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With two days to go before this y <a href="">Kirk Gibson Tigers Jersey</a> ear?s Emancipation celebration, Er <a href="">Bill Walton College Jersey</a> ic Phillips of the African Cultural and Developmental Association (ADCA),Kirk Gibson Tigers Jersey, yesterday stated that the organization is ?well set for the events.?Phillips said that although the association is yet to collect <a href="">Aleksandar Kolarov Manchester City Jersey</a> this year?s Government subvention,Bill Walton College Jersey, it usually receives ?a variety of financial support from the private sector organization and other concerned groups for the celebration?.The official said that this does not indicate that the group will not collect the money from the government but it plans to do so at a later date. He said that they were unaware of the first handing over ceremony.He noted that one the main features at this year?s celebration which will take place as usual in the National Park, will be the award winning ASCOD dance group from Jamaica.Also at the National Park, there will be performances by other groups both local and international,Aleksandar Kolarov Manchester City Jersey, children?s fun center, folk games, sporting activities,Amara Darboh Seahawks Jersey, information booths,Andre Schurrle Jersey, traditional dances, acrobatic displays and much more.The Association will also feature an African Guyanese Village in acknowledgement of the ?greatest? post Emancipation entrepreneurial achievement.Over the years, Buxton and other such villages were featured; however, this year the attention is turned to Hopetown which is located on the West Coast of Berbice.Similarly,Herculez Gomez Jersey, ACDA yearly acknowledges an African country from which slaves were captured.Thus Guyanese of African descent who are unaware of their ancestral origins will learn more about these countries. This year the selected country is Uganda-a landlocked country located in East Africa.This year?s emancipation will be observed under the theme ?Reclaiming our rights through unified purpose.?Last year was proclaimed by the United Nations to be year for people of African descent which was themed ?People of African descent: Recognition, Justice and Development.?There is also the anticipated designation of years 2013- 2022 as the United Nations decade for people of African descent.

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Attorney Stan <a href="">Emre Can Jersey</a> ley Moore made another <a href="">Drew Hutchison Jersey</a> bail application ? this time written submissions were handed over to the court ? on behalf of 45-year-old Sharmilla Inderjali, the <a href="">Tottenham Hotspur Jersey UK</a> mother of Marcus Bisram and 25-year-old Maryanna Lionel, a sister of one of the men charged for the murder of Berbice Carpenter, Faiyaz Narinedatt.But the petition was once again refused by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, who further remanded them to prison after ruling that the court is of the opinion that they will interfere with witnesses.The women, both of Number 70 Village, Corentyne, Berbice,Emre Can Jersey, are accused of offering a detective at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown, four million dollars in cash for him to suppress evidence against Bisram and another man.Inderjali and Lionel are jointly charged with willfully attempting to pervert the course of justice and have pleaded not guilty.Bisram, a multi-millionaire,Drew Hutchison Jersey, is alleged to have procured persons and ordered them to kill Narinedatt.It is alleged that between October 31 and November 1, at Number 70 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, Bisram of Number 70 Village Corentyne, Berbice and the United States of America; Orlando Dickie, 39, of Stevedore Housing Scheme, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown; Radesh Motie, 39, and excavator operator, of 124 Number 78 Village Corentyne, Berbice; Diadath Datt, 18, of 98 Number 71 Village,Tottenham Hotspur Jersey UK, Corentyne, Berbice; Harripaul Parsram,Joshua Dobbs Jersey, 49, of 164 Number 71 Village, Corentyne,Erick Pulgar Jersey, Berbice, and Niran Yacoob, 37, of 65 Number 67 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, murdered Narinedatt.Bisram procured Dickie, Motie, Datt, Parsram and Yacoob to murder Narinedatt.While Bisram is still on the run, the others were remanded to jail and will appear in the Springlands Magistrate?s Court on December 8.The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has issued a wanted bulletin for Bisram.During yesterday?s court hearing, which saw statements being served to Attorney Moore, he laid over a copy of written submissions to the Magistrate and Prosecutor Neville Jeffers pointing to several grounds on which his clients should be granted bail.However, Prosecutor Jeffers insisted that the women should remain on remand. He said that the prosecution is ready to proceed with trial. In this regard, he stated that the defence was served with statements a week after the matter was filed.According to Jeffers, should the defendants be released on bail they will tamper with witnesses, since they have already done so.He related that they interfered with the detective, who will be called as a witness in the murder Preliminary Inquiry (PI), when they approached him and handed over the monies to stifle evidence against the two accused.According to Jeffers, the defendants were arrested during a sting operation. Inderjali and Lionel will return to court on December 14According to reports, on the day of the killing Bisram hosted a party at his home,Cameron Sutton Jersey, which Narinedatt and a few others attended. At some point, Narinedatt went to the back of the yard to urinate. Bisram allegedly followed him and began making sexual advances towards him.Narine slapped and pushed Bisram away. It was then the rejected man allegedly instructed his friends to kill Narinedatt. It was reported that the overseas-based Guyanese told his friends he would ensure they are not caught.Kaieteur News understands that several men beat Narinedatt at the businessman?s premises, after which he was taken to a roadway and beaten again until he fell into a drain.They reportedly took the carpenter by vehicle to Number 70 Vill

