who identified herself as one Avril Johnson, and claimed to be a customer who was duped by the advertised auto sales company, contacted this newspaper with her story.The woman, who hails from Timehri, said that she operates a small shop at her home and had plans to purchase a Toyota Premio.?I had $700,000 in my bank account and I went into the bank and secured a loan?so when I find a car, officials from the bank would come and do their own investigations, and then I would make a deposit to the bank and the bank would buy the car for me,? the small-time businesswoman explained.She added that once she received her vehicle, she would be obligated to pay the bank monthly installments for four years.?In April last, I was checking around for a black Toyota Premio and I happened to see the advertisement in the newspaper, so I went to the place and I met the boss. He told me that if I buy the car directly from him I would get a better deal,Bastian Schweinsteiger Manchester United Jersey,? the woman recounted.She added that the car dealer explained to her that she could make the downpayment of $700,000 to him and pay him a monthly installment for three years, instead of paying the bank for four years.?I agreed and I went into the bank and cancelled the loan process and I transferred the $700,000 I had in my account into his (car dealer?s) account and after that,Shkodran Mustafi Germany Jersey, he made a sales agreement where both of us signed and he said that they would call me,? Johnson noted.The woman explained that since she made the deposit in April last, no one from the car company contacted her. ?Three months passed and I keep calling and I was forced to go to their office. The owner said that they waiting on a shipment to come in.?The woman explained that she continued to visit his office frequently but was given the ?royal runaround.??The last time I went to his office was in November, he showed me a white Premio, but my daughter wanted a black, so he said he will spray it over.?According to the woman,Champions Jersey, when she visited his office last month (December) to collect the car, he told her that the rain fell and he was unable to spray the vehicle. ?Because of the holiday confusion, I didn?t go back until today (yesterday).Johnson said when she turned up at the auto sales? office,Simon Mignolet Jersey, she noticed a signed at the door which stated that the company was closed. Apart from the sign, she met two other persons who told her that the business closed last month.?A man said that in December last,

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A 19- <a href="">Jordan Henderson Liverpool Jersey</a> month-old baby gi <a href="">Sergio Romero Jersey</a> rl is now grieving because her teenaged mother left their home Tuesday afternoon and never returned.Reports are that 17-year-old Tamata Devi Sugrim, aka Ameena, of Lot 46 High Street,Jordan He <a href="">Gabriel Paletta Jersey</a> nderson Liverpool Jersey, Werk-en-Rust,Sergio Romero Jersey, Georgetown left her younger brothers with her little daughter home to purchase some items at a shop located on Lombard Street,Gabriel Paletta Jersey, Georgetown.Veneeta Samalall, the teen?s mother, told Kaieteur News that she left to go to work on Tuesday morning and her daughter was safe at home with the baby.Tamata Devi Sugrim aka Ameena?When I left for work she was home. Then my sons come home around 15:30 hrs and she told the big one to look at the baby that she was going to the shop at Lombard Street to buy something. She left the money I had at home and told her brother she found $3,000 and needed her ID card to buy whatever it was.?Kaieteur News understands that upon being questioned by her brothers, Sugrim purchased a bottle of drink and sent her brothers inside the house when she was leaving.Upon their return to the front of the house the young boys discovered that their sister had already left the area.They immediately telephoned their mother to notify her that Sugrim left the house with her ?ID card and birth certificate?.?My sons called around 4pm and say she had on a blue top,Danny Ward Jersey, light blue hard pants, black slippers and left with the birth certificate and ID card. Her phone and other belongings are home. I don?t know what happen. She is open with us and would discuss any relationship so I find it hard to believe she ran away with a man. I just want her to come home. Her baby is behaving badly without her,? stated the missing young woman?s mother.The family reported the matter at the Brickdam Police Station and the police ranks promised to ?pass it on to other stations?.The Sugrim family is pleading with the public that if they recognize the missing teen anywhere to please contact telephone numbers 693-9204,Bastian Schweinsteiger Jersey, 612-4781,Ryan McLaughlin Liverpool Jersey, 678-8536 or the nearest police station.

