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?but was shipped to same port ascont <a href="">Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey</a> aminated shipment from USAThere has be <a href="">Jerseys NFL Wholesale</a> en no update as yet from the independent analysis of the 1,Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey,000 tonnes of paddy that was shipped to Colombia from Guyana that w <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> as found to be contaminated but this newspaper has learnt that the paddy was taken to the same port as the contaminated shipments from the USA.This revelation will undoubtedly reaffirm Guyana?s position that the paddy was contaminated in Colombia.Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, recently told this newspaper that he has called for an independent investigation as it relates to the 1,000 tonnes of local paddy that was exported to Colombia and found to be contaminated with ?an identified exotic disease.?According to Persaud,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, he has since written to the Agriculture Minister of Colombia lodging a mild protest given that the information available to him suggests that the rice may have been contaminated on arrival in Colombia hence the call for an independent investigation.According to Persaud it is always difficult breaking into a new market and he has informed the Colombians that he is willing to have a Guyanese delegation travel there to resolve the issue.Saj Rice Mills (SRM) shipped the rice from Guyana.When the news first broke the local Agriculture Minister had said that, ?I have directed the GRDB [Guyana Rice Development Board] to investigate the matter notwithstanding the company?s pronouncement that the shipment was free of any impurities or fungi when it left Guyana.I have asked that the Colombians, US and the Latin American rice research system ? FLAR ? be involved.?Reuters had reported that the 1,Wholesale Jerseys,064 tonnes of rice would be returned to Guyana following the discovery of a fungus, which corresponds,Wholesale China Jerseys, to the Tilletia type.The same fungus, Reuters said, was detected in 5,493 tons of rice originating from the United States.Shipments have also been barred from Ecuador,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, Venezuela and PeruFearing a possible spread of the fungus in their territory, Colombia immediately ordered the rice transported back to its source.Colombia has the shipment aboard a vessel docked at Port Barranquilla in an attempt to isolate what the report described as an ?identified exotic disease.?The procedures were executed to avoid possible contamination of Colombia?s cereals.?All the agricultural imports that enter Colombia are put under a process of quality control,Wholesale Jerseys Group,? Reuters said.The fungus identified during this process corresponds to the Tilletia sort plague ? a type of fungi that targets cereals ? and controlling such fungi would increase production costs, and products would not be marketable if contaminated.

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A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Member of Parliame <a href="">Jerseys NFL Wholesale</a> nt (MP),Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Ronald Bulkan, had concerns an <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Paypal</a> d wanted clarification from the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, in the tenth Parliament.REO of Region 8 Mark CrawfordThe concer <a href="">Cheap Soccer Jerseys</a> n centered on the marketing of agricultural produce from Region Eight, particularly the North Pakaraimas Sub-Region.The Agriculture Minister said that the Ministry of Agriculture continues to provide technical assistance to farmers in every community in the country. In case of marketing, the role of the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) is to link farmers with markets. For North Pakaraimas, the GMC stands ready to link the coastland as well as other hinterland markets to the North Pakaraimas agriculture producers (farmers).?The Guyana Shop will purchase any quantity of processed agriculture product, for example, farine, cassareep,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, cassava bread, honey, peanuts and spices produced in this area.?However according to the Region Eight Chairman, Mark Crawford,Cheap Jerseys Online, as far as he knows no processed products are being purchased from Region Eight. Crawford said that farming in Region Eight is mostly done on a subsistence level since there aren?t so many viable markets that would warrant large scale development of products.He added that the GMC or the Minister should tell the populace of Region Eight where they should go or whom they should contact to get their processed goods marketed,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, since he is not aware of any processed goods leaving Region Eight.A lot of Citrus produce is being wasted since the cost to transport the goods to Georgetown is not economical. As such he is calling for the government to either make subventions for transportation of the perishable citrus produce or provide an industry in Region Eight that would allow the citrus produce to be converted into juice so that it can be exported to increase the economic growth and provide employment to persons living in Region Eight.According to Crawford,Authentic Jerseys Sale, ?We only have the plans; the Government has the resources to carry it out.?

