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Anthony Giddings calle <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> d ?Big Head? of no fixed p <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> lace of abode was on Monday fined $10,000 and ordered to do two months community service three hours each day at the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam.Magistrate Adela Nagamo <a href="">Wholesale NFL Jerseys</a> otoo imposed the sentences when the man appeared before her at the New Amsterdam Magistrate?s Court and pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of marijuana.The facts of the case, which were presented by Prosecutor inspector Satrohan Dayaram , state that on Friday March 12 at Strand,Cheap Jerseys From China, New Amsterdam,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, a police patrol saw the defendant acting in a suspicious manner. He was stopped and searched and two grams of marijuana were found concealed on his person. He was arrested,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, told of the offence and charged.In court he told the magistrate she was sorry and begged for a chance.He said that he is a sickly man and suffers with asthma and was told by a doctor to use the drugs,Arizona Diamondbacks Fernando Rodney Jersey, because it has good healing power and will help him.The magistrate then imposed the penalty with an alternative of two months? imprisonment.And in another matter,Wholesale China Jerseys, Tony Sookram, 33, of Islington, East Bank Berbice, was on Monday fined $10,000 or an alternative of 20 days? imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of narcotics. The man pleaded guilty when he appeared at the New Amsterdam Magistrate?s Court, before magistrate Adela Nagamootoo.Sookram was found with two grams of cannabis in his possession at the Central police station on Wednesday, after he was picked up on a false pretence allegation.The man was picked up by the police after it was reported that he obtained the sum of $5000 from a scrap iron dealer. The police was informed and he was subsequently arrested and taken to the station.At the station,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, the police conducted a search on him and found the leaves, seeds and stem of the plant concealed in his right side pocket.The magistrate also ordered that Sookram do two months of community service within the precincts of the Magistrate?s court.In court he told the Magistrate that he was advised to use the drugs for medicinal purposes.

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?as errant driver granted station bail Gavin DouglasBy Fareeza HaniffAn ei <a href="">NFL Jerseys From China</a> ght-year-old girl is now hospitalized in an unconscious stat <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Online</a> e and on a life support machine with severe head injuries and a broken leg after being hit by a car in Canal Number One on Monday.But relatives of the child staged a fiery protest action yesterday afternoon in the communi <a href="">Cheap Jerseys From China</a> ty after the driver,NFL Jerseys From China, who is an overseas-based Guyanese, was granted $30,000 station bail.The child?s father Gavin Douglas,Cheap Jerseys Online, along with other relatives and residents of the area blocked traffic yesterday after they set alight a number of items, including tyres on the road. This saw a number of policemen arriving on the scene and bringing the situation under control.According to Douglas, he is upset over the fact that his daughter who is a student of the Genesis Primary School (a private institution) is still unconscious and on life support, but the driver was nevertheless granted bail at the Vreed en Hoop Police Station.The man fears that the driver will leave the country, and he will get no justice. According to Douglas,Cheap Jerseys From China, on Tuesday, someone (name provided) visited him at the hospital and informed him that the man was scheduled to leave the country on Tuesday last, and his check-in time at the airport was 11:30 hrs.After this, Douglas noted that he informed the police at Vreed en Hoop Police Station about the man?sThe protestors in Canal Number One.intended plans,Jerseys From China, but despite this, the man was placed on $30,000 station bail without lodging his passport..?Today (yesterday) is when the police come to take measurements from the accident scene?this afternoon?this is not fair man?we need some justice,? Douglas said emphatically.?I get a call from the doctor at the hospital?the scan come through and the doctor told me that he can?t help the child any longer.?Kaieteur News understands that on Monday afternoon, the eight-year-old came off the school bus, and was attempting to cross the road, when the car hit her.?The child come off the bus?come in front of the bus and peep out to see if anything coming, and the peep that she peep out, he hit her in the head. He swerved from a bump and end up hitting she,? Douglas related to this newspaper.The man vowed that the protest would continue until some sort of justice is served.?We need some sort of justice, because this is not right. A man hit down my child,NBA Store, and she is on life support machine and he got $30,Dwight Howard Hawks Jersey,000 station bail?that is just wrong.?