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Pork lovers are now co <a href="">Adam Shaheen Womens Jersey</a> mplaining of exorbi <a href="">Babe Ruth Red Sox Jersey</a> tant prices for this meat as the local market is being faced with a shortage.Several consumers have aired their concerns about paying at least $500 p <a href="">Jordi Masip Jersey</a> er pound for this item.They believe that Brazilians who use pork in their restaurants are the fuelling the shortage.Minister of Agriculture,Adam Shaheen Womens Jersey, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy,Babe Ruth Red Sox Jersey, told Kaieteur News yesterday that pork production in 2011 was recorded at 200,Jordi Masip Jersey,000 kilogrammes.?The demand in the pork market is so great that there needs to be between 300,Jose Enrique Jersey,000 to 350,Budda Baker Womens Jersey,000 kilogrammes to meet this demand. More of the consumers that can afford are eating more meat such as chicken, beef, pork,Leonard Fournette Youth Jersey, mutton and such. Another reason is the change in demographics since there is an increase in the usage of pork in upscale restaurants throughout the country.?A sow feeding her pigletKaieteur News understands that while small farmers are responsible for pork production, the demand exceeds supply.However, this temporary shortage is not creating a crisis since there is a reasonable supply of beef and other meats. The demand for pork in the market does not drive for the importation of this meat.In 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture started its swine breeding project. Currently the project is being reinvigorated with the introduction of new breeds of swine.

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The Ministry of Education?s automatic promot <a href="">Daryl Johnston Cowboys Jersey</a> ion policy,Daryl J <a href="">Denver Nuggets Throwback Jersey</a> ohnston Cowboys Jersey, which was implemented two years ago, is being rejected by Berbice Parent-teacher Associations (PTAs) and students, on the premise that it has contributed to poor performances in the classroom.Even <a href=""></a> with the policy?s pros of reducing overcrowding in classrooms,Denver Nuggets Throwback Jersey, reduction of financial woes on the family, and allowing the development of students? self-esteem,, parents and students feel it is destructive.These views were expressed at a consultation held by the Ministry on Wednesday at the New Amsterdam Secondary School. The consultation led by Education Minister, Priya Manickchand,Rey Maualuga College Jersey, is the first of a series planned to determine whether the policy will remain, be amended or be discarded.According to the former Chairman of Berbice High School PTA, the implementation of the automatic promotion policy was a grave injustice to the Ministry. He suggested that in the primary level automatic promotion should be permitted owing to age constraints. However, at the secondary level automatic promotion should be removed and students who fail should repeat the class.The automatic promotion policy was blamed for students? lethargic behaviour in the classroom. Cognizant that promotion to the next Grade is a must regardless of performance students have been taking a ?free ride? through the system.Parents pointed out that some students are not even attending the remediation classes. They emphasized that students need to be motivated to enhance their performance. As such, having class repetition hanging over their heads they will be motivated to study and move onto the next Grade.According to a grandmother,R.A. Dickey Jersey, who is a retired teacher,Homer Bailey Reds Jersey, like students, teachers also need to be motivated. The education system should reintroduce performance based incentives for teachers. She explained that previously, depending on the pass rate of a class a teacher would receive an incentive.Like teachers who need to step-up and be observant of students? performances hence reducing the failure rate, parents need to be more responsible. The PTAs emphasized that many parents neglect their children. Many parent-teacher conferences are not attended by parents of students who need improvement in studies.According to the President of the New Amsterdam Secondary School Student Body, from a survey carried out on the morning of the consultation 78 percent of the students present disagree with the policy. Students believe that promotion to another Grade should not be guaranteed but earned.