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A 47-y <a href="">Willy Caballero Manchester City Jersey</a> ear-old East Coast Demerara businesswoman has written to the Ch <a href="">Morgan Schneiderlin Manchester United Jersey</a> ancellor of the Judiciary (Ag), Justice Carl Singh over the ?torment? she claims to have endured at the hands of Sparendaam Magistrate, Alex Moore.Seerojine Singh who resides and operates her bus <a href="">Sebastian Rudy Germany Jersey</a> iness at Le Ressouvenir, East Coast Demerara, told Kaieteur News that she feels very uncomfortable to appear before Moore as his behaviour towards her earlier this month was one she found very disrespectful. She is hoping to have her case transferred to another court.The mother of nine explained to this publication that on November 12, last she promptly presented herself at the Sparendaam Magistrate?s Court where she was cross charged with a man for using abusive language.She recalled that after a few cases had passed, hers was called and there she was standing before Magistrate Moore. The charges were read to both parties and they pleaded not guilty.But then matters took a less than conventional turn.According to the woman, the Magistrate asked both parties whether she had indeed used abusive language towards the man and they replied ?No.? The Magistrate, she said, asked why she was charged and dismissed the case against her.The businesswoman explained that soon after, Magistrate Moore was being informed by the man through his lawyer,Willy Caballero Manchester City Jersey, Gwendolyn Bristol, that it was her son who abused him. He then asked if she wanted to drop the matter but she declined stating that her son was not there at the time of the incident.?Who tell me fuh tell the Magistrate suh? If you hear this Magistrate behaviour?In history me never hear one Magistrate behave suh,? the woman reported. Her husband was also there.The mother of nine recapped that the Magistrate, with the file before him, confronted her about each of the alleged abusive words which stemmed from the encounter. She explained that he questioned both of them about the documented profanities and degrading demands for sexual favours.?After he (Magistrate Moore) dismiss me case, is sheer ?eff? and ?ess? out he mouth. He asked the man and me, if he (the defendant) ask me to suck he c**k and b****r.? According to the woman, he again asked her if she wanted to drop the case, but she said no.Things took another turn, Singh said. Afterwards, the Magistrate resorted to ask her who ?told her to come to court? to which she responded ?the police.??You know what the Magistrate turned and ask me? If the police tell me to take off my jewel and give them, if I would do that? Me seh no sir. He turn and tell the police (Court Orderly) to ask me to give him the jewel and he did. I seh ?sir you didn?t buy this and give me so I won?t take it off and give you.?He (Magistrate) asked me to empty my pockets and then he told the police to do the same but she was wearing a skirt and a top, so she reportedly responded to say that she hadn?t any.?He (Magistrate) turn and ask me if the police ask me for sex me if me go give in and me nah answer right,Morgan Schneiderlin Manchester United Jersey, because me shame and if you see how this man ah lash down on this desk for me to answer the question. Then me tell he ?no.?The businesswoman went on to say ?How he could ask me that? He tell the police to turn and ask me and the police turn and ask me. Me nah answer the police right and if you see how this man behave and then I turn and tell the police no.??Then he said that if I can?t drop the case, he gun prosecute me the next calling. Why he gun prosecute me? Wha me do? Me nah open me mouth and answer this man, just say ?no? and ?yes?. The

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On January 1, 2011, there was a celeb <a href="">Paul Pogba Jersey</a> ration of maximum proportions. This event was the 75th birth anniversary <a href="">Mamadou Sakho Liverpool Jersey</a> of Rtd. Lt. Colonel Compton Hartley Liverpool. It was hosted in the United States where he now resides.The gala event was attended by mostly ex-army officers of the Guyana Defence Force who now reside in the <a href="">Kevin Stewart Jersey</a> United States of America. These persons were not short on their outpouring of respect and accolades for an officer who made a positive impact on their respective military careers.Among those paying glowing tributes were ?Rtd Colonel Desmond Roberts, former Head of the Guyana National Service; Rtd Major Pastor Billy Clarke, Chaplain of the Ex GDF Association; Johnny Glasgow,Paul Pogba Jersey, President of the Ex GDF Association; Lennox Pyle, Ex Warrant Officer and family members.Hartley?s response was introduced by the strains of Frank Sinatra?s My Way. This was an emotional moment and Hartley,Mamadou Sakho Liverpool Jersey, being his usual humble self,Kevin Stewart Jersey, gave thanks to his Creator and Lord for spared life. He then proceeded to thank his mother (who is still alive),Dortmund Shirts, his wife, other family members and all those persons who have been there for him when he needed them most. He could not read from a prepared document but he made mention of names and the specifics of their contributions.Rtd Lt Colonel Compton Hartley Liverpool, stood tall in the hall as though ready to give a command to his platoon of ex officers. They stood at the ready to comply.Such an occasion could not have been overlooked. First,Pele Brazil Jersey, the attainment of 75 years of life is in itself an accomplishment for which God must be glorified. Secondly, the person we celebrated with is one of our national heroes and definitely one of Guyana?s finest.Rtd Lt. Colonel Compton Hartley Liverpool (fondly called Hartley) who once headed the Guyana National Service Centre, Camp Kuyuka, in the North West,Custom Manchester City Jersey, is now blind.