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? Time to stop talki <a href="">Jerseys NFL Wholesale China</a> ng of our potential and do something about it ? Agri. Mini <a href="">Cheap NFL Jerseys China</a> sterThe Al Azisplash Juice Factory was officially launched today at L?Esperance, Canal No. One, West Bank, Demerara. Al Azisplash Inc. is th <a href="">Jerseys From China</a> e manufacturer of Flavour Fresh Juices and Drinks.For owner of the business, Abdul ?Naim? Aziz and his family, the dream began in 2003 and Aziz began to make arrangements and put the necessary plans in place. Today the factory is now well established,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, and the intention is that in one year?s time, at least 50 persons from the Canal No. One community will be employed at the factory.Flavour Fresh brand of juice from the Al Azisplash Juice FactorySheik Moen-Ul-Hack of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG), who offered Muslim prayers for the success of the business and the family, expressed appreciation that residents of the community will be offered employment. He urged all Guyanese to trust in the natural resources provided in Guyana, and utilise them in a beneficial manner.He pointed to the fact that Aziz used the money he had accumulated in Barbados and returned home to give back to his community and the country. He expressed the hope that local entrepreneurs would be inspired by the investment made by Aziz, pointing out that Guyana needs more manufacturers so Guyana can derive maximum profits from the country and create more employment.Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who was present yesterday afternoon, stated that for too long Guyana has been stifled in terms of producing value added products.He said that Guyana has not been able to make the quantum leap in terms of taking raw produce and move to processing, manufacturing, and packaging. He added his voice to the call for more ventures like the Al Azisplash Juice Factory so that job creation could be facilitated.Agriculture DiversificationMinister Persaud stated that Government is currently investing close to $600M dollars to totally rehabilitate the Canals Polder, dealing with water management, infrastructure, access bridges, and creating additional outlets. Pointing out that the Canals have been very vulnerable to flooding during the rainy season,Jerseys From China, he said, ?We recognise the potential, determination and commitment of the farmers in the Canals. That is why under the Agricultural Diversification Project, only the Canal Polder has been identified within that particular project,NFL Jerseys Outlet, costing USD$21M. We are spending USD$3M in this area.?He added that it is the only area identified for major infrastructural works to support diversification in terms of export and processing. Minister Persaud expressed the hope that the project would allow farmers to use the full potential of the investments,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, adding, ?But moreso, they can have a ready market and be able to benefit from increased prices and output.?The Minister added also that as part of Government?s plan to encourage this type of enterprise across the country,cheap nfl jerseys, the much touted Hydro Power Plant has been conceived. He observed that for much of the manufacturing sector, the cost of energy has been prohibitive, as well as the cost of machinery and the energy to run them. He explained that Government?s programmes will support such projects and undertakings. Minister Persaud stated emphatically that it was time Guyanese stop talking about Guyana?s potential and do something about it.

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Another police rank was yesterday pla <a href="">NBA Store</a> ced under close arrest in rel <a href="">Wholesale Cheap Jerseys</a> ation to a bribery allegation and charges are likely to be laid soon. This newspaper understands that the officer is a detective attached to the Ruimveldt <a href="">Throwback Jerseys</a> Police Station.Reports state that the policeman promised a businessman,NBA Store, who is under investigation for carnal knowledge,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, to ?throw away? the file if he was paid a sum of money.However,Throwback Jerseys, the man reported it to the police and the detective was arrested.The detective was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department,Cheap Jerseys From China, Eve Leary for questioning before being placed under close arrest.

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Detectives in <a href="">Wholesale NFL China Jerseys</a> Berbice believe that the <a href="">Jerseys From China</a> y have solved the murder of Hampshire businessman, Devendra Deodat,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, who was chopped and shot dead by bandits who also wound <a href="">Atlanta Falcons Jersey</a> ed his wife and father-in-law last Monday.Top police officials disclosed yesterday that Deodat?s wife, Mala, has positively identified two suspects as the same men that the victims had unmasked during the attack.Davendra DeodatKaieteur News understands that the suspects are in their early twenties and reside in the same community as their victims.Police said that one of the identified men was released from jail the same day that Doedat was slain. He was reportedly incarcerated for unlawful possession of a firearm. Detectives are also seeking a third suspect, who reportedly resides in New Amsterdam.?Based on information we held a number of suspects including one who came out of prison on Monday,? a source said, while disclosing that charges are likely by next Tuesday.Kaieteur News was told that all of the detained men have previous convictions.Devendra Deodat,Jerseys From China, 34, the owner of Cool Runnings Trucking Service, was chopped and then shot dead at around 18:30 hrs on Monday after a group of masked men stormed the grocery shop which he and his wife,Atlanta Falcons Jersey, Mala, 29,Alex Delvecchio Red Wings Jersey, operated.The bandits also chopped Deodat?s wife in the head and shot her father, Rafeek Abdul, 47, in the left arm. However, the couple reportedly managed to unmask two of the intruders, who escaped with $560,NFL Jerseys Outlet,000,Wholesale China Jerseys, a gold band, a laptop computer and a cell phone.A post- mortem performed on Deodat on Wednesday at the N/A Hospital concluded that Deodat died of shock and haemorrhage due to gunshot wounds. He is expected to be buried on Monday.