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Relatives of John Bhola, 36, of Tewkesbury, Leguan, East Bank Essequ <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale</a> ibo, who succumbed Thursday morning a <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Online</a> t the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), are alleging that negligence and lack of proper care on behalf of the hospital staff contributed to the man?s demise.According to Anjani Bhola, the dead ma <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> n?s sister, who is an overseas-based Guyanese, after hearing of her brother suffering from a seizure and collapsing on the ground and injuring his head,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, immediately visited the Guyana to assist in any way possible.Ms Bhola explained that she learnt after her brother received his injuries, he was taken to West Demerara Regional Hospital but was later transferred to GPHC on April 13,Cheap Jerseys Online, 2011 because they could not have dealt with his injuries.The deceased John BholaAdding that her brother spent 16 days in the hospital, Ms Bhola said a surgery was done and a thoracostomy tube (the insertion of a tube to drain air,Wholesale Jerseys, blood,Wholesale Jerseys China, bile, pus, or other fluids) was inserted into her brother?s throat while he was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to assist with his breathing.?That tube required a lot of attention, the ventilator,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, and the patient is supposed to be constantly monitored and every time I go there I have to comment or complain about something.? Ms Bhola said.The frustrated woman said that after spending about 12-days in the ICU her brother was transferred to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) where everything appeared to be going wrong.?Every time I go there, I have to go tell the nurse that my brother needs suction to clear the fluid buildup in the tube?I think they did something wrong in the way they just left him there to punish and to die. Now my sister from Canada came in to see him and he already died.? Ms Bhola lamented.After speaking to the doctor on a daily basis, Ms Bhola said the doctor did his job and there was improvement but the nurses were reckless in their duties. She also noted that in HDU her brother?s temperature was very high and she asked for permission to place a fan next to him since he was sweating a lot, but that was denied.?Why do I have to mention these things to them, if I am not there everything goes wrong when I visit I have to tell them what I notice! What type of persons are working in the system??When GPHC?s CEO,Cheap NFL Jerseys co, Michael Khan was contacted he said that an investigation into the allegations has been launched, in addition to the postmortem results being available for Tuesday.Anjani Bhola

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Officials of the IDB, Ministry of Public Works and <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> gove <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> rnment meeting with stakeholders yesterday at Duke Lodge on the extension of the four-lane highway from Providence to Diamond.By Leonard GildarieThe planned extension of t <a href="">Jerseys From China</a> he four-lane highway on the East Bank Demerara has been altered with the roadway now ending at Diamond,Cheap NFL Jerseys, officials say.Government had originally intended to extend the four-lane highway, which stops at Providence, to Grove, a heavily populated village, but the narrowness of the current public road there has caused the authorities to rethink.Yesterday, the Government of Guyana, Ministry of Public Works and Communications and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) held a stakeholders? workshop at Duke Lodge in Kingston, to discuss the US$17.5M project and its possible implications on businesses, road users and others that would be affected by the construction.UK-based engineering consultants, Mott McDonald, have until February to submit the project designs which will see some 16 bridges and culverts widened and another access road to the New Diamond Housing Scheme.Studies have shown that bulk of the East Bank Demerara traffic ends in the Grove/Diamond area with a bottleneck around the traffic lights at the intersection there. It was clear that consultants and government were cautious in this early stage of the project after traffic congestion, delays and cost overruns marred the previous four-lane construction done a few years ago from Ruimveldt to Providence.Earlier this month, government and IDB inked a US$22M contract for this phase of the four-lane highway which officials said was crucial to ease congestion. It was estimated that 10,Wholesale Jerseys,000 new vehicles are being added each year to the country?s road, placing severe pressure on the networks.However, this time around, there is a call for more stakeholders? input on what has been described as a ?social engagement plan?, the environmental impact and the final designs. Several meetings have been held with residents and other stakeholders.Additionally, the workshop was mandated to establish a special committee of stakeholders to provide assistance to the project.However, one of the main concerns raised yesterday was another access road to Diamond, which has been earmarked to be constructed immediately south of the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL), next to the current car park.Yesterday, a DDL official called for consultations as the company had intended to build a sales centre next to the hire car park there.There were also issues raised over planned major fast food outlets, especially in the Diamond area which currently has three new banks and a gas station.There were concerns too of filter lanes and the use of heavy vehicles which have been blamed for road damage.Along with the four-lane highway, authorities are hoping to add sidewalks along the roadway at the entrance to the New Diamond Housing Scheme, parking lanes, central medians that would allow pedestrians to have ?refuge? to cross,Jerseys From China, and secondary bridges to link the Grove and Diamond villages to ease congestion.Also on the cards are the constructions of drop kerbs off the sidewalks to allow access to properties.IDB consultant,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Simone Mangal; Rabindranauth Chandarpal, Transport Planning Officer, Ministry of Public Works and Communications; Hanna White, Social Scientist of Mott MacDonald, and Jamie Roan, Highway Technical Specialist, Mott MacDonald, were among the officials who facilitated the workshop yesterday.In July, preparatory work commenced on the IDB loan request for the extension of the East Bank Demerara Road (EBDR) for eight miles from Providence to Grove Village.MacDonald/SRKN?gineering (MMS) has conducted a feasibility and Environmental and Social Imp