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Residents of Haslington were lef <a href="">NFL Jerseys Outlet</a> t in shock last evening afte <a href="">Jerseys NFL Cheap</a> r a ?causal? argument between two brothers-in-law ended in deadly fashion.Fifty-two year-old Terrance Adams was killed around 20:00hr <a href="">Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale</a> s outside a shop he operated. Adams? alleged assailant,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Les Hamilton, was said to have been under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred.The dead man?s brother, Leyland Nelson,Jerseys NFL Cheap, told Kaieteur News that Adams and Hamilton got into an argument just around 14:00hrs yesterday. He said that the dispute had simmered, but manifested itself again last night.According to Nelson,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, when Hamilton began quarreling again, Adams brushed him off ?because he knew he (Hamilton) was drunk.? Nelson said that his brother told Hamilton that he would deal with the issue ?another time, when he (Hamilton) sober up? and so the argument died down again.Nelson indicated that Hamilton then left the shop, ?and I left a little after to go and buy tennis roll and cheese for us to eat?. He said that he was riding his bicycle returning to the shop when he saw a large crowd. Nelson said that he inquired and was told ?Les jus? jook up yuh brother.?Nelson said that he rode further along the street and saw his brother lying on the road in a pool of blood.Hamilton,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, who made no attempt to leave the murder scene,Andrew Franks Dolphins Jersey, was apprehended on the spot,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, while the victim was rushed to Georgetown Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) says that it is actively <a href="">Benoit Cheyrou Toronto Shirts</a> going after consultants and independent co <a href="">Custom Manchester City Jersey</a> ntractors for tax evasion.Expressing concerns over increasing incidents of these self-employed persons attempting to cheat the tax system, GRA yesterday.?These persons are engaged by companies to do a particular job, but operate as though they are unde <a href="">Martin Demichelis Jersey</a> r a contract of employment,? the agency said in a release yesterday.According to GRA?s Commissioner-General,Benoit Cheyrou Toronto Shirts, Khurshid Sattaur, such persons should voluntarily comply with tax laws by taking the necessary corrective steps. They will be placed under the microscope and the necessary measures will be taken to recover the taxes.?It should be noted that an independent contractor or self-employed person is bound to do the job he was contracted to do,Custom Manchester City Jersey, and uses his own discretion as to how it would be done.Therefore, a person who is contracted to renovate a structure, execute a research, manufacturing or other project is deemed a self-employed person and is required to file returns and pay taxes in the legally prescribed manner for self-employed persons.?On the other hand,Martin Demichelis Jersey, an employee under a contract of employment ?agrees to undertake certain duties under the direction and control of the employer, in return for a wage or salary? from which taxes are deducted, GRA explained.?Self-employed persons are required to assess themselves and pay their taxes in quarterly installments, which are due on the first day of the month following the end of every quarter.? Payments are to be made on or before April 1, July 1, October 1 and the final payment on or before December 31 every year.?Persons who are in their first year of business are required to estimate their earnings for the year and make payments accordingly. For ongoing operations,Jonathan Osorio Toronto Shirts, the previous year?s earnings must be used to determine the taxes due.?The earnings of a self-employed person that are subject to tax (chargeable income) are their gross income from all sources for the year less total deductions and exemptions allowed for each source under the Income Tax Act.?It must be noted that while taxes are paid during the year,Pablo Zabaleta Manchester City Jersey, income tax returns are submitted on or before April 30 of the following year and must be accompanied by a computation of the assessable income in the form of a Profit and Loss or Income and Expenditure Statement along with a Balance Sheet. Proper accounts and records pertaining to income and expenditure must be kept for eight years.?According to Sattaur,Youth Zlatan Ibrahimovic Manchester United Jersey, where necessary the badges of trade, such as the profit motive, will be considered to determine the existence of trade by a self-employed person or independent contractor for taxation purposes.He noted that the weight attached to each factor or badge will depend on the precise circumstances.?Independent contractors/ self-employed persons are therefore urged to pay their taxes accordingly.?

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