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The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) says that it is actively <a href="">Benoit Cheyrou Toronto Shirts</a> going after consultants and independent co <a href="">Custom Manchester City Jersey</a> ntractors for tax evasion.Expressing concerns over increasing incidents of these self-employed persons attempting to cheat the tax system, GRA yesterday.?These persons are engaged by companies to do a particular job, but operate as though they are unde <a href="">Martin Demichelis Jersey</a> r a contract of employment,? the agency said in a release yesterday.According to GRA?s Commissioner-General,Benoit Cheyrou Toronto Shirts, Khurshid Sattaur, such persons should voluntarily comply with tax laws by taking the necessary corrective steps. They will be placed under the microscope and the necessary measures will be taken to recover the taxes.?It should be noted that an independent contractor or self-employed person is bound to do the job he was contracted to do,Custom Manchester City Jersey, and uses his own discretion as to how it would be done.Therefore, a person who is contracted to renovate a structure, execute a research, manufacturing or other project is deemed a self-employed person and is required to file returns and pay taxes in the legally prescribed manner for self-employed persons.?On the other hand,Martin Demichelis Jersey, an employee under a contract of employment ?agrees to undertake certain duties under the direction and control of the employer, in return for a wage or salary? from which taxes are deducted, GRA explained.?Self-employed persons are required to assess themselves and pay their taxes in quarterly installments, which are due on the first day of the month following the end of every quarter.? Payments are to be made on or before April 1, July 1, October 1 and the final payment on or before December 31 every year.?Persons who are in their first year of business are required to estimate their earnings for the year and make payments accordingly. For ongoing operations,Jonathan Osorio Toronto Shirts, the previous year?s earnings must be used to determine the taxes due.?The earnings of a self-employed person that are subject to tax (chargeable income) are their gross income from all sources for the year less total deductions and exemptions allowed for each source under the Income Tax Act.?It must be noted that while taxes are paid during the year,Pablo Zabaleta Manchester City Jersey, income tax returns are submitted on or before April 30 of the following year and must be accompanied by a computation of the assessable income in the form of a Profit and Loss or Income and Expenditure Statement along with a Balance Sheet. Proper accounts and records pertaining to income and expenditure must be kept for eight years.?According to Sattaur,Youth Zlatan Ibrahimovic Manchester United Jersey, where necessary the badges of trade, such as the profit motive, will be considered to determine the existence of trade by a self-employed person or independent contractor for taxation purposes.He noted that the weight attached to each factor or badge will depend on the precise circumstances.?Independent contractors/ self-employed persons are therefore urged to pay their taxes accordingly.?

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Hollywood star Harrison Ford is continuing his wor <a href="">Blank Jersey</a> k with Conservation International (C <a href="">Hervin Ongenda Jersey</a> I) to promote conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, moreso forests. He recently launched a new interactive magazine called ?Team Earth,? fe <a href="">John Stones Manchester City Jersey</a> aturing Guyana.The interactive magazine features Conservation International?s forestry concession in the Upper Essequibo, emphasizing the importance of the fresh water resources of the area.The magazine quotes Henry James, a Conservation Officer, as saying that a clean Essequibo River provides fresh water, healthy fish, and a safe lifestyle for his family.The feature on Guyana makes note of the fact that the incredibly pristine Essequibo River is surrounded in large part by the world?s first conservation concession.In 2002, the Government here granted CI the world?s first conservation concession to protect 200,000 acres of primary forest in the Upper Essequibo.The global conservation body says the aquatic eco-systems of the Upper Essequibo support an extraordinary diversity of life,Blank Jersey, and are among the most pristine freshwater systems on the planet.At least 1,500 plant,Hervin Ongenda Jersey, 200 mammal and 500 bird species ? as many as found in all of North America ? are found in the vicinity.Earlier this year, President Bharrat Jagdeo joined Harrison Ford to launch a bold back-to-nature