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Preparations are ?on track? for this year?s general elec <a href="">Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet</a> tions, accordin <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> g to Dr Steve Surujbally, Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).Dr Surujbally?s declaration came yesterday following a criticism leveled at the Co <a href="">Cheap Stitched Jerseys</a> mmission by the ruling People?s Progressive Party (PPP).The Commission is reportedly working toward an August/September date for the polls.Dr Steve Surujbally The PPP had said it was concerned that it is drawing close to the period of ?Claims and Objections? but that the Commission is not meeting, due to lack of quorum. The party contended that this could affect the preparatory work for the upcoming elections.However,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, Dr Surujbally said that he was called Tuesday by the ?author? of the PPP press release, who he assured that there was nothing to fear. Despite this,Cheap Jerseys From China, the PPP released its statement.?I can guarantee you?that we are on track,? Dr Surujbally declared as he met with scrutineers who would be monitoring the upcoming Claims and Objections exercise being conducted to ensure a clean and credible list of electors ahead of general elections.?We (the Commission) have an action plan,? Dr Surujbally assured,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, adding, ?At this point in time I am not in the least worried.?He said that the Commission has given itself room for any slippages.Dr Surujbally did agree that there has been absenteeism on the part of Commissioners for statutory meetings, but he said this has not affected the work of the Commission.?At this point in time,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, as we get things moving, I really don?t think there is that dreadful necessity (to have) commissioners meet often,? Surujbally asserted.He said that absenteeism is factual but does not impact the work of the Commission and its Secretariat ?in any profound way.??The secretariat in on tract and the Commission is overseeing what they are doing,? Dr Surujbally reiterated. He said that if there is a problem Commissioners can be telephoned or there could also be videoconferencing if Commissioners are overseas.The Commission is gearing to head into the Claims and Objections period to ensure a clean list that no one can quarrel with.Scrutineers from 31 political parties, who are paid by the government,, have been invited to oversee the exercise.Dr Surujbally said that there could come a time when there is no need for scrutineers to ?look over our shoulders? but said ?that time is not now.?He said that he would wish to see a GECOM that is so credible that whatever GECOM does and the Secretariat and the staff do, that it would be accepted by the political leaders.?I think we have reached a far stage; I don?t think we have reached that level of belief that people have that conviction that GECOM is an office that ensures correctness at all times,? said Dr Surujbally.He said that the work of the scrutineers is important because it helps to keep the Commission ?on the straight and narrow path.?Dr Surujbally boasted that he has an ?A-Team? at the Secretariat to execute the task at hand.He said that the team at GECOM has honed its expertise to a point ?where they can deliver that which can almost be mistake free.?He urged the scrutineers to relay to the Commission any problems that might emerge and not be quick to rush to the media as this could create an atmosphere of distrust or unease. He also urged parties to try their best to stick with the scrutineers they have named. Otherwise, he said,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, things get ?messed up.?

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One of four male prisoners at the New Amsterdam Prison who was <a href="">Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys</a> charged with murder committ <a href="">Cheap Stitched Jerseys</a> ed on a fellow inmate has been committed to stand trial in the next sitting of the Berbice High Court.Jason Mc Kenzie, 21, of Rosignol,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, West Bank Berbice on Friday heard that a Prima Facie case <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> was made out against him for allegedly murdering Sebastian Clato, 24, of 42, Bent Street, Wortmanville,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Georgetown.McKenzie was confined to the New Amsterdam Prison,Wholesale China Jerseys, as was Clato. Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo at the New Amsterdam Magistrate?s Court heard the preliminary inquiry.Two others, Raymond La Fleur, 34, of Lot 28, Mount Sinai, West Canje Berbice, and Kevin James, 26, of Edinburgh Housing Scheme, East Bank Berbice, were freed. A fourth man Rickford La Fleur, 36, called Rickford Williams or Rickford Sabola, Bragga or Rastaman of Vryheid?s Lust,Jerseys From China, Smithfield and Canje River is at large, having escaped from prison before the conclusion of the preliminary inquiry.According to Prosecutor, Inspector Jairam Ramlakhan, the accused, while being prisoners of the New Amsterdam Prison, armed themselves with pieces of wood and other implements,Jerseys From China, beat Clato and one Andy Adams who were also prisoners of the New Amsterdam Prison.After the beating they were both rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where Adams was treated and sent away. Clato, who was rendered unconscious due to an injury to the head, was later transferred to The Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Hospital where he subsequently died.Clato and Adams were incarcerated for murdering Nizamudeen Khan, a security guard attached to a Rosignol saw mill on July 20,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 2007.Mc Kenzie was unrepresented while Raymond La Fleur was represented by attorney at law Mursaline Bacchus. James was represented by Charrandass Persaud.Raymond LaFleur remains in jail on a number of other charges