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After i <a href="">Joe Montana 49ers Jersey</a> dentifying the suspect who fatally shot a minibus passenger on <a href="">Eliaquim Mangala Jersey</a> Saturday night and injured a Special Constable on the Demerara Harbour Bridge the police have now identified the victim in the incident.The man has been identified as Trevon April, 29, of High D <a href="">Chris Chelios Red Wings Jersey</a> am, Angoy?s Avenue,Joe Montana 49ers Jersey, New Amsterdam. The man was identified after police were able to match his thumb print to one they have in their database.His father, Frankie April, made a positive identification at the Lyken Funeral Home.April was shot and killed around 18:00 hrs last Saturday. Reports are that April, who was shot in the head,Eliaquim Mangala Jersey, and another man,Chris Chelios Red Wings Jersey, were passengers in a minibus crossing the DHB when an argument ensued between them over rain coming in through an open window.During the shooting Special Constable,Vanderbilt Commodores Jerseys, Randolph Williams was also shot. He was treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), and sent away.There are reports that after killing the passenger, the gunman calmly walked a short distance before entering a car.A worker at the bridge said yesterday that when the incident happened, the driver of the minibus drove to the outpost and informed the Special Constables, who were on duty. ?He was advised to take the man to the hospital and the bridge was immediately closed off so that the police can find the person if he was still on the bridge,? a source explained.?A car stopped and a man come out the car and attempted to walk away, so the worker at the bridge stopped him.? The person had no idea that he was the shooter. The man (suspect) then pushed the gate and run away.?As the suspect was fleeing, the passengers in the minibus were reportedly shouting for someone to stop him, but the Special Constables were unarmed at the time.Armed ranks are usually stationed at the location.Williams, who was in the seat behind the driver, recalled that the row between the two men began when the suspect asked the other to shut a window,Michael Saunders Jersey, since it was raining.However,Brendan Gallagher Canadiens Jersey, the man refused to close the window, since he claimed that the suspect, who was sitting behind him, ?smelled.?The suspect reportedly warned that (the victim) didn?t know who he (the suspect) was, and reportedly mentioned the nickname ?Gangster.?The row reportedly continued as the bus was heading to the eastern end of the Harbour Bridge, and the driver eventually stopped and told the two men to disembark.However, after exiting the bus into the rain, both men immediately rejoined the bus.According to Williams, the victim opened the window, while the suspect slammed it shut.Shortly after, Williams heard a gunshot. This was followed by a second shot, which grazed him.April reportedly left Guyana as a teen with his mother for Antigua where he was domiciled for about a decade before returning after being deported.Whist some were reluctant to speak, a relative told the media in Berbice that the now dead April was known to the police. The relative said that the man was in police story a couple of times.?He didn?t had no nice reputation. He and a boy had a problem and he beat up the boy and the boy come back an juck out he one eye; so is only one he had. He did, also thief he cousin clothes. ?April is a father of six from a number of relationships the eldest being 12. He also leaves to mourn his father and other siblings.The hunt continues for the shooter who has been identified after his image was caught on a CCTV camera.

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A three-yea <a href="">Lassana Diarra Jersey</a> r-old girl remains hospitalised following <a href="">Bryce Harper Jersey</a> a head-on collision on the Mon Repos Public East Coast Demerara at around 22:00 hours on Tuesday.Makela Francios was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital in an unconscious condition after her father?s car was slammed into by another car which was driven by a man who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol.The girl was returning to Mahaica with her parents after celebrating her third birthday in the city.According to reports,Lassana Diarra Jersey, the Francois family was traveling east when the driver noticed a car veering towards them from the opposite direction.The driver tied desperately to swerve out of the way but by then it was too late.Apart from little Makela,Bryce Harper Jersey, another female in the same car received injuries but was treated and sent away.