response to climate change.CI?s scientific team has proven that at least 20% of the world?s carbon dioxide emissions result from the burning and clearing of tropical trees. That?s more carbon dioxide than is released by all the cars,John Stones Manchester City Jersey, trains, trucks and ships in the world!Saving forests will slow climate change, CI said, since energy innovations will take decades to develop.The campaign launched with Ford and President Jagdeo, entitled ?Lost Here, Felt There,? was aimed at showing that what affects forests in one part of the world affects us all.The interactive magazine is a follow-up to that campaign. The magazine showcases five ground breaking forest carbon initiatives around the world, including the Upper Essequibo concession.The Potaro River?s spectacular Kaieteur Falls releases a torrent of clean, fresh, life-giving water into the mighty Essequibo.As part of the greater Essequibo watershed, the falls represent a treasured, and threatened, fresh water resource in a world with a dwindling supply, CI declared.The relatively undisturbed landscape of the Upper Essequibo River rests on an ancient geological formation, the Guiana Shield, an area that includes all of Guyana,Munir El Haddadi Barcelona Jersey, Suriname, and French Guiana and extends into Western and Southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil.These forests are the source of 20 percent of the world?s fresh water, and store 18 percent of the world?s tropical forest carbon. They serve as a remarkable global scale utility that benefits not just Guyanese communities, but people all over the world,Blank Dortmund Shirts, CI stated.?The aquatic ecosystems of the Upper Essequibo Conservation Concession (UECC) are one of the most pristine, if not the most pristine, on the planet,? scientist Dr. Philip Willink, of The Field Museum in Chicago,Sebastian Rode Jersey, said after a 2007 survey.The Macushi and Wapishana indigenous groups depend on the area?s natural resources; and communities near the concession ? in Apoteri, Rewa, and Crashwater ? helped to demarcate boundaries to ensure that the Conservation concession would not conflict with traditional claims.The communities now benefit from US$10,000 every year to support various community projects, including a community-owned ecolodge in Rewa Village, l

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A taxi driver was k <a href="">Joe Hart Jersey</a> illed on the spot shortly after 23:00 hrs last night after <a href="">Ryan Mason Jersey UK</a> the driver of an out of control truck smashed headlong into his vehicle on Mandela Avenue.The victim,Joe Hart Jersey, employed by Oasis Ta <a href="">Rodolfo Pizarro Mexico Jersey</a> xi Service, was identified as Quincy Kellman of Belfield, East Coast Demerara.According to reports,Ryan Mason Jersey UK, Kellman,Rodolfo Pizarro Mexico Jersey, said to be in his thirties, was heading west along Mandela Avenue, in the vicinity of B K International, when the driver of the truck, who was heading in the opposite direction, veered into his path.There are reports that the driver lost control of his vehicle after overtaking a van and smashed into Kellman?s taxi.The impact was so loud that one resident said that she thought that gunmen were on the attack in the area.The entre front of Kellman?s vehicle, HB 3983,Zlatan Ibrahimovic Manchester United Jersey, was crumpled like a tin can. He was killed instantly.His body remained trapped in the wreck for several minutes until ranks from the Guyana Fire Service arrived on the scene and cut through the twisted metal.Kellman is survived by an eight-year-old daughter.The news spread quickly and the owner of the taxi service,Jack Wilshere Arsenal Jersey, and several of the dead man?s colleagues, converged on the area.The manager told Kaieteur News that Kellman was off-duty at the time. He described his employee and a very cautious driver.By press time today,Ander Herrera Manchester United Jersey, police had detained the truck driver, whose vehicle sustained minimal damage.More details in tomorrow?s issue.(Michael Jordan)

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? had trailed victim in minibus from G/T to W <a href="">Sheyi Ojo Jersey</a> est Dem.A Senior Superintend <a href="">Enzo Perez Jersey</a> ant of Police saved two bandits from a sound thrashing yesterday,Sheyi Ojo Jersey, after they robbed a miner, who had just disembarked a minibus on the Pourderoyen P <a href="">Juan Vazquez Jersey</a> ublic Road, West Coast Demerara (WCD).The two men were chased down by residents who had witnessed the robbery, and thankfully for them, they managed to make it to safety outside the yard of Senior Superintendent Maxine Graham.But by then the men had already received some blows.?I had to save the day. Even though they committed the