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?President Jagdeo,Marcus Williams <a href="">Marcus Williams Youth Jersey</a> Youth Jersey, passengers tre <a href="">Jamaal Williams Packers Jersey</a> ated like monkeys,Jamaal Williams Packers Jersey, given peanuts onlyA Delta airline flight out of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Sunday morning had to make a forced la <a href="">Ronnie Lott USC Jersey</a> nding at San Juan, Puerto Rico, and another at Fort Lauderdale, Florida.The aircraft left the Cheddi Jagan International Airport shortly after 7:00 hours with an estimated time of arrival at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York at 13:00 hours. This was not to be.In flight the cabin lost compression. President Bharrat Jagdeo was among them. He was going to New York en route to London.Delta, out of its Atlanta headquarters offered an apology to President Bharrat Jagdeo and to all the other passengers,Ronnie Lott USC Jersey, including Kaieteur News?s Managing Director,Sebastian Rode Dortmund Jersey, Glenn Lall.The airline said that the aircraft developed a mechanical problem and gave rise to a low risk situation.?The safety of our customers is our priority and we took the appropriate measures to safeguard the welfare of everyone aboard. The incident was handled promptly.?The company said that the low cabin pressure forced an emergency landing at Puerto Rico. The aircraft took off for JFK but the problem continued and this forced the landing at Fort Lauderdale,NFL Jerseys China, Florida.A passenger on board the aircraft was incensed. He said that in the first instance the airline showed scant disregard for the passengers, including the President of Guyana.?They offered us nothing to eat, only peanuts. They treated us like monkeys.?The passenger said that the pilot announced that the craft was experiencing mechanical problems shortly after take off from Cheddi Jagan International Airport.The plane descended from its cruising altitude of 35,000 feet to about 10,000 feet. It had not yet reached Trinidad so passengers thought that the craft would have landed at Piarco.However, the pilot announced that Delta did not have a crew at Trinidad to fix the problem and that the craft would fly for a further two hours to San Juan.In Puerto Rico the passengers were made to remain on the craft for about 30 minutes before they were allowed to deplane and enter a holding area. The explanation was that they did not need to clear immigration.The 160-plus passengers remained on the ground for about an hour before taking off.About 23 minutes into the flight, the pilot announced that he was experiencing the same problem. He announced that he was awaiting word on whether to turn back to San Juan or continue to Fort Lauderdale, a flight of almost three hours.Half an hour later, he announced that he was instructed to proceed to Fort Lauderdale.At no time was any meals provided. Once more the flight attendants served peanuts.?The children were not even given hot water,? said an irate passenger.He said that the Delta officials knew in advance and could have made the necessary arrangements to feed the passengers.?Most of us left home before five in the morning. We arrived in New York 17 hours later but they did not see the need to feed us.?Things might have been worse had Delta not changed the aircraft at Fort Lauderdale for the almost three-hour flight to New York.In Florida the passengers were made to deplane, clear immigration and Customs,Adam Shaheen Bears Jersey, then board the replacement craft. By this time the passengers had been traveling for more than 12 hours and were tired and hungry.In the end, the flight landed at JFK about 22:00 hours, nine hours beyond schedule.