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Robeson Benn hears: ?Government will lose next general elections <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping</a> ?Public Works MinisterR <a href="">Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey</a> obeson BennA 32-year-old gold miner is seeking redress after a government Minister had him locked up overnight for saying that the People?s Progressive Party (PPP) government will lose the next general elections.T <a href="">Authentic Jerseys Sale</a> he Georgetown resident, Andrew John Stone, said that he is taking legal action against Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn who reportedly ordered police officers from the Parika Police Station to have him tossed in the lock ups when he said that the PPP will be out of power for neglecting the people.Stone told Kaieteur News that on Sunday afternoon he was at the Parika Stelling waiting for a boat to take him to Bartica when he noticed the Public Works Minister speaking to a group of people. He allegedly told the group,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, ?Don?t listen to Benn; they are a bad government.?He claimed that his next words were to the Minister,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, ?Mr. Benn, the next elections ya?ll gone lose.? According to the North East La Penitence resident, Minister Benn then asked him ?Why?? and he replied, ?Cause ya?ll neglect ya?ll own people.?Stone said that his comments were met with support from the people to whom the Minister was talking. ?They started to cheer and encouraged me to continue speaking.?Stone said he however left the area where the Minister was and joined a boat to Bartica, but within minutes of him being seated, Minister Benn turned up with two uniformed police officers.Stone alleged that one of the officers said this boat can?t move. Benn then ordered the ranks to take him to the police station and lock him up. When the officers asked Minister Benn why, his reply was,Authentic Jerseys Sale, ?You hear what I say, I am the Minister lock him up,Jerseys NFL Cheap,? Stone claimed.Even after the officers asked Minister Benn to come to the station to make a report, he refused. ?I am the Minister? the Minister allegedly said before driving off.Andrew Stone holdsup his bail receiptThe North East La Penitence resident said he was taken into police custody around 14:00hours on Sunday and was not released until 15:00hours yesterday after being placed on $10,000 bail without being charged. He said that ranks at the Parika Police Station told him that he should return at 08:00hours today.When asked about the charge,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, Stone said the officers could not tell him why he was detained, only that they were following orders.Stone said that he is peeved over the situation and sees the Minister?s action as an abuse of power and he will not take the incident lying down.He added that his right of freedom of speech has been violated, while the Minister?s conduct is a clear case of victimization. Stone said he will be meeting with his lawyer this morning.Several calls to Minister Benn?s cell phone went unanswered. Up to press time last night,Wholesale China Jerseys, there was still no response to calls for the Minister.Minister Benn attracted attention earlier this year for walking into the National Communications Network (NCN) studios and reportedly banning what he said were ?libelous, abusive and slanderous? calypsos.The Minister later clarified that he made a personal objection about one of the calypsos. This however resulted in NCN posting a notice that ?no 2013 calypsos must be aired?by order of management.?

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? lawyer gives o <a href="">Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale</a> ral no <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys 2016</a> tice of appealThree persons were given a combined jail sentence of 15 years after they were found guilty of the offenceAmunike Rogersof rob <a href="">NFL Jerseys Supply</a> bery under-arms by City Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates? Courts.Peter McKenzie, 23, of 298 Meadow Brook, Squatting Area; Alana Taylor, 36,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, of 212 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2016, Georgetown and Amunike Rogers, 21, of 195 Meadow Brook Gardens, Georgetown,NFL Jerseys Supply, were convicted for robbing businesswoman, Elizabeth Hendricks at gunpoint on March 2,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Authentic, 2014 at Lime Street, Georgetown.They relieved the woman of her BLU cell phone, a gold chain, a handbag,Cheap Jerseys China, one laptop and three BlackBerry phone chargers.McKenzie, Taylor and Rogers were each sentenced to five years imprisonment.The accused had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge and were represented by Attorney Dexter Todd.The lawyer gave oral notice of his intentions to appeal the decision. He argued that the conviction of his clients is not justice, because they are maintaining their innocence.The lawyer added that his clients are of good character in society.After hearing the Magistrate?s ruling, the accused stared around the courtroom in disbelieve. Taylor and Rogers broke down in tears and had to be consoled by family members who were seated in the court.During the summing up of evidence yesterday, the Magistrate told the court that Hendricks testified that McKenzie placed a gun to her head and demanded that she hand over her valuables. The Magistrate said that Hendricks recalled that McKenzie ransacked her wardrobe and removed the laptop and phone chargers.According to the Magistrate,Jerseys NFL Cheap, the witness pointed out that McKenzie threatened to kill her after she refused to go into the bathroom.When called upon to lead a defence, they all gave sworn testimonies. McKenzie called Rogers and Taylor to testify on his behalf, while Taylor called her daughter to the witness box.Alana TaylorMcKenzie had testified that the victim owed him $150,000 as payment for work he had done for her in the interior. He recalled that the woman invited him over to her home where she gave him the laptop and gold ring. McKenzie stated that police later arrived at Hendricks? home and brutalized him. He claimed that the lawmen placed a plastic bag over his head and tightened it with a belt.However, the Magistrate asserted that she disbelieved his claims of police assault. She said that she believed that McKenzie went to the woman?s home to execute a robbery. Further, Magistrate Latchman added that she did not believe Hendricks gave her belongings to McKenzie.As it relates to Taylor, the Magistrate stressed that she believed she was the mastermind behind the robbery. Based on evidence tendered in the trial, the Magistrate affirmed that she was satisfied that they acted in concert to carry away the items mentioned in the charge.Before handing down her decision, Magistrate Latchman took all mitigating factors into consideration. She stated that Taylor acted in a distrustful manner even though she and Hendricks were friends. She highlighted the fact that a gun was used to commit the robbery and that the crime was well organized. The Magistrate noted that violence was used during the ordeal and a threat was made to Hendricks? life. She also noted the need to prevent others from contemplating such crimes.Police Prosecutor, Corporal Kerry Bostwick informed the court that the convicts have no previous brushes with the law.

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