act,Enzo Perez Jersey, as a police officer, I could not sit down and see the residents beat and kill them,? the police official told this newspaper.Snr. Supt. Maxine GrahamThe robbery victim,Juan Vazquez Jersey, Clint Gunput, 25, of Lot 6 Samaroo Dam Pourderoyen WCD was stabbed by the two men who were armed with knives at around 14:30hrs.He sustained injuries to the abdomen and has been admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).Kaieteur News understands that the bandits had been trailing Guput and his pregnant wife from Georgetown. According to reports,Xavi Hernandez Barcelona Jersey, one of the bandits boarded the same bus as the couple in the city. Apparently he had his eyes on a gold chain Guput was wearing and contacted his accomplice to assist him with acquiring his target.As the minibus was making its way along the East Bank thoroughfare, the bandit requested that the driver stop at Mc Doom to pick up a friend. When the bus stopped at McDoom,Gianluigi Donnarumma Jersey, the other bandit joined the bus which then proceeded along its route.Gunput requested to be dropped off at Samaroo Dam Pourderoyen WCD. The bandits also exited the minibus and began stabbing their victim.They relieved him of a gold chain he was wearing and jumped back into the said minibus, which appeared to have been purposefully waiting on them, before speeding off.Clint Gunput who was stabbed by the banditsPublic-spirited citizens,Matteo Darmian Jersey, who were in the vicinity responded and went to the assistance of the victim, who was later, rushed to the GPHC in an ambulance.The bus was chased by a group of villagers on motorbikes after they saw what had occurred. They forced the bus to stop, took the men out and dealt them a sound thrashing.The blows were so much that the men desperately tried to run away.The bandits managed to escape on foot but were cornered while they were running towards the yard of Senior Superintendant of Police, Maxine Graham.Miss Graham came out upon hearing the commotion and like a true law enforcement officer she intervened and saved the hapless bandits.Miss Graham added that the men choose the wrong day to strike, because all the youths from the community would usually be at home on Sundays.The bandits are currently in police custody assisting with investigations.

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? warrants also approved <a href="">Gabriel Brazil Jersey</a> for son, key aide(Reuters) ? The International Criminal Court (ICC) issue <a href="">Ashley Young Jersey</a> d an arrest warrant yesterday for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and rebels trying to oust him said their forces had advanced to within 80 km (50 miles) of the <a href="">Matthias Ginter Jersey</a> capital.The Hague-based court approved warrants for Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam and Libyan intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi on charges of crimes against humanity. ICC prosecutors allege they were involved in the killing of civilian protesters who rose up in February against Gaddafi?s 41-year rule.?To prevent them covering up ongoing crimes and committing new crimes, they should be arrested. This is the only way to protect civilians in Libya,? said ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, who had sought the arrest warrants.Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and his father, Muammar GaddafiReading out the warrant at the court in The Hague, presiding judge Sanji Mmasenono Monageng said Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was accused of having ?conceived and orchestrated a plan to deter and quell by all means the civilian demonstrations?. Senussi was accused of using his position to have attacks carried out.However the warrant is unlikely to lead to Gaddafi?s arrest as long he remains in power and inside Libya, because the court does not have the power to enforce its warrants.?Libya ? does not accept the decisions of the ICC which is a tool of the Western world to prosecute leaders in the Third World,? Justice Minister Mohammed al-Qamoodi said.?The leader of the revolution and his son do not hold any official position in the Libyan government and therefore they have no connection to the claims of the ICC against them,? Qamoodi told a Tripoli news conference.Gaddafi?s government says he holds no formal post despite ruling for 41 years. The administration has denied targeting civilians, saying it has taken justified military action against armed criminal gangs and al Qaeda militants.Celebrations erupted in the rebel-held city of Benghazi, in eastern Libya, after the ICC?s decision. Insurgent officials said the move meant negotiations with Gaddafi were impossible.?After this warrant, it is all irrelevant. We cannot negotiate with war criminals,Gabriel Brazil