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Yesterday,wholesale jers <a href="">wholesale jerseys</a> eys, national cricketer,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Christopher B <a href="">Jerseys NFL Wholesale</a> arnwell,Cheap Jerseys Online, with some assistance fromDigicel Brand Ambassador,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Christopher B <a href="">Cheap Jerseys Online</a> arnwell with some of the children of the Sophia Care Centre.Digicel, hosted a party for the boys and girls at the Sophia Care Centre. The West Indies all-rounder also made a donation of appliances to the centre.This included several DVD players, a microwave and a quantity of books.?I believe that once we are at a place in life where we can help,Adam Joseph Duhe Dolphins Jersey, we should and I am happy to be able to help these kids? he commented.More than 80 boys and girls were treated to a good time with Santa, presents and goodies. Mrs. Blenman,Authentic Jerseys Sale, Administrator of the Centre was delighted at the gesture from the cricketer and expressed her thanks while receiving the donation.

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A family of three lost their Land of Canaan home to a mysterious fire on Sunday <a href="">Wholesale China Jerseys</a> night.Sheila Sugrim and her son collapse at the scen <a href="">NFL Jerseys Outlet</a> e of the fire.The house which was located in the Rambarran Compound on Esau Street,Wholesale China Jerseys, Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara,NFL Jerseys Outle <a href="">Wholesale Cheap Jerseys</a> t, was occupied by Sheila Sugrim,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, her husband and son.When the blaze started about 20:20 hours,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, no one was at home.Sheila Sugrim was attending to her mother in a neighbouring village,Authentic Jerseys Sale, while her husband was at work and her son at the nearby Mandir.They were informed about the fire and were so overwhelmed that when they arrived at the scene,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Sugrim and her son fainted repeatedly.No one could say what caused the blaze which quickly demolished the two-bedroom wooden building.Firefighters are expected to come up with a cause for the blaze after completing their investigations.

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WASHINGTON,cheap jordans cheap jordans Browse Topics th <a href="">cheap jordans </a> at beg, Oct. 1 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama, facing p <a href="">cheap jordans free shipping</a> arty opposition, may be forced to seek Republican support for any Afghanistan troop surge, The Washington Post reports.

Such a situation may arise if the president decides to approve the re <a href="">cheap jordans</a> quest for more troops sought by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal,cheap jordans free shipping, commander of the U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan in his confidential assessment document, The Post reported.

The general's assessment is under presidential review at a time when Obama is facing opposition from his Democratic Party to sending any more troops.

The Post reported Democratic lawmakers have come up with a resource plan with emphasis on the training of more Afghan security forces than adding more U.S. troops.

Republican lawmakers,cheap jordans,cheap jordans free shipping, however,jordans for sale, have endorsed the McChrystal request for more troops, The Post said.

The report said if Obama decides to seek Republican support, he would have less flexibility in devising his own plan.

"I'm against a half-measure. That's the worst scenario ? If you do what the commanders recommend, I will be an enthusiastic supporter of the president," Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, R-S.C., a member of the Armed Services Committee, had been quoted as saying.

However, Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis., a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said such a step "would probably not be a good idea for the president to rely on Republicans and a handful of Democrats,cheap jordans for sale cheap jordan shoes," The Post said.

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LONDON, Dec. 29 (UPI) -- Jennifer Lawrence isn't a fan of <a href="">cheap </a> New Year's Eve celebrations.

The 25-year-old American actress explained <a href="">cheap jordans</a> her aversion to the practice during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. Lawrence's interview will air as part of the BBC One talk show's New Year's Eve episode <a href="">cheap jordan shoes</a> Dec. 31.

"I really hate it," the star told Norton and fellow guest Eddie Redmayne. "I've never had a good one. Everyone's chasing a good time and it's always a disappointment."

"I plan on doing nothing and then if something lands in my lap [I'll go]," she revealed. "But I always end up drunk and disappointed. Drunk and Disappointed should be the title of my memoir,cheap jordans for sale!"