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Two men who hail from Sand Hills on the Berbice River were o <a href="">Shaquill Griffin Seahawks Jersey</a> n Tuesday committed to stand trial in the High Court,Shaqui <a href="">Paul Aguilar Jersey</a> ll Griffin Seahawks Jersey, by Magistrate Omeyana Hamilton sitting in the New Amsterdam Magistrate?s Court.The magistrate found that a Prime facie case has been made out against them for the capital <a href="">Michael Lorenzen Reds Jersey</a> offence of murder.The men Dave Banwan, 27,Paul Aguilar Jersey, and Elmo Benedict, 25,Michael Lorenzen Reds Jersey, were charged with unlawfully killing Rakesh Rajaram on March 1, 2008 at Sand Hills, Berbice River.It was understood that Rajaram who hailed from Kortbraat,Wholesale Jerseys Online, East Bank Berbice,DeShone Kizer Browns Jersey, had fled his home after he was unable to pay his affiliation fee which had reached astronomical proportions.He relocated to Sand Hills where he started to live and work as a coal miner. He sought refuge at the home of a known family in the area and after a while became involved with a teenaged daughter of his host.Rajaram?s involvement with the teenager angered her parents, since she was already involved with someone else and they ordered him to leave, which he did. However he stayed in the area and constructed a shack not too far from his former host.Some time later it is understood that Rajaram armed with an improvised shot gun abducted the girl from her home and took her to a clump of bushes in the area.This moved furthered anger relatives. The woman?s intended partner and a close relative in the meantime armed themselves with cutlasses and went in search of the man,Solomon Thomas Youth Jersey, whom they located and allegedly chopped to death.The teenager was also located and taken to her home along with the improvised shot gun and two cartridges.The men were subsequently arrested and charged.

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?to withdraw lawsuit The <a href="">Miguel Layun Jersey</a> Guyana Agricultural and Gen <a href="">Dorian Johnson Cardinas Jersey</a> eral Workers Union (GAWU) and its almost 375 members of the recently closed Diamond Estate yesterday said they are delighted that the 17-month s <a href="">Gonzalo Higuain Jersey</a> everance pay dispute has been resolved.As a result,Miguel Layun Jersey, GAWU said it would be withdrawing the lawsuit it had filed to force the Corporation to pay severance.The Union said that it was satisfied with the intervention of President Bharrat Jagdeo who made the resolution of the dispute at this time possible ?rather than to await what might have been a long delay in addressing the matter by the Court.?However, GAWU said that it would have been more favourable if the President had intervened much earlier when the workers were initially ordered by the Corporation to take up work at LBI Estate.The Union,Dorian Johnson Cardinas Jersey, in a statement,Gonzalo Higuain Jersey, said that its relentless representation to the Corporation,Jean-Christophe Bahebeck Paris Saint-Germain Jersey, its representation to the Ministry of Labour and its resort to lawsuit to ensure that the workers are not denied their right to Severance Pay had at last borne reward.?The workers? everlasting vigil contributed significantly to the resolution of the matter,? GAWU stated.GAWU said that the Corporation,Tarik Cohen Womens Jersey, in its Turnaround Plan,Ethan Pocic Jersey, which was conceived ?without an iota of input from the two sugar unions? and released in April 2009, out of the blue, disclosed that the Diamond cultivation would be gotten rid of and the land would be put on sale for the sum of $30.6B. The jobs of the workers at Diamond Estate consequently became redundant a few months later.GAWU said it held steadfastly that the redundant workers are legally entitled to Severance Pay in reference to Section 21(4)(b) of the Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act since the new work location ? LBI Estate ? is more than 10 miles from the Diamond location.GAWU quoted a source in GuySuCo as indicating that the severance pay to workers is to be completed in early June.

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Police are questioning an East Coa <a href="">jerseys nfl wholesale</a> st Demerara man in connectio <a href="">Paddy McNair Manchester Jersey</a> n with last December?s murder of Annandale businessman Kamal Ramsahoye, who was found with multiple stab wounds in his home.Murdere <a href="">David Sharpe Youth Jersey</a> d: Kamal RamsahoyeKaieteur News understands that the suspect was detained about two days ago and that police are acting on information provided by persons close to the slain man. A source said that police have been trying to locate the individual since Ramsahoye?s demise.The 35-year-old Ramsahoye,jerseys nfl wholesale, who lived alone in his Annandale Market Road property,Paddy McNair Manchester Jersey, which houses his business,David Sharpe Youth Jersey, was found dead in the bottom flat of the building by his brother Kumar.His body bore 10 stab wounds and the building was ransacked. There was no sign of forced entry,Shaquill Griffin Womens Jersey, leading police to believe that the businessman was attacked shortly after he opened up his property and went into his yard through the back door.However, some investigators also suggested that the robbery scene was staged and had questioned a former female associate of the victim.Neighbours who spoke to Kaieteur News all said that they had not seen anyone fleeing the scene and had not heard any unusual noise.Evidence at the scene suggested that the killers had scaled a tall fence enforced with razor wire while escaping, since police found blood on the fence and in the yard.Kumar Ramsahoye,Jabrill Peppers Browns Jersey, a brother who lives a few hundred yards away from the victim,Eddie Vanderdoes Jersey, said that the young businessman, who is separated from his wife, would usually visit his home for breakfast.He said that after his brother failed to arrive, he tried contacting him on his telephone but got no answer. The brother then went over to his sibling?s home and made the gruesome discovery.