Jersey,? Jalal al-Galal, spokesman of the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) told Reuters.The move also was welcomed by NATO and alliance members.?It?s another indication that Muammar Gaddafi has lost his legitimacy,? White House spokesman Jay Carney said.In a separate blow to the Gaddafi family, Western diplomats said a U.N. Security Council sanctions committee had banned Gaddafi?s wife from traveling outside Libya.Although Gaddafi and other members of his family have been on a U.N. blacklist since February, Russia had blocked the inclusion of Gaddafi?s wife Safia on the list of individuals facing a travel ban and asset freeze until last week.BREAKTHROUGHAnti-Gaddafi rebels, based in the Western Mountains region southwest of Tripoli, made their biggest breakthrough in weeks to reach the town of Bir al-Ghanam, where they are now fighting pro-Gaddafi forces for control,Ashley Young Jersey, their spokesman said.The move took them 30 km (18 miles) north of their previous position and closer to Tripoli, Gaddafi?s main power base.?There were battles there most of yesterday,? Juma Ibrahim, a rebel spokesman, said by telephone.?Some of our fighters were martyred and they (government forces) also suffered casualties and we captured equipment and vehicles. It?s quiet there today and the rebels are still in their positions,? he said yesterday from the nearby town of Zintan.The rebels have been battling Gaddafi?s forces since late February, whe

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<a href="">Simon Mignolet Liverpool Jersey</a> Dr John Persaud, 64, a Guyanese who had been <a href="">Alexis Sanchez Jersey</a> teaching at the Preston Albury High School in the Bahamas, for nearly three decades,Simon Mignolet Liverpool Jersey, is back home trying t <a href="">Jeremain Lens Netherland Jersey</a> o correct what he said was a misrepresentation of the truth.In July, a Bahamian newspaper reported that Dr Persaud was charged with sexually assaulting a student. The allegations were made in May,Alexis Sanchez Jersey, and Dr Persaud was arraigned before a magistrate on May 19.On October 7, last, Dr Persaud was freed after the court found that the people making the allegations had ?lied through their teeth?.Dr Persaud,Jeremain Lens Netherland Jersey, who is now home on a short vacation to tend to family business, said that the entire episode is still surprising since the ?victim? never made a formal report.?There was an allegation made against me by a student. I was lost for words because I could not recall having anything to do with that student. I don?t teach the student at all. There was no contact between that student and me.?What actually sparked the allegation was an attempt to discipline a student who had breached the assembly line. Dr Persaud said that as the student rushed past him he reached out and attempted to grab the boy who dodged the attempt.The matter surfaced some five weeks later when he got a call to visit the police station. He said that he was taken into custody.?I had no knowledge of the incident of which I was being accused.?He was eventually granted bail and ordered to return to court on June 17. On that day the magistrate was a no-show,Jeffrey Bruma Jersey, so the case was postponed to August 30. It was further postponed to September 2.Meanwhile, Dr Persaud was sent on administrative leave. September 2 came and again there was no court but a tentative date was set for either October or November, the man said.All parties were finally summoned on October 4 when the trial eventually began. It lasted three days.The star witness claimed that while no report was formally made to her, the boy blurted out that Dr Persaud attempted to grab his penis. The witness, a teacher at the school, claimed that the lad made this accusation during an informal session.She said that at the time she was in the head teacher?s office. However, the head teacher never heard the allegation although the office, as described by the witness, was very small.Further, the boy,Gabriel Arsenal Jersey, whose mother said that they shared a very close relationship, never made any such report to his mother. No one could say for sure that the assault took place.Persaud said that he was certain that his arrest and humiliation resulted from the fact that he is a Guyanese who had attained high office at the school, ahead of Bahamians. He said that he was a victim of discrimination.On October 7, the magistrate announced,Matthias Ginter Germany Jersey, ?Mr Persaud, I must tell you that you are now a free man; you are acquitted; you are free.?But this did not happen until the magistrate had described the witnesses as a pack of liars.?I think my reputation was able to hold out because people know me in the entire Bahamas. They have always known me to be a decent person.?