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? despite procurement extravaganzas while in officeBy Jarryl BryanThe Peo <a href="">Russell Westbrook Thunder Jersey</a> ple? <a href="">Brett Favre Falcons Jersey</a> s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) yesterday lashed out at the government?s hiring of AuditorsGeneral Secretary of the PPP/C Clement RoheeAnand Goolsaran and Christopher Ram to carry out forensic audits throughout the state apparatus. PPP <a href="">Aaron Rodgers Packers Jersey</a> General Secretary, Clement Rohee, said that in the absence of a Procurement Commission the government was providing no transparency while hiring these firms.He said that the government has been a fierce critic of the previous government?s track record of controversial procurement practices. Now it has sole sourced the audit.Not only did the PPP criticize the hiring of these firms, Rohee was of the view that the government was hypocritical in hiring two men who criticized the PPP/C while in office and were known supporters of the A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC), an accusation that has been leveled consistently against the PPP/C during its tenure in Government.The Public Accounts Committee (PAC), one of the standing committees in the National Assembly, is responsible for examining Government expenditure and accounts. Having oversight for the Public Procurement Commission, it also submits nominated individuals for the Commission to Parliament. The PAC is chaired by a member of the opposition, as well as partly composed of opposition members.However, the establishment of the Commission has been delayed for years,Russell Westbrook Thunder Jersey, with claims from the then PPP/C administration that the Commission would erode the executive?s no-objection prerogative in public procurement. Hotly debated in the 10th Parliament, the establishment of the Commission was subsequently stymied when former President Donald Ramotar prorogued parliament last October.There have been hopes that with the advent of a new Parliament,Brett Favre Falcons Jersey, the Commission could finally be established. However,Aaron Rodgers Packers Jersey, the PPP/C not only boycotted the opening of the 11th Parliament on June 10, but has refused to submit a list of MPs for Parliament. Still seething after claims that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) rigged the May 11th National and Regional elections in favor of the APNU+AFC, the party has also remained unclear on when or if they will ever take up their opposition seats in Parliament.Since, according to the law there is need for a two- thirds majority before the Commission could be established, questions have arisen over the PPP/C?s culpability in holding up several orders of business scheduled within Parliament.Asked if he did not consider the party?s criticism unfair when it has refused to enter Parliament and play a role in establishing the Commission, Rohee was adamant that the party?s position was a fair one.?Of course it?s fair. The sitting President (Granger) must have been aware of what was required (to establish the Commission). It is not the PPP/C that made the promise of the immediate establishment of the Public Procurement Commission, within a 100 days; it was they (APNU+AFC) that made that declaration!??More than that, how can they speak so proudly about your intention to establish a Public Procurement Commission, when the services of persons are being procured to carry out audits of government agencies and departments without it going through the established procurement process??He also lashed out at Goolsarran and Ram?s appointment, stating that the two individuals were ?friends? of the administration,Rick Wild Indians Jersey, who previously attacked the PPP/C. Rohee reminded the gathering that it was the APNU+AFC who had declared

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Recently,Hatem Ben Arfa Jersey, online readership for the Kaieteur Ne <a href="">Hatem Ben Arfa Jersey</a> ws has soared p <a href="">Jonnu Smith Jersey</a> ast the 100,Jonnu Smith Jersey,000 mark. And the number of hits recorded daily keeps increasing. Earlier this week the number of hits reached 131,Cheap NFL Jerseys,000.This is record breaking <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> .

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?my worship when I <a href="">Will Keane Manchester Jersey</a> hungry I get frustratedColin John Toppin was on Wednesday fined $10,Will Keane <a href="">Diego Alves Jersey</a> Manchester Jersey,000 with an alternative of twenty days in prison by Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond, after he pleaded guilty to the use indecent language.The 27-year-old man, who was unrepresented,Diego Alves Jersey, explain <a href="">Lucas Moura Brazil Jersey</a> ed to the Magistrate that his actions were as a result of him being hungry.?My worship I was very hungry that morning and when I am hungry I does get frustrated,? Toppin blurted out in the courtroom.According to the prosecutor, on Thursday October 4,Lucas Moura Brazil Jersey, at the Stabroek Market, Toppin was at a stand pipe when Bernadette King allegedly washed her hands over his bucket of water.As a result the defendant became annoyed and verbally abused King,Yan Gomes Indians Jersey, using indecent language.After the altercation,Cheap Sittched Jerseys China, King visited the City Constabulary office nearby and made a report. Toppin was subsequently arrested and placed before the court.Matters took a slight twist on Wednesday when Toppin explained to Magistrate Chandan-Edmond that he was unable to pay the $10,Evan Engram Giants Jersey,000.He was served with the option of depositing $5,000 and was given up to November 30, to pay the remainder.