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By Leonard <a href="">Josh Malone Jersey</a> GildarieThe Hope Estate plantation, East Coast Demera <a href="">Carlos Pena Jersey</a> ra, is being upgraded with government looking for interested parties to run a coconut water bottling facility there.Over the weekend,Josh Malone Jersey, there were <a href="">Michael Brantley Indians Jersey</a> advertisements in the newspapers requesting interested parties to submit proposals that will see Guyana bottling its own coconut water.Director of National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Dr Oudho Homenauth,Carlos Pena Jersey, during a recent interview, disclosed that already there are some indications of interest.Through the Ministry of Agriculture, a current structure on the East Coast Demerara plantation is being upgraded with more than $15M being spent to install equipment and other features.?As you know, there are constraints to ensure that coconut water has a longer shelf life. We have many people freezing the water to export it. We have done the studies and we are moving to have it processed right here.?In many cases, said Homenauth, after the frozen coconut water is exported, it is processed and placed in bottles with a different label.Guyana, through the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO),Michael Brantley Indians Jersey, designed the facility with equipment for processing now being installed.The official stressed that the small industries alone cannot handle the growing demand. And not only is the demand big on the local market,Chad Bettis Rockies Jersey, the potential for export is huge.?We don?t want to run a project like this. For too long, there have been the criticisms about facilities. Government has provided that facilities. We are now asking the private sector to come onboard and manage it.?Earlier this year, Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, had disclosed that government was more inclined in the big soft drink companies, like DDL and Banks DIH,Gareon Conley Jersey, coming onboard.Already, NARI has started a project to introduce 25,000 coconut seedlings by December, in an effort to resuscitate an industry that was on a steady decline.?We are also in the process of establishing a nursery that will focus on revamping many of the abandoned estates.?In its heyday,Collen Warner Toronto Jersey, the Hope Estate was a thriving estate supplying a local cooking oil market that was insatiable. However, it went on a decline after medical claims that coconut oil was bad for the health.Over the last few years, however, the dried coconut trade in Guyana has seen a virtual explosion in growth locally after pharmaceutical companies realized the benefits.However, the coconut water, a delicacy that comes from the younger fruit, has proven a challenge with small farmers not taking the plunge into the processing business.?Yes, we will be assisting in ensuring that there are adequate supplies to the facility,? Homenauth said.