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-17 exporters looking for early <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping</a> dealA number of Guyanese hardware manufacturers are <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys</a> looking to cash in on an offer from Venezuela to buy building materials.Yesterday, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) released a list of 2 <a href="">Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale</a> 0-plus materials that the neighbouring Spanish-speaking country is interested in.These include PVC pipes, cement, shingles and wooden doors.Venezuela has announced plans to build over 200,000 homes this year and have realized that from estimates that the domestic supplies there would not be enough to meet demands.Venezuela has offered to buy construction materials from Guyana to meet local demands there for 200,000 new homes to be built this year.According to PSC officials,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, already 17 local companies and individuals have submitted their names and products they intend to supply, and the business organization is making moves to visit Venezuela in two weeks time.Part of the delegation will include representatives of the local suppliers.Among other things, Venezuela will be looking for electrical cables, Portland cement, tiles, wooden doors with frames, galvanized roofing sheets,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, wall lamps, nails and chicken mesh.Also in demand will be yellow sand (M3 mixed with fine dust) and roofing tiles.The popular aluminum windows,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, wires and wooden beams were included in the list.According to the PSC, the Minister of Foreign Affairs had met with top officials of the organization and informed them of the trade opportunities being opened.The PSC had then invited interested exporters to a meeting. Spearheading the initiative is Chairman of PSC?s Trade and Investment Sub-Committee, Clinton Williams.Several PVC product makers have indicated intense interest.Exporters will be paid via the Petro-Caribe fund, similar to arrangements with the current rice agreement that Guyana has with Venezuela.Guyana has an ongoing trade agreement with Venezuela for the supply of rice and paddy with the current one worth over US$50M. Several rice farmers,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, although initially fearful, have been taking advantage.PSC officials said that the Petro-Caribe fund, which represents Guyana?s payment to Venezuela for oil taken, will be used to pay the hardware suppliers.?The money is virtually guaranteed. Once you deliver?you will be paid,Authentic Kyle Korver Hawks Jersey,? the PSC said.While it is unclear how much money is involved in the potential trade of hardware with Venezuela, officials have been tagging it to be worth millions of US dollars.Guyana has been signaling its intentions to sell more of its products in the region within recent years to help reduce shipping costs. However, bureaucracy and red tapes in the region have been hampering progress.Packaged sugar from the Guyana Sugar Corporation will be heavily targeted to regional markets,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, company officials have said.Guyana has also been increasing trade with Brazil and Suriname in recent years with even flour making its way across the Takutu Bridge to Boa Vista and other nearby states of the Portuguese-speaking country.

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A place television and ratings." "NCIS" and "The Practice" 4 U <a href="">NCIS</a> S drama on video sites collective shelves. launched in Octobe <a href="">Scream new season</a> r 1980,Scream new season. to market",Olympus Season 1.2007 Transcribed by Imamess for boston-legal Episode 7 Written by David E.3 I would not look at the first pass subtitles over again little is left of his s <a href="">Olympus Season 1</a> table were uprooted,Reign season 3.
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<a href="">Benoit Cheyrou Toronto Jersey</a> Over 1000 entries have <a href="">Raul Jimenez Mexico Jersey</a> been received by Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company which is gearing for the first round of auditions in the 2K9 GT&T Cellink Jingles a <a href="">Jesse Lingard Jersey</a> nd Song Competition. The Georgetown contestants will be auditioned there until June 7.The event is slated for Duke?s Lodge,Benoit Cheyrou Toronto Jersey, Kingston from Friday. Auditions for Berbice are slated for June 14, while June 19 is the date set for the Essequibo phase. On June 21, the auditions head to Linden.The quarterfinal is set for July 5 at the Theatre Guild, with the semifinals set for July 12 at the same venue. The final is slated for the National Park on July 26.The 2009 GT&T Cellink Jingles and Song Competition, is geared at providing a positive platform to showcase talent in songwriting and performance for local artistes,Raul Jimenez Mexico Jersey, and this was recently ascertained by the entity?s Head of Marketing and Sales, Wystan Robertson.While the initial competition in 2005 saw competitors receiving up to $100 000 in cash and prizes this year around,Jesse Lingard Jersey, there is some $8M in cash and prizes.This competition is open to amateur singers in the age range 16-30 years. For the purpose of this competition, amateur singers are considered persons who do not sing professionally or do not earn their means of living from singing.Applicants are ineligible if they already have any type of talent representation (for example,Herculez Gomez Jersey, a talent agent or manager) or a music recording contract.The first, second and third place winners of the 2009 Cellink Jingle and Song competition will respectively receive a Motor Car, $500,000 and $250,000 cash, among other prizes.This event is sponsored by Ansa Mc Al (Carib Beer), NCN,Toni Kroos Jersey, HJTV, Beharry Automative Limited and Impressions.The ten (10) finalists of the competition will be required to compose and record an original song. The song must be pre-approved by GT&T, and recorded at a studio approved by GT&T. GT&T would be responsible for the cost of the recording.The first and second place winners from previous Cellink Jingle competition are not permitted to enter this Competition.Applicants who are under the age of 18 years,Joe Hart Jersey, must obtain written permission from their parent/guardian before entering this competition.