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For the August holidays the Mangrove Action Committee will <a href="">Felix Passlack Jersey</a> be offering complementary tours <a href="">Bastian Schweinsteiger Manchester Jersey</a> to students who are transported to the center by their parents. These tours will be held on Saturdays and will be conducted from 9:00am to noon.This would be done at the mangrove vis <a href="">Derek Rivers Womens Jersey</a> itor centre which was commissioned last month to accommodate Guyana?s first Mangrove Visitor Centre.The Mangrove Visitor Centre serves as the focal point for mangrove education and awareness efforts aimed at primary and secondary school students across the coast. The Ministry of Education through the National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD) has organized several formal school trips over the past few months and the feedback has been greatly encouraging.The programme will consist of a formal education session on mangrove conservation and management at the center. Afterwards the fully trained village tour guides will take everyone on a tour of the mangrove reserve behind the centre.Some of the historical and natural attractions will consist of a visit to the tiny wooden hut,Felix Passlack Jersey, going back to pre-Emancipation times,Bastian Schweinsteiger Manchester Jersey, where the slaves went to collect their weekly pay; a walk on a sea-side trail past a Dutch koker where the students will learn about the importance of drainage and irrigation to the low lying coastal plain; and the thriving mangrove forest where the students will learn to identify the four different species that are found there.The local guides will also identify the many species of medicinal plants which are used for a variety of ailments. The tour will end at the freshwater wetland filled with tilapia,Derek Rivers Womens Jersey, hassar and patwa and surrounded by many species of birds in the area.Parents who accompany the students will also have an opportunity to purchase local products from the village entrepreneurs who will have their products available for sale at the centre.For those parents who would prefer to have an independent tour arranged this can be done by contacting the community tour guides on telephone numbers: 617 0131 ? 617 0219 -673 1128.

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Police yesterday said that a delay in the processing of transactions re <a href="">Quillan Roberts Jersey</a> lating to vehicles?Police are expected to sta <a href="">Andrew Miller Indians Jersey</a> rt resuming drivers? licences practicals this week ? the first time for the and drivers? licences will be rectified this week.Citizens have been complaining in recent weeks of not being able to have their cars i <a href="">Nazair Jones Seahawks Jersey</a> nspected. Rather,Quillan Roberts Jersey, they were granted extensions. This was not so much of a problem as police had relaxed their checks for fitness. What was frustrating was the delay in the drivers? licences.While the Guyana Revenue Authority has reportedly been renewing these,Andrew Miller Indians Jersey, persons who had written their theoretical exams have been waiting for months for a date to do the practicals.As of now, the police sale of certificates of competence which says that persons have passed the tests,Nazair Jones Seahawks Jersey, are on hold.?I visited the Brickdam Police Station certifying office this week and the lady there told me that she does not know when I will have a next date. Mind you,Kareem Hunt Chiefs Jersey, I was given a date since last month to go this week for the practical test. She said that it is out of their control. They wasted my time,Marc Bartra Dortmund Jersey,? said one applicant.A senior police official from the Traffic Department assured yesterday that the delay was a miscommunication and packages for drivers? licences,Germany Jersey, including the booklets, should go on sale this week. The practical tests for driving will also resume shortly.

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President David Granger on Friday evening, told the senior officials gathered a <a href="">Andre Schurrle Jersey</a> t the Guyana Police Force?s (GPF) Inspectors and <a href="">John Ross Jersey</a> Sergeants dinner at the Marriott hotel,Andre Schurrle Jersey, that Guyana will once again become a safe and securePresident Granger is greeted by some of the senior officers including Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhu <a href="">Alex Anzalone Youth Jersey</a> m,John Ross Jersey, upon his arrival at the Marriott hotel on for the children of Guyana, once they remain dedicated and committed to the country and its citizens.The President said that the government, through the weekly National Security Committee meetings, has been putting plans in train and taking decisions,Alex Anzalone Youth Jersey, which will see not only improvements in the country but will also result in better conditions for the serving men and women.?My being here is a reflection of my commitment to the Guyana Police Force. You are the middle belt and the force has been undergoing a tremendous amount of change and of course,Wholesale Jerseys Group, criticisms.?I am,Brad Jones Jersey, however, convinced that the path that you are on, the work that you do, the commitment that you display, will eventually make Guyana a more secure place for our children to live. I know there are difficulties but we have set some institutions in place. We meet every week to ensure that we put every ounce of effort into policing in this country. We are trying to bring the police force up to strength? We want to ensure that you all have theSome of the attendees at the Guyana Police Force?s Inspectors and Sergeants dinner at Marriott on Friday.conditions, that you have the resources to enable you to do your job,Chris Godwin Youth Jersey,? the President said.He expressed thanks for the work done during the past year, noting that he hopes 2017 brings more success for the Force.

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