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Being a peacemak <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping</a> er can sometimes end with you either in trouble or harmed. Over the years there <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> have been a number of persons who were injured and in some cases killed when intervening in an active conflict, to b <a href="">Sale NFL Jerseys</a> ring peace.The injured Simeon JosephPort Kaituma resident,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Simeon Joseph,Cheap Jerseys From China, is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation after being air dashed to the city with a stab wound just below his heart.Joseph told Kaieteur News that last Sunday night,Sale NFL Jerseys, he was at a Brazilian club when a fight broke out between two men.He was trying to make peace when the enraged girlfriend of one of the men didn?t agree with him doing such,Cheap Jerseys Online, and stabbed him with a knife.After spending more than a week at a Port Kaituma health facility, it was discovered that Joseph was bleeding internally; it was then that he was referred to GPHC for better medical care.?The doctor hold me up for a week in Port Kaituma because he believed that everything was everything (that I was ok),Wholesale China Jerseys, but I was bleeding inside,Wholesale Jerseys,? said Joseph as he lay in his hospital bed.The woman has since been arrested according to the injured man.

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Staffers of Bank <a href="">Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey</a> of Guyana in their Emancipation garb yesterday,Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey.

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BELVEDERE,Cheap Jerseys Online <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Online</a> , CO <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> RENTYNE ? A Berbice businessman overpowered an armed bandit and in the process stripped him of his weapon.At just about 21:00 hours on Saturday, Nazir Khan,Wholesale Jerse <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> ys, of 593 Fourth Street, South Belvedere, Corentyne, was reportedly confronted by two men, one of whom was said to be armed with a gun.The man operates a business concern at Pitt Street in New Amsterdam.At the time of the incident, he and his two sons,Wholesale Jerseys, Imran Khan, 20, and 18-year-old Shabeer Khan, had just pulled up in front of their home with the family?s Canter.One of the younger men had disembarked to open the gate when the bandits showed up.One bandit pointed the gun at Nazir Khan and instructed him not to make any noise. The businessman then managed to snatch the gun away from the bandit; and realizing that they had lost control of their intended victims,Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey, the bandits made a dash for safety.The family reported the matter to the Albion Police Station moments later. According to Police in Berbice,Cheap NFL Jerseys co, the businessman handed over the weapon,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, a .32 Taurus revolver and six rounds of ammunition.

