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Earlier this wee <a href="">Jerseys NFL Wholesale</a> k, Leader of the Opposition,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Bharrat Jagdeo,Wholesale Au <a href="">Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet</a> thentic Jerseys Outlet, announced that he expects the support ofPrime Minister, Moses Nagamootoothe Al <a href="">NCAA Hockey Jerseys</a> liance for Change when his party, moves a motion in the National Assembly to have a forensic audit done into the Georgetown Mayor and City Council including the controversial parking meter contract.However, Vice-Chairman of the AFC, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, said on Friday that his party will make its posture on the issue known if the motion is deemed admissible. He said that he does not believe the Speaker of the House, Dr. Barton Scotland, would allow the motion simply on the basis of the sub judice rule.According to Nagamootoo he had received advice that there was a pending court matter questioning the charges outlined in the contract, whether they are excessive or not.He said that provided the matter is deemed admissible then his party will assume a certain posture on the merit of the motion.?If the opposition can argue that there is no pending matter in court, then of course, as I said, the AFC would devise its posture on that issue.?On the matter of an audit into the M&CC, Nagamootoo said that as a former Minister of Local Government,NCAA Hockey Jerseys, he knows of defined procedures in law for the auditing of the accounts of the City Council.?I am not aware that we could change those auditing procedures unless specific and clear allegations are made in regards to some malfeasance.?On Wednesday, Jagdeo had said that he believes the motion which is to be tabled by his colleague, parliamentarian Irfaan Ali will get the support of the AFC since its member,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, Deputy Mayor of Georgetown,Andrew Franks Dolphins Jersey, Sherod Duncan, has condemned the contract on several occasions.At one point in time leader of the AFC Khemraj Ramjattan had said that Duncan speaks on behalf of the party on the controversial contract.Duncan had expressed on numerous occasions his position on the contract saying it should be cancelled since several procedures had been flouted.The Deputy Mayor, in an interview with this publication, said that he could not support the contract citing as his reasons the Attorney-General?s review which described it as onerous. He also noted that the Ministry of Finance?s review concluded that the contract should be withdrawn since it had not been tendered and procurement procedures were not followed.On Wednesday Jagdeo said that he is anticipating the support of AFC parliamentarians, such as Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson,Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan and the Prime Minister.

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The Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) has report <a href="">NCAA Hockey Jerseys</a> ed that Juan Moore,NCAA Hockey Jerseys, w <a href=""></a> ho narrowly escaped death by electrocution atop a pole on Regent Street last week,, is on his way to recovery.Moore is in a stable condition, ful <a href="">Arizona Diamondbacks Gregor Blanco Jersey</a> ly conscious, speaking and seems to be very well, the power company stated. Moore sustained a wound on his left foot and burns along his inner thighs as a result of the incident.It is not sure when Moore will be back at work,Arizona Diamondbacks Gregor Blanco Jersey, but he is expected to return pending his discharge from St Joseph Mercy Hospital, where he was admitted following his near death experience on Friday last,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, a source within the power company said.Moore had stepped onto a rotten crossbar,Jerseys From China, which broke and caused him to fall. He then slammed into the transformer, the impact triggering a loud explosion. People reportedly saw his body twitching as the electricity coursed through him.Passersby who witnessed Moore?s fall and contact with the electric wire said that there are many rotten crossbars on the lamp posts that line Regent Street. The power company said that it is aware of these rotten crossbars,Bobby Orr Jersey, which it proposes to change in the immediate future.

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Surinamese Presid <a href="">Authentic Jerseys Sale</a> ent Desi Bouterse is the new chairman of the Caribbean Community <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> (CARICOM) and he says this year holds great opportunities for strengthening the <a href="">Cheap Hockey Jerseys</a> regional integration movement.Bouterse will host the CARICOM Heads of Government for the Twenty-Third Inter-Sessional Meeting in March. It would be the first CARICOM Meeting for newly elected President Donald Ramotar and the newly-elected Prime Minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson-Miller.President Desi BouterseBouterse starts off his tenure as chairman against a backdrop of instability on the global economic front and he is cognizant of what this could mean for the region ?given the relationship between the economic health of the major nations and its effect on us in CARICOM.?He said that a major effort would be expected of member nations of the regional trade and integration bloc to overcome the challenges presented by the uncertainty on the global level.?It also requires that we take a hard look at the way we operate, and accept changes that may be necessary,? Bouterse said in a statement.?We have before us an opportunity to bind ourselves even closer together. For, surely, we stand a better chance to confront these challenges as a group united, than each swimming alone against the tide,? he added.At a retreat in Guyana last May,Authentic Jerseys Sale, he said that Heads of Government made a positive start towards solidifying the movement when they identified areas that will strengthen the movement.?The determination to consolidate our CARICOM Single Market and Economy is a key factor in this regard and is also a strategic element in our efforts to confront the external challenges,? he stated.At the Retreat, Heads of Government also determined that the manner in which these priorities would be addressed must ensure that the people of the Community feel the impact and recognize the benefits that come to them from integration.This year, he said Caribbean governments will increase their focus and attention on these areas, and on ways the population can more readily feel the benefits.As Chairman of CARICOM, Bouterse said he will place emphasis on enhancing awareness of the efforts being undertaken by the Secretariat and other institutions to improve the lives of the Region?s citizens.He posited that to accomplish their tasks, regional institutions must operate as efficiently and as effectively as possible,Cheap NFL Jerseys, particularly given the impact that the continuing global crisis has on our Member States.In this regard, he said the review of the Secretariat must be completed and the relevant recommendations implemented to improve its management and operation, as it is the principal organ that serves the Community.?This secretariat is just the first in the review process,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, as all the institutions that serve and are funded by the people of our Community will also be reviewed during the course of the year,? Bouterse stated.As President of Suriname, Bouterse has lead responsibility in CARICOM for Community Development, which includes the areas of Culture, Youth, Sport and Gender. Although the responsibilities for the six months of his chairmanship will be broader,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Bouterse said he will naturally focus on these.In this regard, one of the main areas he plans to pay attention to is the involvement of the region?s young people.The Paramaribo Declaration of 2010 laid out ideas and recommendations for greater youth involvement in the affairs of the Community and Bouterse said these must be pursued urgently and diligently, as the participation of the young people in the integration movement is essential to ensure that it is kept alive and dynamic.Looking outward,Cheap Jerseys Online, Bouterse said he will also seek to improve the coordination among the various regional