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By Isanel <a href="">David Sharpe Womens Jersey</a> la Patoir Life for 15-year-old Tomal Mingo of 40 Charles Street,David Sharp <a href="">Andrew Benintendi Red Sox Jersey</a> e Womens Jersey, Charlestown,Andrew Benintendi Red Sox Jersey, drastically changed overTomal Mingothe past months. He was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure in Ja <a href="">Malik Hooker Colts Jersey</a> nuary of this year.Mingo?s mother, Shaundell Fraser-Mingo, stated that at first she noticed that around her son?s eyes were swollen, back in January, but didn?t take it for anything. She figured he had the common cold. But after a few days he complained that he couldn?t breathe and then completely blacked out.He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was revived after which the doctors ran tests; he was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure otherwise known as kidney failure.Tomal has since been on dialysis at the Nephrology Department at GPHC. He does haemodialysis three times per week; a process that uses a man-made membrane (dialyzer) to remove wastes,Malik Hooker Colts Jersey, such as urea, from the blood.He also does peritoneal dialysis, whereby a cleansing fluid flows through a tube into his abdomen and filters waste products from his blood. This is done at home, while haemodialysis is done at the Hospital. Mingo also suffers from high blood pressure, which resulted in him being blind in the right eye.Tomal spent three months at GPHC, and was discharged in April, since GPHC only offers 40 sessions of dialysis. He is now currently conducting his haemodialysis treatment at the Woodlands Hospital; however he is still a patient at the Nephrology Clinic at GPHC.He is scheduled to have a kidney transplant in February 2017, with his mother as theOne dose of peritoneal dialysis that Mingo takes 4-6 times daily.donor. Before the transplant can be done, a series of tests have to be conducted first, including the Complement-dependent-cytotoxicity (CDC) CROSS MATCH TEST, which costs approximately $1 million.This test is not presently done at GPHC and samples would need to be sent oversees for testing to be conducted. The samples would be sent through FedEx with shipping charges applied. This test will detect any antibodies in pre- and post-transplant patients, which will dictate clinical management of transplant patients.The Director of Nephrology Department/Dialysis Centre, Consultant ? Multi-Organ Transplant and Vascular Access Surgery at GPHC, Dr. Kishore Persaud, would have authorised for the tests to be conducted.Tomal is the eldest of five children, and a student at the Charlestown Secondary School. He is described as an active individual who plays football for his school and a club. However with his disease and treatment this has not possible as he is often fatigued after dialysis.His diet is strictly steamed vegetables, a little rice sometimes, and rarely any meat, as he now has to monitor everything he does. He stated that his treatment has affected him in school, since he cannot attend school as regularly as before, but is still determined to complete his high school education come 2018.Tomal and his family are urgently seeking the public?s assistance, as the tests are to commence on November 28, 2016.His mother said,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, ?I am currently a cleaner at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and his father is a self-employed carpenter?,Zane Gonzalez Browns Jersey, further,Jan-Pascal Reckert Dortmund Shirts, ?the cost of his prolonged hospitalization and weekly dialysis sessions has taken a financial toll on us?.The mother of five said that they have resorted to seeking the public assistance, ?we are, therefore, asking for your financial assistance so that the necessary t

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By Jarryl BryanSeveral novel ideas were touted as <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale</a> the agendae of the six contestants vying for the <a href="">Steven Gerrard Jersey</a> 15 seats on the Georgetown City Council, during the inaugural debate for candidates in the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE).The ideas include raising the litterbug fine, introduci <a href="">Jesse Lingard Manchester Jersey</a> ng parking meters and restoring the Lotto Fund under the Mayor and City Council (M&CC).The ideas came from Dr. Phillip Thomas, from a Guyana Nation Builders Corps; Mark Benschop from Team Benschop; Sherod Duncan from A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC),Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Michael Leonard from Team Legacy, Clayon Halley from Youth for Local Government and James Cole from the People?s Progressive Party (PPP).During the event,Steven Gerrard Jersey, which was held on Saturday at the Theatre Guild and fashioned like the United States of America Town Hall Debates, the Candidates fielded questions from a panel comprising civil society and journalists who queried their policies.Plans for generating revenueOne of the highlights in the debate was the candidates? responses to what they would do to ensure that City Hall increases its revenue generation. While city hall does generate money from the collection of taxes and other avenues, they have been executing works based on the subvention given by Central government for years.Sherod Duncan slammed Government?s allocation of $2B to the City Council, which he noted was the same amount