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Wi <a href="">Wholesale Cheap Jerseys</a> thin the next two or three sittings of the National Assembly, <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys</a> A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) will be moving to have Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Sin <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys</a> gh, sanctioned for his failure to adhere to the resolutions of a motion passed by the House.This was confirmed by Finance Spokesperson for the coalition, Carl Greenidge,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, who told this publication that the process has already started.The motion that the House passed, instructed the Finance Minister to take a number of measures regarding the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) and its operations.Reminding that the Government has already made public its position that it is not obligated to adhere to the resolutions, Greenidge said that it was ?utter nonsense.?According to the parliamentary standing orders, members of the House are bound by the rules,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and as such, Greenidge insists that the Finance Minister must reign in the holdings company headed by Winston Brassington.Greenidge said that APNU will be employing a number of strategies this year to deal with NICIL and the first wave will come when the House gears to make a prima facie case for his committal to the Committee of Privileges of the Parliament.The operations of NICIL have been the source of severe criticism for a number of years to the point that it has been described as a ?rogue company.?NICIL owns and control a number of state entities as well handles government privatizations. In recent years it has been involved in a number of controversial large scale investments such as the Berbice Bridge, the Marriott Hotel, the Amaila Falls Access Road and was also pursuing the construction of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Plant. It is now pursuing the construction of a new river crossing over the Demerara River.At the last sitting of the National Assembly, Dr Singh tabled belatedly, NICIL?s annual report for 2012.That report documented that of the $7B in revenue that it earned, only $1B was handed over to the Guyana Government.According to the 2012 report, NICIL?s assets in terms of property and equipment were just over $1.4B while it holds another $5B in investments.Having never collected any dividends from the Berbice Bridge Company Inc, the report disclosed that in 2012 NICIL sold all of its shares to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) for $950M.By the end of 2012, the company had also invested almost $3B in Atlantic Hotel Inc, which is building the Marriott Hotel in Kingston.The report also documents that during the year 2012,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, NICIL also sold all of its shares in the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company for US$30M.As at the end of 2012,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, NICIL received US$25M for the sale with the remaining US$5M payable in two years.The report stated that other than Brassington, who has a contract for service with NICIL,Evan Engram Jersey, there were no other contracts between the company and any of its Directors.The Directors for NICIL, at the end of 2012 were Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, Sonya Roopnauth,Arizona Diamondbacks Gregor Blanco Jersey, a Director in the Finance Ministry?s Budget Office, Nigel Dharamlall who is also the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs and the Executive Director, Winston Brassington.In November Greenidge had lashed out at the Finance Minister for failing to comply with the resolution which came out of the motion on NICIL that the opposition had voted for.That motion in the House arose from general concerns about the unaccountability on the part of NICIL for a variety of actions; how it had taken decisions with Government resources in a number of projects and also because NICIL was originally establis

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? three times in new termJust two <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic</a> weeks into the new school term a <a href="">Sale NFL Jerseys</a> nd burglars have broken into the Eccles Nursery School,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, East Bank Demerara,Sale NFL Jerseys, on three occasio <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Paypal</a> ns, carrying away items valued in excess of $500,000.Over the two-week period some of the items the burglars made off with include boxes of biscuits and Topco juice intended for the school snack programme; several CDs and DVDs; six CD players and two DVDs players used as teaching aids; four fans, one 21? LG flat screen television; and cleaning agents such as soap powder and soap.The head teacher?s office was also targeted by the burglarsPrior to yesterday?s break-in,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, the second burglary also occurred during this week while the first theft was discovered on the first day of school.According to a source,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, the teachers were informed that a security guard would have been stationed at the school from Wednesday evening, in light of the break-ins,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, but that did not materialise.Apparently, the burglars gained entry into the buildings via sliding open windows that face both buildings, unseen by passersby and covered by a shed. Since those windows have wooden bars, it is believed the perpetrators exited the buildings via opening wooden shutters that were unsecured and allow access to the back of the compound.It was related that the teachers had also taken precautionary measures to safeguard the school?s valuables, including stashing the 21? LG flat screen television in a storeroom,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, but the burglars somehow were able to put their sticky fingers on it.The source pointed out that the items in the computer room were untouched and suggested that either the burglars did not know how to read or they plan to return for the other items as they did previously.It was revealed that both teachers and parents are upset with the break-ins. The source noted that the school recently received a grant totaling over $200,000 from the Ministry of Education to purchase items and those were also stolen. In addition, the head teacher?s office was rummaged through and items were removed from the teachers? cupboards.Parents contribute significantly to the school?s operations and are dissatisfied with the fact that a security guard was not stationed at the school from the first day when it was reported that the school was robbed.The police are currently investigating the burglaries.

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A man who identified himse <a href="">Wholesale NFL China Jerseys</a> lf as?Quincy? was caught in the a <a href="">Sale NFL Jerseys</a> ct,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, yesterday,Sale NFL Jerseys, as he ?unlocked? another man?s motor bike in front of Bhena?s Footwear on Regent Street a <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> nd was ready to ?make his move?.According to information,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, passersby were paying keen attention to the culprit as he slowly unlocked the bike and was about to departQuincy (left) as the Police arrived at the scenewith the motorcycle but was apprehended before he could have done so.An eyewitness told this publication that some time last week a woman was robbed and Quincy was the ?suspect?.The eyewitness further indicated that the culprit was seen going around the bike and persons started to observe and as he tried to leave,Cheap NFL Jerseys, they confronted him and summoned the police.Before the police arrived,, Quincy told Kaieteur News that he was innocent and that he only walked around the bike.