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By Zena Henry Head of the Presidential Secretariat, D <a href="">Nike NFL Jerseys China</a> r. Roger Luncheon <a href="">Jerseys From China</a> stated in a press briefing yesterday that the Government has engaged the representatives of publishers and editors on the issue of ?pirated? text books and are working towards an am <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale</a> icable outcome to the issue.Luncheon told media operatives that the Government and those representing producers and printing houses of intellectual materials,Nike NFL Jerseys China, have come together, sharing mutual concerns on the issue and are looking forward to feasible results for both parties.According to Luncheon the engagement between the two entities came as a result of two occurrences; one he said was,Jerseys From China, ?? through litigation by representatives and publishers to have the commercial sector desist from producing photocopied textbooks for sale,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale,? and the other,Bobby Orr Jersey, ??the willingness of publishers and representatives to engage the Government of Guyana on finding an amicable solution to the problem.?Luncheon concluded that Guyanese will soon be updated on the outcome of such engagements so that text books could once more be available to Guyanese students.Towards the end of last month,Custom Raptors Jersey, local Attorney Andrew Pollard moved to the High Court on behalf of the British Publishers? Association, prohibiting local businesses from producing ?pirated? or stolen copies of intellectual property by foreign publishers,Wholesale Jerseys, editors and writers.Several entities were served the court document resulting in the text books being unavailable to students. The Government had claimed that it was unable to afford the original text books and had thus awarded a contract for the production of the ?pirated? text books.Subsequent to this, President Donald Ramotar had approached the United Nations (UN) pleading with the international body to revisit legislation concerning the ?pirated? texts. He claimed that the current copyright law was posing difficulty on Developing Countries and was hindering Universal education in poor countries like Guyana.

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EDINBURGH, BERBICE ? Rooplall <a href="">Evan Engram Jersey</a> B <a href="">Custom Raptors Jersey</a> oodhoo is the main suspect in the murder of her daughter,Evan Engram Jersey, 31-year old Lilowtee Seeram called ?Pinky?. He scarred Lata Inderdeo for life and is now on the run <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> ? incredibly she wishes him no harm,Custom Raptors Jersey, does not hate him but wants only justice.Lata Inderdeo On Saturday, 52-year old Lata Inderdeo related the harrowing tale of what transpired that fateful March 27th morning when her daughter?s life ended and she experienced a close call. She said she is haunted by the memories and can still hear the chopping sounds.The drama began to unfold about 01:30 hours when the suspect returned to his Lot 1068 Glasgow New Housing Scheme home. The woman, who resided with the couple, said she was asleep when she heard Rooplall Boodhoo, also known as ?Kellie? and ?Li?l Boy? banging on the door. Her daughter opened the door and the couple began laughing and talking, ?Me say they alright and me drop back to sleep. Then I hear them fighting in the room, she keep saying he kicking she. Me daughter run out the room and run down the inside steps and I hear when he pelt she with he boots and I come out of me room then.?The woman tried talking to the couple but the man was adamant and continued to unleash his anger,Cheap Jerseys From China, ?While I talking to he, me daughter come upstairs and go in the room. He run in behind she and they continue to quarrel.?The fracas apparently stemmed from a promise the dead woman?s brother who lives in New York had made to send a barrel and some US currency for his mother and sister for the Easter holiday. ?He telling she if she think she brother is a millionaire. But I don?t know why he mekking trouble about the barrel and money and deh cussing up she brother, which is me son. He tell she he get a mind beat she and she mother in this house, is he own the house.?The man was so angry and he slammed the television set in the couple?s room down on the floor,, ?I tell he pick it up, nah do dat and he tek it and turn it upside down. Then he go under the bed and scramble the cutlass?That was when Lilowtee Seeram ran for cover between the head of the bed and wall,Bobby Orr Jersey, ?He climb on the bed and he chop she on she head. She holler, ?Ow Mummy me dead!? When he go to chop she on she head again, me try to tek the cutlass from he and he broadside me on me head. I turn around and run to the front door.?The man left his reputed wife and ran behind her mother. He caught up with her at the front door and chopped her on the right hand, ?When he chop me, me use me left hand fuh block and that get chop too. When he chop me by the front door he run back to me daughter and continue to chop she more.?Lata Inderdeo could not get the door open as fast as she wanted so she heard each chop he dealt her daughter. ?If you hear how he broad siding she with the cutlass. When he chopping she up I hearing it. It sound like if you chopping up beef. I ain?t hearing she holler or groan. I ain?t hearing no sound from me daughter. The only time she holler was when she holler, ?Ow Mummy me dead!? That is the only thing she say,Cheap Jerseys Online, the last thing she say.?Finally she got the door opened and ran down the stairs but again she was delayed because she could not release the chain on the gate, ?He catch up with me at the gate. If you see me hand, how the flesh ah hang out and the blood ah gush out. I begging he don?t chop me no more. Then he say alright I must look after he children because he gun kill heself. Me open the gate and he walk out and go to the east with the cutlass in he hand. I go to the west to me friend.?She made her way through the bush