Lawrence is a bigger fan of Christmas, and made her annual visit to Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, Ky., last week. The actress, who hails from Louisville, was home to visit family, but spent time with patients ahead of the holiday.

Lawrence recently starred in the final Hunger Games film, Mockingjay - Part 2,cheap jordans,cheap jordan shoes,cheap real jordans 4.50, and subsequently admitted to kissing co-star Liam Hemsworth off-screen. She revealed she won't appear in potential prequel films this month, but co-star Natalie Dormer has expressed interest.

Instead, the actress will reprise Mystique in X-Men: Apocalypse, which released a first trailer Dec. 11. She is also slated for Passengers with Chris Pratt, an untitled Darren Aranofksy film and new Steven Spielberg movie It's What I Do,cheap jordans for sale Bronx,jordans for sale..

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LAS VEGAS, Marc <a href="">jordans for cheap</a> h 30 (UPI) -- Miranda Lambert is to take the stage with <a href="">cheap jordans for sale</a> Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Keith Urban on Sunday's 51st Academy of Country Music Awards, CBS announced.

Lambert, Gibbons and <a href="">jordans for cheap</a> Urban will perform ZZ Top's classic song "Tush" live during the ceremony at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Urban will also sing his new single, "Wasted Time."

Among the previously announced performers are Jason Aldean, Kelsea Ballerini featuring Nick Jonas, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Cam, Kenny Chesney,, Eric Church, Brett Eldredge,jordans for cheap, Sam Hunt, Charles Kelley, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton with Katy Perry, Thomas Rhett, Blake Shelton, Trombone Shorty, Chris Stapleton,cheap jordans for sale, Carrie Underwood, Chris Young with Cassadee Pope, Florida Georgia Line, Little Big Town and Old Dominion.

Presenters include Miss America Betty Cantrell, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Janson,jordans for cheap, Jana Kramer, Martina McBride,cheap jordans, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves, Nancy O'Dell,jordans for cheap 30 PM, Jake Owen, Chase Rice, Kiefer Sutherland, Cole Swindell and Maddie & Tae.

Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley are hosting the gala.

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<a href="">NBA Store</a> President David Granger yesterda <a href="">NFL Jerseys Outlet</a> y paid tribute to the country?s first Executive President, the late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, on <a href="">Wholesale Cheap Jerseys</a> the occasion of his 30th death anniversary.In commemoration of Burnham?s death,NBA Store, a wreath-laying ceremony was held at the Mausoleum at the Seven Ponds in the Botanical Gardens where his remains were laid.President Granger told those gathered that Guyanese today are heirs of a ?rich legacy bequeathed by Forbes Burnham who is remembered as a counsellor, guide, leader and teacher, particularly for his pioneering premiership, extraordinary and visionary leadership, astute statesmanship,NFL Jerseys Outlet, and vigilant guardianship of Guyana.?Granger spoke of the insurmountable challenges that the late President was faced with when he assumed Office in 1964 and his unwavering efforts to restore social cohesion, promote inclusion and nurture national unity.The Head of State also sought to highlight initiatives taken by Burnham that were aimed at building the spirit of nationhood amongst Guyana?s six peoples, including deepening cultural awareness and understanding, and encouraging national art, dance, drama, literature and music. Granger said that Burnham?s passion for the arts and culture saw the construction of a National Cultural Centre, a facility that continues to serve Guyanese well.?We recall his keen commitment to educating the nation from nursery to university; to the construction of community high schools, hinterland schools, multilateral schools, the President?s College and the University of Guyana?s campus,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys,? President Granger reflected.Burnham?s social protection programme for citizens,Cheap Jerseys From China, his massive housing plan, investments in physical infrastructure and his efforts to ensure food security by promoting the production of local commodities were all lauded by President Granger.He also recalled Burnham?s ?economic empowerment of communities; his common commitment to the poor his profound belief in the equality of women, of ethnic groups and of social classes.?President Granger was also keen to note that Burnham was fierce in his approach to protect the Guyana?s national patrimony and territorial integrity against foreign aggression and internal rebellion.?We today wrestle against the same principalities, against the same powers which still seek to appropriate our national patrimony,NFL Jerseys Cheap, our land,Jerseys From China, our sea and our resources?we renew our collective commitment to continue his life?s work to create a good life for all Guyanese.?Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham served as Prime Minister of Guyana from 1964 and as executive President from 1980 until the time of his death in 1985 at the age of 62. He was also a lawyer and a father of six.

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