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Police swooped <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys China</a> down on a Victoria East Coast Demerara house occupied by a group of b <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Paypal</a> isexual men and a young woman and rescued a 14-year old boy who was being held against his will. The boy was reported missing from his Sophia home six weeks ago <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> .One of the occupants of the home has been detained after he admitted that he had sexual relations with the boy.Police said that the man could face abduction and buggery charges and could appear in court as early as tomorrow.Kaieteur News understands that the child,Wholesale Jerseys China, who had runaway from his Sophia home last month, was loitering by the Stabroek Market area when a man who shared his home with three other bisexual males, spotted him.The man allegedly offered the boy refuge at his home and eventually managed to seduce him into having sex.Villagers had observed the strange boy at the home but disregarded his presence since they thought that he was a relative or a willing occupant of the house.However,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, word got out that the child was being held against his will and may have been sexually abused by the men in the house.The mother of the child contacted villagers after learning of her son?s whereabouts.Police had previously visited the house but could find no evidence that the teen was there.The neighbours kept a close watch on the house since the child was reportedly kept hidden from public view and since they could not ascertain if he was still there.On spotting the teen yesterday,Wholesale China Jerseys, they contacted the police who immediately swooped down on the property.The suspect initially told the police that the teenager was his niece?s boyfriend. This niece happened to be the lone female occupant of the house.And the woman,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, in a desperate attempt to save the suspect from being arrested,Jerseys From China, sought to confirm the man?s statement to the police.However,NFL Jerseys Outlet, realizing that they both were being arrested, they changed their story and the man admitted that he was responsible for the teenaged boy being at his house.A large crowd watched as the suspect and the woman were taken into custody and the teen whisked away to the Cove and John Police Station.

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SAN ANTONIO -- LaMarcus Aldridge scored 22 points in 26 <a href="">cheap real jordans</a> minutes,cheap real jordans, and Manu Ginobili added a season-high <a href="">klmn2712</a> 17 points as San Antonio earned its fourth consecutive win.

After the game,klmn2712,cheap jordan shoes,cheap jord <a href="">cheap jordan shoes</a> ans for sale, the Spurs retired the No. 21 jersey of former power forward Tim Duncan in a typically understated ceremony. Duncan's 19-year career, all with San Antonio, featured five championships. The Spurs' .710 winning percentage during Duncan's tenure was the best 19-year stretch in NBA history and was the best in all of the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB over that time.

Kawhi Leonard added 13 points for San Antonio. Alexis Ajinca led the Pelicans with 16 points, while Buddy Hield added 14.

Philadelphia 76ers 108, Brooklyn Nets 107

PHILADELPHIA -- Rookie center Joel Embiid scored a career-high 33 points, including the go-ahead 3-pointer with 2:43 left, and Philadelphia beat Brooklyn to snap an eight-game home losing streak.

Embiid,cheap real jordans, who shot 12 of 17 from the floor,jordans for sale, also contributed

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from a pair of hip injuries that almost ended <a href="">cheap jordans</a> his career. Over the first two ga <a href="">cheap jordan shoes</a> mes,cheap jordans,cheap jordan shoes, Pitta has caught 12 passes for 141 yards and is a favorite target of quarterback Joe Flacco <a href="">cheap jordans for sale</a> . He will look to keep the momentum going against a stout Jaguars team that has the eighth-ranked pass defense in the NFL.

INJURY REPORT: Ravens -- Out: RB Kenneth Dixon (knee). Questionable: LB Elvis Dumervil (foot),cheap jordans for sale, T Ronnie Stanley (foot), G John Urschel (shoulder). Jaguars -- Out: T Kelvin Beachum (concussion),cheap jordans for sale,cheap real jordans, TE Ben Koyack (knee). Questionable: CB Prince Amukamara (hamstring), S Tashaun Gipson (hamstring), RB Chris Ivory (not injury related - illness), G Brandon Linder (knee), DE Jared Odrick (triceps).

FAST FACTS: Baltimore QB Joe Flacco passed for 316 yards and three TDs in the last meeting. He threw for 302 yards last week, his 27th 300-yard game. ... Baltimore WR Steve Smith has 14,vwxy7687,015 receiving yards -- 10th in NFL history. Smith and Tim Brown are the only two in NFL history with 900 catches and touchdowns via

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