budgeted to the University of Guyana. He made it clear that this is inadequate. Duncan did propose the restoration of the Lotto Fund as one way in which money can be raised.?City Council is the entity that brought the Lotto,? Duncan pointed out. ?But then the idea was siphoned off by Central Government. If City Hall had the money from the lotto alone, well,Jesse Lingard Manchester Jersey, then we could balance the budget. We want the Lotto back to City Council.?The six contestants congratulate each other after the debate.For James Cole, his policy will be to extend an amnesty to city businesses that will have them coming in voluntarily in order to negotiate paying off their outstanding rates and taxes. He stated that this will be aimed at Commercial buildings.Meanwhile, Clayon Halley touted the enforcement side of the M&CC. He stated that besides looking at the collection of Rates and Taxes, his policy will be to ensure that individuals,Deatrich Wise Jr. Jersey, once charged for various offences, including littering, pay their fines.?Over time we are seeing a lot of persons have been charged with various offences, and sometimes we don?t even know where the money went,? he said. ?We also want to have a stricter penalty when it comes to littering. $10,Adoree Jackson Jersey,000 is nothing to deter persons from littering.??If we use that as an avenue to fine and charge people (for littering) when we get that opportunity,? he continued ?then that?s also a way of generating income for the Council.?Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas emphasized the importance of ensuring that visitors to the city contribute in some way. He spoke of municipal bonds, where individuals would have the opportunity to invest.?Once they become a stakeholder in the process, they would have more interest in how the money is being spent to develop the city,? he said. ?And there are various programs of fundraising. There are the municipal bonds; there are grants from international agencies, there are various ways the city can look to raise funds outside of the Central Government.?Mark Benschop spoke of the importance in ensuring that parking fines are collected to raise revenues. He also noted that millions of dollars is spent on advert

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? feared driver wanted to abduct herSeven <a href="">Dalvin Cook Womens Jersey</a> teen-year-old Shovone Rampersaud, of <a href="">Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China</a> 152 Lodge Housing Scheme, reportedly jumped out of a moving taxi which she described as a yellow wagon, HB 2675,Dalvin Cook Womens Jersey, after she suspected that the driver was attempting t <a href="">Nathan Peterman Jersey</a> o abduct her. The teen suffered injuries to her head, face, shoulders and feet.Reports are that Rampersaud received a telephone call from one of her female friends who lives at Houston, East Bank Demerara, early yesterday, asking that Rampersaud go to her residence to braid her hair.According to Rampersaud,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, she went to braid her friend?s hair but ended up in what she described as a tragedy on her way back home.?I was on the road very long and wasn?t getting a bus, as there was the issue with the fares. So I decided to flag a taxi down,? said the injured teen. She added that a yellow Toyota Raum stopped and without hesitation she jumped into the car, because she was waiting for hours and moreover,Nathan Peterman Jersey, the car was painted in the familiar yellow colour that taxis have. It was also a hire car, according to the licence number.?Rampersaud recounted that on her way to Georgetown, the taxi driver, clad in a blue jersey, jeans and a camouflage hat kept repeatedly seeking personal information from her and was making subtle advances. However she refused to answer him.?He was telling me I am pretty and I look like I can be a good housewife,Nathan Peterman Youth Jersey, and he want my number.?The teen also said that the driver claimed that he was not from Guyana but from England and that he doesn?t know the city well, thus she would have to direct him to where she was to be dropped off.The teenager said that she was directing him throughout the journey but when she was close to home he suddenly began to ignore her,Reggie Sanders Reds Jersey, pretending that he wasn?t hearing,Javier Baez Cubs Jersey, and refusing to stop, although she was shouting at the top of her voice for him to stop.Rampersaud said she got scared as the man began to drive a little faster and when she realised how far she had passed her residence, she opened the car door and jumped out.?I jump out of the car and I run into some people yard and he keep running behind me telling me I will put him in trouble, but I keep running. Then he go away,? the teenager said.Her mother, Marcelle Burke, told this publication that after she made contact with her daughter and learnt of the incident, she subsequently went with her to the East La Penitence Police Station to make a report. She said that upon their arrival her daughter saw the driver of the car heading out of the station.The woman added that the police told her that the man had just made a report that the girl is suicidal because she just jumped out of his car. However the police also took the girl?s report and sent her to the hospital to get a medical.Burke said that she would like the incident to be investigated thoroughly, adding that no one would jump out of a moving vehicle if not in some kind of danger.