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The notion <a href="">Jean-Kevin Augustin Paris Saint-Germain Jersey</a> that literacy is the key to academic success in its entirety was passionately <a href="">Ever Banega Argentina Jersey</a> underscored yesterday by Chief Education Officer (CEO) Olato Sam, who was at the time presenting the feature address at the annual Literacy Showcase at the Ministry of Education Sport Complex (formerly GNS Sports Complex),Jea <a href="">Ilkay Gundogan Jersey</a> n-Kevin Augustin Paris Saint-Germain Jersey, Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown.?If you are not literate you cannot master the other dimensions of the educational process and that is something that we must reinforce constantly,? Sam asserted.He emphasised, too, that parents must come to the realisation that their children?s academic success hinges greatly on their ability to grasp fundamental principles embedded in the Ministry?s national literacy drive. This strategic move,Ever Banega Argentina Jersey, he said, also speaks to the quality of the society that is desired, since the primary role of literacy is to shape and define the quality of life for everyone.Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, (second from left) and other senior education officials and students look on as a student indulges in a Literacy game.?The nation that we aspire to have would depend greatly on the extent to which the citizens have mastered basic competency skills,Ilkay Gundogan Jersey,? the CEO stated.Literacy, according to him, is known to lead to higher levels of tolerance and acceptance of different people, as well as acceptance of differences altogether,Damien Perquis Jersey, even as he highlighted that ?if we are to co-exist in this society we must develop the competencies that will enable us to appreciate each other for who we are.?Moreover, he stressed that literacy is not limited to just a classroom, but reaches to the national state of affairs. As such, he noted that it is required of all to embrace the role that must be played in improving the quality of literacy locally, which he stressed, is a key message in this year?s Education Month theme, ?Transforming the nation through inclusive education?.?Inclusive education calls upon each of us to recognise the role we must play in shaping and defining this society? in helping young people who we recognise might have some of those deficiencies,? Sam articulated.Deputy Chief Education Officer (Development) Mrs. Bibi Alli, in echoing the sentiments of the CEO added that ?Literacy is life itself. I consider anybody who does not have literacy skills to be handicapped.? She alluded to the fact that there are many in society today who are unable to read,Eriq Zavaleta Toronto Jersey, write and comprehend, thus are at a disadvantage, and could find themselves in very vulnerable situations.Yesterday?s event came days after the commemoration of International Literacy Day which is observed on September 8, annually. With the theme ?Literacy and Peace,? the International Literacy Day for two consecutive years (2011 and 2012) spoke to the negative impact of unrest on literacy. However, Mrs. Alli asserted that it is the role of the local education system to ensure that there is a peaceful society, which allows for a literate population.As such, she noted that it is very important that efforts are made to educate the citizenry to ensure that they can read, write, understand, and do simple computations.In this regard, she said that the Ministry of Education ?is doing everything in its power to ensure that all of our students become literate.?Aside from regular school programmes, she made reference to after-school programmes such as the Fast Track Literacy Initiative which targets out-of-school youths and students who are falling behind in school.?We are not j

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