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The Guyana Council of Org <a href="">Wholesale Jerseys</a> anisations for Persons with Disabilities yesterday record <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale</a> ed its single largest donation,Wholesale Jerseys, compliments of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.According to <a href="">Cheap Stitched Jerseys</a> Elder Cook,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, who is one of the persons spearheading the project,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, the donation which will aid about 2000 persons was totaled at a cost of US $17,000. The items include blankets, medical and school supplies, clothing,Arizona Diamondbacks Gregor Blanco Jersey, shoes, sheets etc.The New Amsterdam, Diamond, and David Rose Special Needs Schools are just some of the entities which will benefit.Kaieteur News understands that every year, couples from the aforementioned church would gather items and load them onto containers to be shipped to the less fortunate all across the world. Although they have to use their own monies to accommodate travels to these places, these couples have agreed that what they do gives them a ?worthwhile? feeling.In speaking with Kaieteur News, Head of the Organisations for Persons with Disabilities,Jerseys NFL China, Leon Walcott, explained that the donation is so large that each organization will have to hire canters to transport the stuff to the various entities in Regions Two, Three,Nike NFL Jerseys China, Four, Five Six, Seven and 10.The Church extended gratitude to Mr. Rahaman of Rent-a-Tent who donated a tent and provided storage facility for the items as well as a place for a formal donation to be made.

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A proposed Bill that will return to <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys</a> the National Assembly shortly is <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> setting a dangerous precedent.This is according to leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Robert Corbin,Cheap NFL <a href="">Cheap Hockey Jerseys</a> Jerseys, who recently told this newspaper that the Bill, namely the Court of Appeal (Amendment) could see persons sentenced to life imprison without ever being convicted.The party in a recent statement, said that the Bharrat Jagdeo Government,Wholesale China Jerseys, ?true to its emerging image of an elected dictatorship, seems hell bent on creating the most repressive legal regime in this hemisphere.?It stated that in furtherance of its nefarious plans, it has taken the Bill to the National Assembly and is now before a Special Select Committee.The Bill, according to the PNCR, gives the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) the power to appeal a judgment or verdict of acquittal of a person charged with a criminal offence.?In the present context of our dysfunctional Criminal Justice System,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, a criminal trial in the High Court takes as long as five to seven years to be completed.??To give the DPP this power to appeal the acquittal of an accused citizen, therefore, is tantamount to creating a new sentence of life imprisonment without conviction.?The party is convinced that the effect of the power to the DPP may have the result of a citizen being tried and acquitted, after waiting for several years, based on the current performance of the Courts, yet having to spend another three years in prison before the DPP?s appeal is heard in the Court of Appeal.?If his acquittal was upheld in the Court of Appeal, the citizen would be freed. However, the DPP can again appeal to the Caribbean Court of Justice (C.C.J.), which,Wholesale China Jerseys, on current trends, could take at least two years.?The party stated that the CCJ can uphold the citizen?s acquittal and free him finally, or,Cheap Jerseys From China, order a retrial.?On current trends in Guyana, a retrial can take another three years. If the Judge or Jury in the High Court again acquits the Citizen, the DPP can again appeal and the cycle described above could be repeated.?The party stated that in those circumstances,, a Guyanese youth charged with a criminal offence, despite having a presumption of innocence in his favour, that is, he is innocent until proven guilty, can perish in prison, without bail, for a lifetime.?The PNCR, therefore, cannot support such a repressive Bill without the necessary amendments to uphold the guaranteed fundamental rights of our citizens.?

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