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Construction of the micro-hydro power system a <a href="">Danny Rose Jersey UK</a> t Chiung Water Fall in Kato, Region Eigh <a href="">Lucas Biglia Jersey</a> t is expected to commence by October 2013.This initiative which is part of Government?s broader hinterland electrification programme will comprise a 330- kilowatt micro-hydropow <a href="">Xavier Woods Womens Jersey</a> er station with its primary energy source being the 36m head waterfall in the Chiung River, which is in the vicinity of Kato village.Prime Minister Samuel Hinds during a visit to the area over the weekend said that 30 years ago, a survey was conducted of possible hydropower sites in Guyana. Construction of the hydro is scheduled to last for a period of 18 months, and expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2015.This project is the result of an agreement between the Government of Guyana and the European Union (EU).Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and other officials during a recent visit to the Chiung Water Fall in Kato,Danny Rose Jersey UK, Region EightThe project is estimated to cost Euro 2, 455,Lucas Biglia Jersey, 797, (G$615M) with the EU contributing G$460M under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) while Government will be contributing the remainder.Project Coordinator, Marsha Johnson explained that two issues were raised by residents in the area; opportunities for farming and availability of water during the dry season. She said that in conceptualising this hydro project, these issues were carefully studied.?For these needs to be addressed, one of the critical resources that is required is electricity?and so we looked at how we could provide electricity that is affordable and sustainable,Xavier Woods Womens Jersey,? Johnson said.Meanwhile, Electrical Engineer at the Office of the Prime Minister,Manchester City Jersey, Horace Williams said that the flow of the Chiung River will be used to generate electricity, while the other aspect of the project will see the construction of a pump station that will supply water to a storage facility with a capacity of 7,600 cubic metres. This will be used for irrigation purpose to support commercial farming.Moreover, there will be sufficient generating capacity for electrical services to be provided to the Kato Secondary School which will be constructed early next year, as well as existing government buildings such as the nursery and primary schools,Christian Pulisic Dortmund Jersey, the guest house, the police outpost, and medical facilities.Further,Mario Gomez Germany Jersey, the system will provide electricity to Paramakatoi through a 16- kilometre transmission line which forms part of the intervention. (GINA)

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Th <a href="">Victor Ibarbo Borre Colombia Jersey</a> e Chief Labour, Occupational Health and S <a href="">Jamal Adams Womens Jersey</a> afety Officer of the Ministry of Labour,Victor Ibarbo Borre Colombia Jersey, Charles Ogle,Jamal Adams Womens Jersey, has saidFREDDIE KISSOONthat the recomm <a href="">Jaleel Johnson Jersey</a> endation that Mr. Frederick Kissoon be paid from May to August 2012 has no merit in law.?The (recommendation) has no merit in law since the University of Guyana honoured its obligation under the contracts by granting payment of three months? salary in lieu of notice as provided for in the said contract.?The University of Guyana Senior Staff Association and the University of Guyana Workers? Union had staged a protest over the manner in which the University had terminated the contracts granted to Kissoon and three other Lecturers. After a meeting with the University Council, the union opted to go to conciliation.The decision by the Chief Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Officer represented the findings of the conciliation and was communicated to Dr. Patsy Francis, President of the University of Guyana Staff Association and copied to Bruce Haynes,Jaleel Johnson Jersey, President of the University of Guyana Workers? Union; Compton Bourne,Bruno Zuculini Jersey, Chancellor of the University of Guyana; Dr. Prem Misir,Jourdan Lewis Cowboys Jersey, Pro Chancellor and Dr. Marlene Cox, Vice Chancellor.The University of Guyana Staff Association had also called for a review of the manner in which the contracts were terminated. The arbitrator found that ?it is the prerogative of the employer to continue to rehire workers after they would have attained the retirement age.?He added that as a consequence, no trade union or other workers? organisation can compel an employer to do so.?It should be noted that an employer has the right to terminate a contract of employment, provided adequate notice is given or payment in lieu thereof.?When contacted,Andy Pettitte Astros Jersey, Mr. Kissoon said that he last received a salary from the University in January. Payment of three months? salary in lieu of termination, he said, was not made to him.

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